Optoma Corporation is a multi-national audio and visual solutions provider specializing in the design and manufacturer of projectors, professional audiovisual solutions, digital cinema, laser projectors, LED projectors, DLP projectors, interactive projectors, image processing equipment and software, projection mapping, digital signage and retail solutions, and professional audio products.
Optoma Corporation has regional headquarters in Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific and China. Optoma Corporation is part of the Coretronic Group, which has facilities for R&D and manufacturing based in Hsinchu, Taiwan and Kunshan, China. Optoma is established in more than 140 countries worldwide.

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  1. M

    Image setting greyed out Optoma Cinemax p2

    Hi, I bought Cinemax P2 a few days ago. It was working just fine. Suddenly, It greyed out image setting options (brightness, contrast, color etc.) at the home screen and the apps installed on projector. Although these settings are working when I go to HDMI connected TV box. I tried resetting...
  2. wetflyinmonkey

    Question Optoma GT2000HDR - any good?

    Hi readers. An opportunity to buy an Optoma GT2000HDR has presented itself but I can find very little in the way of user feedback or reviews or comparisons online - and nothing on here either which seems strange. Does anyone have any knowledge on the Optoma GT2000HDR? I was previously looking...
  3. pioneerman

    For Sale Optoma uhd 40

    Im selling my optoma uhd40 4k projector its in excellent condition with the box its been used in echo mode since new and has 3362 hours on the bulb but should be good for 15000 in echo mode.This projector has a excellent picture and is very quiet with many positive reviews . I can also include...
  4. easyrider

    For Sale Optoma HD25E Full HD Projector and 120” Screen Boxed with Remote

    Fantastic Full HD Projector. Used occasionally at weekends to watch films.Very little use. Get the Full cinema experience at home 😀 Perfect Christmas present for man cave or home cinema project.
  5. gabcop

    Question New Optoma Projector lens issues UHZ50

    Hello, new guy here, I have a question and I need your help. I think my projector is not working properly. I recently purchased the Optoma UHZ50 from "the book store" and I feel like its not working as intended. I have attached some pictures for reference of the lens and 2 pictures side by...
  6. Bentleg01

    For Sale Job Lot

    Hi I'm just trying to gauge interest in the below as a job lot if possible. would be prefect for anyone wanting a full set up all are boxed and in excellent full working order. demo's welcome Optima UHD 65 (with ceiling bracket) very minimal use will check bulb life later 96" Sapphire...
  7. M

    Optoma hd146x no power lights

    my optoma hd146x wont turn no. There are no lights on the controls at. I have tried several power leads but nothing. the projector worked yesterday fine, but today it is as if it is not plugged in. thanks
  8. easyrider

    Optoma HD25E Price check

    Hi, I have an OptomaHD25E 1080p projector and 120” screen. Its had little use…just used for movies around once a week at weekends. any idea on what I can get price wise for it? cheers
  9. P

    For Sale Optoma UHD51 DLP 4k Projector

    Hi all, Due to an upgrade, I'm selling my Optoma UHD51 projector. This was bought by me from Richer Sounds in September 2019 and has been used in a smoke and pet free home ever since. There are 2200 hours on the lamp. The projector comes in the original Optoma box and includes the power cable...
  10. holybladder

    Damaged Optoma GT1080E projector lens with alcohol/rubbing?

    I was cleaning my Optoma GT1080E with isopropyl alcohol and accidentally got a dab on the final lens. I gently rubbed it off with a lens cloth but it seemed to leave a smear, I rubbed the area more with the lens cloth but it didn't come off and I realised it seemed to have stripped some kind of...
  11. Ian Collen

    NEWS: Optoma launches UHZ35ST 4K UHD short throw projector & comments

    Adding a fresh DLP alternative to its extensive line-up, with up to 3500 lumens, this new arrival has an eye on home entertainment and gaming set-ups. Read the news.
  12. K

    Optoma ZH403 Projector Teardown

    I have a Optoma ZH403 Projector, I would like to replace the DMD chip due to white dots. I have looked for a teardown so I can get to the DMD with no success. I don't even see how to take the cover off. I don't want to damage it. If anyone could point mee to at least getting the cover off it...
  13. DaddyR

    Optoma UHD51 - weird artefact?

    My wonderful projector is producing this strange artefact. It's on all sources (and the setup images without a source - so something the projector is doing). I've cleaned the lens because it looks like a hair (nope). I've checked the screen in case a 4 year old with a crayon snuck in (nada). Any...
  14. moriartygm

    jvc pk-em2 3d rf transmitter and Optoma UHZ50, will they work together?

    I have an Optoma UHZ50 which requires a 3d emitter and glasses to produce 3d. Optoma have discontinued their own product. Can I use a JVC PK-EM2 and compatible glasses with the Optoma UHZ50?
  15. H

    Optoma EH300 Fans

    Hi I am trying to find replacement fans for my Optoma EH300 projector. One is a Sunon KDE1285PTV1. The other I can't quite read the label so was wondering if anyone could shed some light on it. I have attached a picture. Any help much appreciated. Thanks Paul
  16. G

    0.8 or 1.2 Gain ALR Screen

    Need the advise which ALR screen 0.8 or 1.2 to buy for my Optoma UHZ50 laser projector (3000 Lumens on the paper) as my room with white ceiling and Magnolia walls and nearly Dark room.I am confused.Please guys your advise will be highly appreciated
  17. Miggle

    Projector Upgrade Recommendations

    Hello! I currently have an Optoma HD700x on a 3m** EDIT 4.3m thrown distance on 100 inch screen (diagonal). It's sufficed pretty well and quite happy with it for the most part but i'm aware there are now better projectors that could replace this one in terms of colour depth and brightness etc...
  18. L

    Optoma CinemaX P1 Start Up Issues

    Hi I purchased an Optoma P1 last year and used it for three days and left the country. I came back after almost a year and my projector shuts down after few seconds from start then the two LED lights start blinking. Has anybody experienced this or would anybody has any suggestions to fix this?
  19. stickspike

    Question Optoma EH415E vs Epson EH-TW650

    Here are the two models I'm refering to: Compare Projectors The shorter throw-distance of the epson is nice and it's a newer model, but otherwise the Optoma seems like the better pick, specs-wise, and I can work with the longer throw distance. I found the epson for $230 , and the Optoma...
  20. F

    Optoma HD82 - Repair, Replace used, Replace new?

    Hi, I've a trusted Optoma HD82 which I know is old but it's fantastic, I prefer DLP as the picture I find has a better pop to it. I started getting a distorted picture, I had a brand new bulb ready so I replaced it with that, 12 hours use and the picture was better than ever, I thought must...
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