1. Kantti

    What kind of screen for Optoma CinemaX P2?

    I have here another thread about selection of my upcoming projector. I found a bargain on CinemaX P2 to complicate my ponderings. Before I get too eager, I'd need to know if it can be used (ceiling mounted) with Grandview Cyber 106" motorized screen. Is that flat and stable enough or would that...
  2. Kantti

    What kind of screen Optoma CinemaX P2 needs?

    I have here another thread about selection of my upcoming projector. I found a bargain on CinemaX P2 to complicate my ponderings. Before I get too eager, I'd need to know if it can be used (ceiling mounted) with Grandview Cyber 106" motorized screen. Is that flat and stable enough or would that...
  3. Dave Taylor

    Can the Benq V6050 or Optoma CinemaX P2 be ceiling mounted

    Title says it all, looked through the Manuals and can see you can flip the image for front or rear viewing but cant see a menu to flip upside down I notice that you can with the VAVA Regards Dave
  4. davisa

    Optoma HD141X upgrade help - best for 1080 and lower sources

    Hi all, I’m looking to upgrade my trusty Optoma HD141X, but am having difficulty working out what the best upgrade is. I’d like another Optoma and want to stick with 1080p as I have no 4K material, no 4K source and my AV Amp doesn’t support 4K! If the obvious choice is the HD146X I can’t see...
  5. E

    For Sale Optoma UHD550X (710 Hours)

    Optoma UHD550X 4k Home Cinema Projector (HDR / 2800 lumens) at £750 COLLECTED or £785 DELIVERED INSURED COURIER MAINLAND UK Optoma UHD40 vs UHD550X https://www.avforums.com/threads/optoma-uhd550x-710-hours-92”-fixed-screen.2373130/post-29526926
  6. M

    For Sale Optoma UHZ65UST Ultra Short Throw 4K Laser Projector

    Optoma UHZ65UST Ultra Short Throw 4K Laser Projector Purchased in October 2019 from Richer Sounds. Great condition. Excellent picture, especially when used in conjunction with an ALR screen (SCREEN NOT INCLUDED!) HDR and 3D capable! Comes in original packaging with remote control and usb...
  7. Gazaman

    Optoma UHD38

    Anybody else with this projector that wants to share their experiences, tips or preferences? I had a optoma HD25 before this and always used the AVSF calibration files to setup and calibrate after a new lamp etc. I've done this with this new projector and all is good.....for anything other than...
  8. B

    Optoma UHD 300x or Sony STRDN1080 AV Receiver Issue?

    Hi Everyone, I'm hoping someone can help, I have a Optoma UHD 300x projector which is ran through my Sony STRDN1080 AV Receiver, however every so often I lose half the picture. I have attached a photo of what happens, they are both under warranty, but dont know which company to contact as...
  9. O

    New to UST Projector. Advice on Optoma HD31UST and HD35UST

    Hello everyone, greetings from a newcomer. I am looking for advice on buying an UST Projector but I did not find any post on the Optoma HD31UST and HD35UST in the forum. As features and brightness do not seem bad to me, do you think they are worth around 1500 euros or can you get better at...
  10. G

    Should I spend more money to get to 4k? Benq th585 vs Optoma Uhd 35

    As the title says, should I try to squeeze out more money for a "cheap" 4k option instead of going for the simple fhd route (th585). In my country epsons and benqs are quite expensive, the th585 is about $800 and th685 is $900. I found a sale on optoma uhd35 for $1000 and I think i should get...
  11. Gazaman

    Optoma UHD38 and Nvidia shield settings

    Hi all. I've recently bought an optoma UHD38 mainly for movies and gaming but unsure of the video settings to use on my shield. I have the projector set at a distance of around 4m projecting a screen size of 107" on my sapphire screen. The picture is a massive step up from my old projector and...
  12. R1KEB

    Which 3D glasses - Optoma CinemaX P2 4K UST

    Just about to buy an Optoma P2 UST but before I do there’s just like to check something. It states that it’s full 3D but I can’t make out whether it passive or active. I’ve got a load of passive glasses but if I need active ones would appreciate it if someone could advise where to get a decent...
  13. P

    First Projector (£100 Budget!) Cheap Chinese jobbo from rainforest or 2nd hand optoma HD70

    Hi all, long time lurker here! The missus wants a projector in the bedroom, she isnt aux fais with technology and doesnt understand the technicalities of high def and resolutions but she does know what image quality looks good and what doesnt. She has seen a sub £100 projector on the...
  14. C

    Upgrading to 4k from hd28dse

    I paid £600 for this 5 1/2 years ago. I really thought my next projector would be 4k at this pricepoint. These days the 4k projectors seem to have a lot of bells and whistles that I don't care about. I don't want speakers. I like my movies and games. I'll use my surround sound system. I don't...
  15. JC4PM

    Optoma HD600X Connection Issue

    I’ve had this stored away safely, with a bag of absorbent beads in the bag and box, for maybe 5+ years now. Today I’ve finally gotten space to screw out to the ceiling. I have a long HDMI cable running through the rafters and it’s all sealed in during our renovation. And this is connected up...
  16. W

    Pull down/Electric screen for Optoma P2

    Hi, Total noob here when it comes to projectors. Basically, have just moved house and we have a room that my wife is using for her office. It's 4m x 4m and her office desk is at one end of the room, meaning we can put an Optoma P2 in there (have already viewed one and was blown away with how...
  17. shezy

    For Sale Optoma UHD300X 4K HDR projector

    Hi All Due to arrival of little one in our family I'm repurposing my home cinema room so will post few items on the forums for sale in coming weeks. First one to go on sale is my beloved Optoma UHD300X projector purchased from @skinnywhippet on these forums via following thread...
  18. D

    Optoma 143x

    Anyone know a reason why this is happening, I had a ceiling fitted optoma 141x projector which filled my screen before it broke. I have just replaced it with an optoma 143x which doesn't fill the screen, I've tried aspect ratio , and max zoom, but it's refusing to fill it completely, leaves a...
  19. C

    Optoma EH470/EH416e in a home cinema context?

    Hi all, I am currently trying to buy a new projector and posted recently asking about UST, which are not ideal for my living room layout, and my only other viable option is a long throw projector small enough to sit on a bookshelf just behind the seating position. However, it turns out that...
  20. Omnis Tek

    Optoma ZU850 + BX - CTA 16 Short Fixed Lense for SALE

    We have 2no used Optoma Projectors that come along with the CTA 16 Short Fixed Lens Installed. They are in perfect working order and in very good condition!
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