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  1. P

    quad 99 optical connection

    My quad 99 system (pre amp, amp, cd player + tuner) has input spaces for an optical cable at the back of the cd player. Can I connect a Samsung smart tv optical cable into the quad system? I have tried, but not successful.
  2. B

    Dedicated Digital Optical Cable for Disc Player/M4 Soundbar?

    I am relatively new to the forum and to sound and video gear. For a bedroom setup I have a new 32" 1080p tv (Dolby Digital and DTS) and a barely used Sony BDP-S370 (also Dolby Digital and DTS) for dvd's and cd's. Next purchase will be a soundbar. The one in my sights is the QAcoustics M4 -...
  3. colinstone

    Active Optical Cable - Suddenly No Picture

    I've been using a 10m AOC cable for over a year with no issues. Yesterday I didn't get a picture on the projector, but TV OK. Projector displays a Roku stick plugged in locally to both ports. HD Fury Vertex 2 TX1 and TX0 output picture and sound to TV at 1080p, projector output had been set to...
  4. T

    Optical cable will not fit behind my newly wall mounted TV!

    I have an LG CX TV that was connected to a Sony AV Receiver for 5.1 sound, using a standard optical cable. I have recently had the TV wall mounted, and it is quite flat against the wall, which is what I wanted. However there is now not enough room to insert the optical cable, which comes...
  5. O

    C1 user here: Should I use an optical cable or eARC with a Pioneer Elite Receiver?

    I have a C1 that I generally only use the internal speakers unless I'm watching a movie. I then use a Pioneer Elite receiver that does support Dolby Atmos which runs my 5.1.2 Atmos speaker setup. I'm using an optical cable from my C1 to my Pioneer when I want to watch movies. Should I be using...
  6. T

    Basic stereo amp/receiver for tv and record player

    Hi, I'm wanting to buy a nice simple, clean looking amp. Inputs would be a optical digital from my tv and my record player. I currently have a phono stage (cambridge audio) which I could use but would like to keep the number of boxes to a minimum. Output would be a single set of stereo speakers...
  7. M

    Sky q Mini Box to Sound bar via Optical cable doesn't work

    I'm trying to connect Sky Q Mini box's to sound bar via optical cable but it doesn't seem to work, it gives noise. Connecting sound bar to tv via optical cable works so optical cable seems to be working. Does optical out work on Sky Q Mini Box? Is there any settings to change? Anything else to...
  8. D

    Can the type of optical cable affect how your sound bar behaves?

    I recently mounted my TV and soundbar and hid the cables behind the wall. I needed to change the optical for one with a 90-degree angle to fit into TV as space was no limited. Ever since doing this my soundbar no longer comes on with the TV. It also used to come on automatically as soon as I...
  9. opsimos

    Samsung Frame optical cable issue

    I was wondering if anyone knows of any aftermarket optical cables for Samsung Frame. I am installing one on a brick/stone wall. There is a conduit running through the wall from where the TV is to be hung down to where the box will be located. But Frame's optical cable comes with those plugs on...
  10. N

    HDMI 5.1 dolby digital to optical cable

    Hi Guys. I wonder if anybody knows of a proven device that converts the sound from an HDMI cable (Dolby Digital 5.1c) to Optical Cable (Dolby Digital 5.1). Problem is my Panasonic TV is 10 years old and does not recognise 5.1 inputs via HDMI although it does output it via the apps like netflix...
  11. Leo Reed

    HDMI or Digital Optical Cable

    Which cable is better to use for a soundbar? HDMI or Digital Optical Cable
  12. BOBAD

    Question Optical cable v HDMI lead?

    Hi, I am running a SkyQ 2tb box into a Denon 2400 AVR and on to an LG 910 oled TV. I have an HDMI lead connecting the Skybox to the AVR and an optical lead connects the AVR to the tv. My question is whether or not this is routed correctly and if not, what would be a better way to do it? I...
  13. J

    Apple 4K TV with Optical cable set up for new OLED

    Can somebody clarify i have this correct... Getting my new OLED TV tomorrow and will using with a new unused Apple 4K TV box which will feed through to my Sonos Playbar. I will be also using the inbuilt tuner for normal TV. Regarding the set up, I have checked and can see that Apple 4K doesn't...
  14. J

    Question 5.1 Audio problems with Optical Cable from Sony XH900

    My setup is a XH900 and a Harman Kardon AVR 130. The AVR130 has Optical and Coaxial In (No HDMI ARC). The Sony only Optical out. Through the help of this forum, I figured out that for some reason AndroidTV with Sony TVs will not output 5.1 Audio to an receiver when using an Optical Cable on...
  15. N

    Chord Qutest - coaxial cable.

    I intend to connect an old Sony BDP S550 to a my Sudden A21a amp via a Chord Qutest DAC. I don't want to spend a fortune on the coaxial cable but want something that gives the Qutest a fair chance to do it's job. Can anyone provide a link to a cable that will be suitable?
  16. D

    Question Connect Optoma GT1080 Projector to Sony HT S20R

    Hi all, A friend of mine has an Optoma GT1080 projector and recently has purchased a Sony HT S20R 5.1 Sound System. He has been trying to get the sound system to work with the projector but is having trouble. The projector has 2 HDMI ports (neither of them ARC) and an Audio out port. It...
  17. colinstone

    Question Kenable Active Optical Cable

    Wondered if anyone has used one of these??? https://www.kenable.co.uk/en/hdmi-cables-adapters/hdmi-extensions-long-cables/10011-long-hdmi-active-optical-cable-aoc-hdr-18gbps-4k-60hz-2160p-10m-010011-5054338100111.html Looking at using a 10m one. Seems to be a good solution to combat signal...
  18. B

    Another stuck optical cable

    Hi On this site and others I've seen users of TVs and other appliances who have an optical cable stuck in its socket and it won't come out. I have this problem with my Samsung TV. When the question, how do you get a stuck optical cable out has been asked, the answer is pull it out, give it a...
  19. T

    Optical cable and connection question.

    Recently sat down to watch a movie, and could not get my Sony AV amp/surround sound system working. Made sure all the settings were correct on the TV, etc. but was getting no sound when switching to 'optical out'. In fact, although the test sound was working fine on the amp, I could hear nothing...
  20. Silk186

    Question Hisense 55AE7400FTUK calibration and settings question

    I ordered this tv a few weeks ago and have been using it for about 2 weeks. I'm very happy with the design, fairly happy with the picture quality, less impressed with the software (poor menus, poor calibration and no Disney+ support) and disappointed with the instructions (nothing about...
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