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  1. Benhutch

    Can I connect powered speakers to my TV

    Hi, my current setup is a Samsung TV with B&O 6000 powered/active speakers connected via a 3.5mm headphone jack. I realise I lose some audio quality but the convenience to control sound from the TV remote and have no additional kit to power up or additional remotes is for me a willing...
  2. Scotteh

    Arcam AVR400 and LG CX Optical Out Question

    Hey Everyone, Hoping you guys can help me out by answering a question. I have picked up an LG CX and my old Arcam AVR400 is obviously not 4k compatible, which is fine, I'll be grabbing a new one down the line. In the meantime, I wondered if it was possible to output the audio from the CX...
  3. E

    Question LG65NANO91 Digital audio optical out

    Just got new LG65NANO91. And found that my toslink cable not fit for Digital audio optical out socket on this TV. What cable do i use for this type of socket. Never saw sockets like this....
  4. C

    LG 50UN7006LA sound output options

    Hi All, I have just purchased this TV (LG 50UN7006LA) to replace my 7 year old Samsung. I also have a older set of Logitech Z2300 speakers which only have a 3.5mm jack. I love these speakers for movies and music and really want to continue using them. Issue I have is it has ARC and Optical...
  5. P

    LG 75NANO906 - Optical out / volume control & power on

    During the hot weather, like a complete **** I managed to break my old 65UH950v. It'd served me well and kept the small collection of 2d blurays viable, you wouldn't believe how annoyed with myself I was. I was tempted by the CX but ended out going for a 75NANO90 because my teenager still...
  6. S

    Question Optical out not switching when TV input changes

    Got a new LG 4K LED TV. With my old TV, everything ran through the AV receiver. SInce that receiver is too old to pass through 4K I decided to run everything through the new TV instead. I have 2 HDMI input sources - DISH Hopper and Apple TV (HMDI 4 and HDMI 3). I have an optical cable out...
  7. Homeby51

    How to get LG remote to control both the internal speakers and optical out volumes at same time?

    Hey guys, Just bought my parents a LG 55UM7300PUA television. They are both hard of hearing and were using an aftermarket crappy soundbar. Anyway.....I hooked the optical out from the TV to the soundbar and selected the "internal speakers and optical out" selection of audio. But when you use...
  8. P

    Question Optical out still active during standby

    hi all, I am new here. Have a TV KD43X8000D for 2 years and recently brough a LG soundbar SJ2 (optical in, line in, bluetooth, no HDMI / HDMI ARC). I connect the TV to soundbar through an optical cable. When the TV is off (standby)and I am listening to bluetooth music through my soundbar...
  9. nicolaidenmark

    Small "glitch" in "Optical out" sound when "TV Guide" banner changes between shows / programs?

    Hi all, I have a KD65X9005 / XE90 set and experience a small "glitch" / mute in the sound every time the EPG banner comes on at the top between different shows and programs. I have the TV setup for Optical Out sound to my Stereo Hegel H80 Amp. It only occours when the banner changes and only...
  10. Maccervoy

    Upgraded to 1x and 4k tv but need sound work around due to outdated amp

    Hi, new to the forums and thanks in advance if anyone can help a noob out! I 've recently purchased an Xbox one x and an LG c7 4k tv but not quite ready to upgrade my don't str dn1040 amp quite yet. My problem being that I can't pass my xbox through the amp due to it not being 4k...
  11. I

    Help please on HDMI ARC or Optical Out

    My equipment is as per my signature. I've just had Sky Q installed .The 4K enabled Sky Q, Xbox One X and PS Pro no longer go into my Pioneer LX87 (only HDMI 1.4) pending an amp upgrade they have to go direct to the Samsung KS8000 via HDMI to get the 4K to the TV, and I used Optical Out from the...
  12. simoncroft

    Sony STR-DB1070 no output from MD/DAT optical out

    Hello, this is my first post so apologies if this isn't the best the best place for my question. I currently have four sources going into a Sony STR-DB1070, three of which go via an HMDI switcher that also has a TOSLINK output. I bought a high quality 12.5m TOSLINK cable with the aim of...
  13. Dconcept

    Question lg55uj635v Optical out query

    Hi all, Hoping someone can help with this query, as it's doing my head in and I've tried everything I've seen on forums and YouTube for other LG models. I have an LG 55uj635v TV connected to an LG nb3530a sound bar and I'm having a issue getting a DD signal. I'm trying to change the audio...
  14. C

    Hisense 55" M7000. Optical output question.

    I setup a friend's AV system last night and his M7000 has an optical output which we used to get sound back to an AVR for surround duties from the TV. Playing Netflix etc. Works a treat. However, he also has an XBOX1S hooked up to the TV (HDMI) for gaming and UHD disc duties and I couldn't find...
  15. D

    Question Samsung UE49MU6400 Optical Out Volume Too Low!

    Another problem with my Samsung UE49MU6400 (as well as the LED Bleed (in progress)) I have the TV plumbed into a Yamaha RX-V481. I use the TVs Netflix, Plex, and Amazon apps, so have the Audio going out to the Yamaha via the Optical out. This worked perfectly! Recently, the volume has dropped...
  16. R

    Pioneer PDP-LX5090H HDMI in, optical out question

    My Pioneer setup (5090h/SC-LX71) has performed flawlessly since 2010... until yesterday. I've always run everything into the receiver with HDMI and a HDMI out to my TV. My picture (and sound) suddenly started going On the fritz and in the end there is no response from my HDMI inputs and output...
  17. bwfc0907

    Question TOSLink Optical Out 192Khz or 96Khz

    Hi I am buying a TOSLink 3 way switch for Sky PS4 Pro Laptop They are are all so I can get DTS as my receiver doesn't support 4K so need the source for picture direct to TV and TOSLink to switch connected to the receiver. My receiver only supports ARC 2.0. Do I need a switch that supports...
  18. S

    Optical out

    if i did a optical out from my hisense tv to my soundbar would it be as good quality as optical from sky q box direct to soundbar ?
  19. B

    CAn j use optical out and rca out at the same time on a 2002. Sony reciever

    i just bought a pair of tower speakers and they only have rca jacks and I already have my system set up with an optical cable can I use the rca on the reciever at the same time as the optical
  20. NicolasB

    E6: Audio sync problem using optical-out or ARC

    Playing around with my new OLED65E6V.... It's going to be returned because of a problem with the polarisation filter that spoils 3D viewing; but there's another problem (with the sound) which is making me wonder if I should ask for a refund and walk away rather than replacing it. :thumbsdow...
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