1. S

    Question Optical out not switching when TV input changes

    Got a new LG 4K LED TV. With my old TV, everything ran through the AV receiver. SInce that receiver is too old to pass through 4K I decided to run everything through the new TV instead. I have 2 HDMI input sources - DISH Hopper and Apple TV (HMDI 4 and HDMI 3). I have an optical cable out...
  2. GreggusMaximus

    1in 2 out optical switch

    Need an optical switch that does 1 in 2+ out that works from a remote , I've seen lots of 2-3 in and 1 out but apparently they dont in reverse.
  3. pyc

    Question What is the best small amplifier that has optical input?

    Something like SMSL AD18 (Shenzhen ShuangMuSanLin Electronic Co., Ltd.) or OSD Audio Nero-XD (Nero-XD 200W HiFi DAC 2-Channel Class D Stereo Power Amplifier, Bluetooth® Wireless, Optical, RCA, 3.5MM Inputs, Remote Control), but I'm affraid sound could be a bit of low quality there. I'm aiming...
  4. B

    Sharp LC-40SH340K Coaxial Output Issue

    Greetings to all, My Sharp LCD TV is connected to my surroud sound amp (Yamaha RX-V357) using an optical coaxial cable. when playing a 5.1 DVD (Toshiba DVD player linked to TV via HDMI cable) the sound signal being received by the amp is only 2.1 Any ideas why the amp...
  5. J

    Wanted VT30 Optical adaptor

    As title I'm looking for an optical adaptor for my VT30.
  6. AlecOfChaos

    Optical to SPDIF? Possible?

    Hi I've just been given a Sony SA-MT300 sound bar and it only has in the back an optical input (cable supplied) and an analog one. My TV is a bit old and only has 3.5mm Jack, hdmi and SPDIF (looks like a coaxial port) no optical on the back. Just wondered if there was any way to connect the...
  7. M

    Advice on connecting digital optical in socket to 3.5 mm headphone socket on a personal computer

    Hi, I'm hoping someone can help. So I've just purchased these headphones Sennheiser RS 185 - Open headband headphones (integrated remote control), black: Amazon.co.uk: Hi-Fi & Speakers specifically for connecting to my computer using the 3.5 mm headphone jack for listening to music and...
  8. L

    Yamaha receiver optical port not functioning

    I have a Yamaha RX-V373 A/V receiver. I just bought a Samsung TV which has a HDMI ARC port. When enabling ARC and HDMI Control on both the receiver and TV it disables the optical port on the receiver. I use the optical for my Chromecast Audio. When I disable HDMI Control on the receiver, the...
  9. Homeby51

    How to get LG remote to control both the internal speakers and optical out volumes at same time?

    Hey guys, Just bought my parents a LG 55UM7300PUA television. They are both hard of hearing and were using an aftermarket crappy soundbar. Anyway.....I hooked the optical out from the TV to the soundbar and selected the "internal speakers and optical out" selection of audio. But when you use...
  10. M

    Netflix 5.1 from a Hisense 55H7B Optical Output? do I need HDMI DD+?

    Netflix claims I have to have Dolby Digital Plus to process their 5.1 I'm running my Digital Optical Output to an old RCA AVR and it does not "see" 5.1 content on Netflix.
  11. C

    Audio Choppy using Optical with Yamaha RX-V679

    With Disney plus I wanted to watch shows in Dolby Vision using Xbox One. Since this receiver does not support Vision, I connected optical from xbox to receiver, and used hdmi direct to tv. I noticed that sound will now skip seemingly randomly. Sometimes it will go a few minutes before it chops...
  12. S

    3.5mm jack into HDMI-ARC or Optical tv port ?

    Hi I'm going to purchase the following 4k tv: https://www.lg.com/uk/tvs/lg-43UM7600PLB I currently plug wireless headphones into a tv 3.5mm headphone port but the one above doesn't have one. I've done a bit of research - could anyone confirm i'm on the right track ? If i go optical to...
  13. Pretorian24

    Question Can the Dune HD Pro 4K downsample HD audio with optical?

    I recently got the new Epson 6050 projector but since I have an older Denon receiver I have to send the image directly from my Dune to my Epson. So the sound from the Dune is connected to the Denon with spdif optical cable until I get a new receiver that can handle 4K. Can the Dune HD Pro 4K...
  14. O

    How does Optical handle DD+

    I'm a bit confused on how my old Yamaha VX-465 handles optical inputs from a DD+ source. I know optical cable inputs don't handle DD+, only DD, but does the Yamaha accurately convert the surround channels to regular DD 5.1 when the source on the Fire Stick is DD+? Here's my situation. I used...
  15. G

    Question LG oled tv /home theater random loosing ARC sound

    I can't be the only one having this problem? 55" 2018 OLED LG tv firmware all up to date, coupled with LG Blueray home theater surround amp, hdmi ethernet cable as specified (new) connected in both ARC hdmi sockets. No optical cables used anywhere. Simplink on, arc sound selected on both units...
  16. R

    HDMI or Optical?

    I have just upgraded to a samsung UE55RU8000 tv which is mounted on the wall I have also mounted my LG SJ4 soundbar just below it My question is whats the best way to connect everything to the tv?? At the moment I have a 3 way splitter for my virgin box,my PS4 and my firestick I then have a...
  17. chaz

    Question Optical or RCA?

    On my Hifi system I am about to add a streaming box I have been told by the company Optical is the best route to go . While others say RCA is the best route it all depends on the DAC in my Amp Which is Rotel RSP 1069 Receiver with power so I do not know where this DAC is and find out about...
  18. Snapper kuro

    For Sale Chord C-lite Optical cables

    Following a system upgrade I have two Chord C-lite optical cables for sale. They are both Toslink to Toslink terminated one is new, still boxed and never been used and is 1 metre in length. The other has been used for about 100 hours but still in perfect condition and is 2 metres long. £15 for...
  19. N

    Sharp 55" 4k TV driving me mad - help - freezes, optical out doesn't work

    hey everyone I'm at the stage where I feel super frustrated with my Sharp 55" 4k TV LC-55UI7252K. There are two things which are really bugging me and Sharp "customer services" has been close to useless in helping me resolve: 1. I can't get sound to play from my TV into my amp via external...
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