1. M

    Wanted Oppo 203 or cxuhd

    Looking for either really what you people got ?
  2. T

    For Sale Oppo X5 Pro 12gb/256gb White Boxed

    Selling my unlocked dual sim Oppo X5 Pro phone. Its the 12gb/256gb version with the snapdragon 8 gen 1 processor. It comes in great condition, boxed with 2 pin euro charger, clear case, unused cable, UK warranty to March 2024 and 2 extra cases. I think I've got an unused gel screen protector...
  3. keithsizer

    For Sale Oppo UDP-203 4k ultra HD blu ray player

    This Oppo UDP-203 is region free for DVD (blu ray region B, UK and Europe). I HAVE LOST THE REMOTE. YOU WILL NEED TO BUY A REPLACEMENT. You will only get the power cable, and HDMI cable. Is in excellent working condition. A few scratches and marks.
  4. L

    Wanted audiocom signature oppo 205

    Base in UK.Please pm if you want to sell.
  5. O

    OPPO phone dicataphone

    I have installed an InventoryBase App on my OPPO phone. It includes its own voice typing mechanism. However, I can only get it to work if I am connected to the internet. Otherwise it just says 'initialising' and never gets any further. The Google voice typing mechanism works offline...
  6. D

    Is there anything I should know about using headphones with LG A1 + Oppo 203?

    AV Forum, I will be creating a home cinema setup with an Oppo UDP-203 4K Blu Ray Player, 55" LG OLED55A16LA TV. I must use headphones due to living in an apartment. The headphones will be Sennheiser HD 600s. I plan to connect the headphones to the headphone output on the back of the LG TV...
  7. JonnyTester

    Anyone have an Oppo Find X5 Pro?

    I'm due to upgrade next week and I'm thinking of the Oppo Find X5 Pro. I can get the 256gb version on unlimited data, texts, and calls for just over £40pm over 24 months. Which works out a couple of hundred quid less than the current retail price. It's just a pity I missed out on the preorder...
  8. D

    Oppo and SACD

    I have a newly acquired Oppo bdp-83 SE with minimal mileage. It works great, and I am getting excellent sound for CDs. The amp is a Devialet Expert 120 (and set up for the Oppo as a CD player). The TV is a LG OLED. When a DVD is inserted, this plays appropriately via the TV and sound via the...
  9. Nice Monkey

    Guide on which brand media player to select (Dune, OPPO (clone), Zappiti and Zidoo)

    Guide on which brand media player to select This for playing local content including native DVD/BD/UHD in ISO or Folders with or without their respective menus. Regarding Video format support and Picture Quality including DV and HDR10+ all mentioned media player models are good and offer...
  10. Derkster

    Google 6 or OPPO X3 Neo

    I am going to replace my Huewei P30 lite and have narrowed it down to either of the above. Does anybody have any experience with them? Which one would you prefer? Both have great features.
  11. StefanBFC

    Oppo lite x3 vs Galaxy a52s

    Just some help please on the above two phones. Both in the same price bracket. Smaller the phone the better for me. Decent camera and long lasting durable. I honestly know nothing about phoned but these two are on my shortlist as I'm with Sky mobile. Has anybody any recommendations between...
  12. stretcher

    Conflict with Oppo BDP93 & LG TVs - Solution

    Someone posted an issue 6 years ago but without resolving, but turns out Oppo released beta firmware which fixes it. For me, I bought the UDP203 when it came out and got a 55" LG TV at the same time - my old but perfect BDP93 went into what was going to be temporary storage. I 've just...
  13. cadena

    Realme GT 5G vs Oppo Reno 4 pro 5g ?

    Hi everyone I recently acquired an Oppo Reno 4 pro 5g but seeing the Realme GT 5G and the Poco F3 (and GT version) I'm having doubts if I should give it back and buy the Realme since it has better screen and better processor. I'm a student and I want my phone to help me with my studies and...
  14. Salonchi

    UHD ISO = Dune or Zidoo or Oppo 203+jailbreak

    I’m trying to decide my best option for Playback of UHD ISO and/or BDMV. I already have a Sony 800M2 for playing discs but would like to rip so that I can store away some of my discs that I don’t watch much and make things a little family friendly. I thought about an Oppo 203 with Jailbreak...
  15. togusa

    Oppo 103 vs Panasonic UB450 Standard BD Quality

    Hi, I currently have an Oppo-103D and am considering changing this for a Panasonic DP-UB450eb and getting some 4K discs. I have a Panasonic TX-55GZ950B OLED tv. Sound is fed into an all Linn system, stereo only, and this won’t be changing. My question is as Oppo were the best (other...
  16. omyslice

    Oppo find x2 pro camera issue

    Hi, I have had a find x2 pro for a couple of months now and I have a issue with the camera anything on 1* and 2* zoom is just blurry. However wide angle 5*and 10* is fine, I have rest and cleared cache in settings but still no joy Regards
  17. E

    Best blu-ray player for Plasma?

    I have a Panasonic ZT60 Plasma and a Pioneer Elite SC-79 Avr, both made in 2013, and have been wondering these days as to which blu ray player would offer the HD best picture to the plasma. Would a UHD blu ray player be any better/worse or equal to an HD player? Like comparing a Oppo 203 to a...
  18. agaupig

    Tidal, mconnect, oppo 205

    I have my oppo 205 witch claimed as full decoder of Tidal MQA I tried to stream my tidal via upnp of mconnect app But nothing happened, still showed 24bit/44.1khz both on iphone and oppo info screen. anyone tried anyother full-decoder which can directly decode from mconnect of iphone?
  19. B

    Streaming from laptop via Oppo 205 to HiFi

    I've just bought a top of the range XPS 15 and wanted to stream Spotify (for starters) to my hifi via my Oppo 205. I've searched high and low for straightforward instructions regarding the XPS output, which Oppo input and the Oppo settings. The Oppo already functions as the default CD player so...
  20. stretcher

    Marantz SR2013/MM7055 & Oppo 203 - setting up atmos help?

    Finally after 2 years my setup has been moved into a dedicated room, now with additional ceiling speakers for atmos installed - ah, if only things were that simple. The setup is using the SR7013 for the 4 surrounds and 4 ceiling speakers, and the pre-outs for fronts and centre are going to the...
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