1. D

    Optical Output not recognising TOSLink Switch Box

    I have just purchased a 49NANO866na and connected the optical cable from my set-up but no sound came through my system. I run my optical sound through a powered TOSLink switch box which allows up to 3 inputs and 2 outputs. This allows me to use my sound system for multple devices, including a...
  2. A

    The "Best" Setup using Optical Cables

    I have a HTPC, which is connected to the TV via HDMI cable - that also carries audio by itself. The HTPC is connected to a 5.1 system via optical. This means I can have nice 5.1 sound from the HTPC although my current Samsung needs me to turn the volume to 0 otherwise there's a very slightly...
  3. opsimos

    Samsung Frame optical cable issue

    I was wondering if anyone knows of any aftermarket optical cables for Samsung Frame. I am installing one on a brick/stone wall. There is a conduit running through the wall from where the TV is to be hung down to where the box will be located. But Frame's optical cable comes with those plugs on...
  4. R

    Wanted Pair of active/Powered speakers with aptx and optical input

    Wanted a pair of small active or powered speakers, with Bluetooth aptx and optical digital input Ruark MR1 mark 2 are the type of thing, what do you have
  5. W

    Internal TV speaker and optical setting

    Model 55UT570HOUA - Unable to save my LG "Internal TV speaker and optical" selection setting. Once I select this setting, it works great but when I turn the TV off and then back on, it defaults back to just "Internal TV Speaker". Is there any way to SAVE the "Internal TV Speaker and Optical"...
  6. wishywashyolly

    Harmon Kardon AVR151 optical drops out

    Hi, I recently purchased a second hand Harmon Kardon AVR151 receiver. The TV audio is connected to the amp with a digital optical cable and most of the time it’s ok but it does randomly seem to lose the signal - or it could be something else but the end result via the same. The amp just doesn’t...
  7. B

    TX-65HX800B Digital optical volume control

    Hi all. We have our TV paired with a Sonos playbar. On our old Sony TV you could turn off the internal speakers and still control the soundbar volume from the TV remote. When I turn the speakers off on the panasonic it just says speakers off if you try to adjust the volume. Am I missing...
  8. Scotteh

    Arcam AVR400 and LG CX Optical Out Question

    Hey Everyone, Hoping you guys can help me out by answering a question. I have picked up an LG CX and my old Arcam AVR400 is obviously not 4k compatible, which is fine, I'll be grabbing a new one down the line. In the meantime, I wondered if it was possible to output the audio from the CX...
  9. Scotteh

    LG CX Optical Out to AV Receiver

    Hey Everyone, Hoping you guys can help me out by answering a question. I have picked up an LG CX and my old Arcam AVR400 is obviously not 4k compatible, which is fine, I'll be grabbing a new one down the line. In the meantime, I wondered if it was possible to output the audio from the CX...
  10. R

    What streamer does All4 has an Ethernet port and outputs HDMI and optical S/PDIF

    What streamer does All4 has an wired network port and outputs both HDMI and optical S/PDIF Quite taken with the All4 Walter presents curated TV series but cannot install All4 on our main streamer nVidea TV Shield (2015) We have Roku’s on the smaller screens which have the All4 client and work...
  11. davidhod

    LG 55CX - optical out issue

    Hi all, Just bought myself an OLED55CX5LB, superb TV. Surprisingly good sound, for what it is, but I'm having some issues with the optical out which I have connected to an external amp (Naim Uniti). Previously I had a Samsung 48" LED connected with optical and once set to output PCM the sound...
  12. L

    Pioneer VSX529 - optical set up

    Hi I have an old Pioneer VSX529. It only has one HDMI out and it has failed. The ARC feature will still turn the amp on but no sound or video will transmit. I have tried 2 different TV's and different HDMI cables. Hence I can't get on screen display to work, so I can go through the settings. We...
  13. C

    [Solved] Bought soundbar, optical out. Cant find how to switch in my old TE-L32E5B

    Soundbar - LG SK1 Tv - TX-L32E5B I read the instructions: to use digital audio optical out, I should select Viera Tools, Viera Links, choose Home Cinema . However, I only have one option in Viera Links - player. I'm pretty sure my firmware is up-to-date. Any ideas please? Thanks.
  14. N

    Switch to Optical HDMI due to HTPC interference

    My only source is an HTPC that is located in a different room, and connected to the AVR (NAD T758V3, in a 5.2.4 configuration) by a 3M Monoprice HDMI premium cable. To provide power to the remaining 2 Atmos speakers, i'm using a class D HPA D500. Prior to using the HTPC, i was using a Zidoo...
  15. river123

    How to set up sound for optical lead?

    My set up is Ps5,LG CX, and a Yamaha 3050 amp. Am I right in saying connect Ps5 directly to tv with hdmi to take advantage of all the new upgrades which aren’t on my amp? If so which settings should be set for optical from tv to amp? Or am I completely wrong going this route?
  16. ostewart

    Cambridge Audio CXA81 Optical dropouts

    Whilst I'm waiting for a reply from Cambridge Audio, I was wondering if anyone else had heard how to fix the optical dropouts with certain TVs (typically mines one of the incompatible models, LG C9 55") - they say to contact them for the fix, instead of just posting it publicly. Kind of...
  17. N

    TIBO TI435 optical dig out

    Replaced my cambridge audio azur cd player with the TIBO - I cannot record to my teac cd rw 890 with the optical dig out, phonos are ok, but not optical any reason why?
  18. A

    Question Optical Audio Out Not Giving 5.1 Channels on my XBR65A8H

    Folks, this is a bit of a funny situation. I just received my brand spanking new Sony XBR65A8H. Up until now, I have been doing all my audio video streaming through my PS4. My setup was PS4 - HDMI -> Yamaha RX-V863 - HDMI -> TV (Samsung LED). With my Sony OLED showing up yesterday, I replaced my...
  19. N

    HDMI 5.1 dolby digital to optical cable

    Hi Guys. I wonder if anybody knows of a proven device that converts the sound from an HDMI cable (Dolby Digital 5.1c) to Optical Cable (Dolby Digital 5.1). Problem is my Panasonic TV is 10 years old and does not recognise 5.1 inputs via HDMI although it does output it via the apps like netflix...
  20. bag head

    Input quandary

    I have a Yamaha RN602 and (a newly acquired) Yamaha CD S300. I have a TV playing via Optical 1 and a CCA in Optical 2 (as part of a CCA household set up). There isn't a 3rd optical in for the CD. The system is used mainly for TV and streaming via the MusicCast app so CCA and CD are both...
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