1. T

    Toshlink Optical Output LG CX to Cambridge CXA81

    Hello all, Firstly, apologies as I know this isn't a new issue but haven't been able to find a thread that mirrors this problem. Please link me if there is already an answer to this. Have recently purchased Cambridge Audio CXA81 and CXNV2 Streamer and have it connected to by LG CX OLED via...
  2. steve1966

    For Sale Nue-Tec Optical HDMI Cable - 9m - £52

    Nue-Tec Optical HDMI Cable - 9m - £52 (£150 when new) Price includes delivery
  3. M

    How to use optical cable sky

    I know I'm being daft here, but having lip sync issues with soundbar and hdmi with new sky box I've got sky box connected to TV via hdmi and now an optical cable from sky box to soundbar It's an older soundbar, samsung r550 Problem is, when I change source on soundbar to d.in, it thinks about it...
  4. Y

    Optical or HDMI for sound to AVR from PC?

    I have a 4.1 setup in my computer room, my AVR (Yamaha RX-V375) its currently connected to my Creative sound blaster Z via Optical. When i select 'signal info' from the AVR menu it reads '2/0/---', i believe this is because optical only allows 2 channels? Would it be in any way beneficial to...
  5. M

    Dying Onkyo 607 Receiver TrueHD options via Optical(with Samsung Q95T TV)

    Hi, I've had my 607 Onkyo for quite some time now, paired with a Samsung UE55D8000 3dtv. its been flakey for a long time though, at first I lost the OSD menus, and then these days it takes about 15minutes to "warm up" to give me a picture, then works fine (other than the occasional click/pop...
  6. H

    Yamaha RN 602 Optical Input From TV

    Hi Guys, I have a sony lcd which was connected to sony avr via optical cable and I could control volume by using tv remote. I transferred this link to yamaha rn602 stereo it worked with only fixed volume. I am not able to control volume over tv remote now. Is there anything I can do to...
  7. K

    Optical cable socket

    Hi, I have a Hitachi TV 50HK6100U C & Im trying to connect it to a sound bar. I tried connecting via a HDMI cable but that didn't work, the cable I used was only a cheap one so I've ordered a high speed with ethernet cable which I hope will work. I tried to connect it via an optical cable & I...
  8. D

    LG PF50K projector's simplink (ARC-CEC) unstable with HDMI to optical audio extractor.

    Hello all, I have been intending to connect an old 5.1 receiver (optical input only) with the LG PF50KS projector (FW 03.00.15) which has only HDMI-ARC for digital audio output. The product I got to do the conversion is the AMANKA HDMI ARC audio extractor (I will call it "extractor" from now...
  9. G

    Anyone using KEF LSX for TV using optical?

    Hi, I am considering buying the KEF LSX for my living room, to use it for both TV and streaming. However so far I've been only using a soundbar with HDMI ARC, which is only available on the more expensive LS50WII which is a bit out of my budget. So I am wondering, how does optical behave in...
  10. muljao

    Digital optical switcher unit

    Just wondering does anyone use one of these units that allows you switch between inputs in case there isn't enough inputs on your system. I have not seen a coax one, do these exist?
  11. J

    Problem with optical digital input - DENON RCDN-10

    Hello, I have a little problem. I've just bought SONY BRAVIA TV and I would like to input it to my DENON RCDN-10. But when I try to do it (by optical digital input) I see SIGNAL UNLOCK on my Denon screen and I can't hear anyting. I use only a PCM singal. What I can do with it?
  12. J

    Yamaha RX-A6A No Optical Output: HELP !

    Just got my rx-a6a and tonight while setting it up I discovered the Audio Optical Outputs 1 & 2 are not outputting. Could not find anything in the menus about this to enable or disable it and and how to set it to PCM 2.0 output. I do not see the red glow emanating from the connector indicating...
  13. J

    LG 55UP75006LF (2021) optical connected Sonos playbar

    Hi just got the above TV and struggling with getting the remote to control the volume. Is it possible I have found articles but the software remotes are different to what i have. Any help will be much appreciated. cheers john
  14. julianjwatt

    Streaming from Yamaha WXA50 to optical in or aux in of a OD-11 speaker

    Hi, appreciate any help. I’ve recently purchased an OD-11 cloud speaker, but still want to be able to send / stream the internet radio content from the MusicCast driven WXA50, to the speaker. I also have a turntable connected to the WXA50… The OD-11 has an optical in and 3.5mm aux in How...
  15. D

    Optical Audio solution

    Hi All. Wonder if anyone can solutionize for me. I want my PS4 and Sky connected by optical audio to my Bose Cinemate without having to manually transfer the cable from one unit to the other Trouble is my TV is on the wall with HDMI running behind the plaster so it's flush. No trunking behind...
  16. Nick0slicK

    A Novice Seeking help; Requiring a hi res audio set up (DAC?) between TV (Outputs; Toshlink optical and hdmi 2.0 arc) and Headphones?

    Hello folks. Apologies in advance as my knowledge in audio is basic. It goes about as far as knowing that coaxial has a higher bandwidth than optical. I am seeking a way of listening to hi res audio from My TV (upto 24 bit, ALAC music or FLAC etc, also 4k Blu Ray high quality audio formats like...
  17. J

    Optical splitter HELP

    I have a Samsung TV with a single optical output. I have an Onkyo receiver and Sienhiser headphones that I want to hook up with a optical splitter. I have tried two different active 1x3 splitters with no success. I can hook either device directly to the TV and get them to work. I’ve tested all...
  18. R

    Help Please - Netflix audio Issue with Optical Cable

    Hi All, I recently upgraded my stereo amp to an Audiolab 6000A and connected it to my TV (Panasonic Viera 50AS650 - about 5-7 years old) with an optical cable. I watched a video saved on a USB flash drive connected to my TV and the audio on that sounded absolutely fine. Then I tried watching...
  19. R

    Should I switch to Optical / HDMI for my new stereo receiver

    Hi everyone, I've recently purchased a Denon DRA800H stereo receiver as a replacement for my Marantz PM6003. It will be connected to a pair of B&W DM601S2 bookshelf speakers. Music will be streamed wirelessly from my laptop, but I was wondering what the best cable would be for connecting my TV...
  20. T

    LG G1 Optical Audio Issue

    Hello. I noticed that my new OLED TV G1 has a very particular symptom. I'll describe it: I use sennheiser wireless RF 175 headphones (which I already used on my previous OLED - 55E6V, 2016 model - without any problems all these years) and they are connected through the optical output of the TV...
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