The terms "online" and "offline" have specific meanings in regard to computer technology and telecommunications in which "online" indicates a state of connectivity, while "offline" indicates a disconnected state. Common vernacular extended from their computing and telecommunication meanings and refers specifically to an Internet connection. Lastly, in the area of human interaction and conversation, discussions taking place during a business meeting are "online", while issues that do not concern all participants of the meeting should be "taken offline"—continued outside of the meeting.

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  1. Rookies

    Digital games

    Where best place to buy digital games. When I use have Xbox was easy to get games from cd key but nowt there for ps5
  2. Kris Silver

    Mainstream Online & Print media - the good and the bad

    I've just gone to post in the right wing news channels thread, and the post wouldn't have by rights quite belonged there. We've a BBC thread, and other similar ones but none that are for general observations, criticisms and kudos to mainstream online and print media. This is a fairly broad...
  3. Llessur

    Screen issue: please help.

    Hi, I'm more hifi than tv, but I love listening to it though my system, but the screen (led) has developed a problem which you can see in the pics. So I looked online about it but of course there was loads of bs answers. I downloaded white noise and other vids which 'should' have fixed the...
  4. Scapegoat

    Question Online and multiple users

    Hello I have just decided to introduce my 6 yo to gaming and have dusted off my Switch - so far he is loving MarioKart (only game he has played so far). I have set up a user with his name and linked it to my Nintendo account (as a child) and have some questions that googling hasn't been clear...
  5. Scapegoat

    Question Online subscription options

    Hello Have decided that at 6 yo, its time to let me son start to enter the world of gaming. Dug out my Switch and set it up and he loves it so far (Mario Kart only at this stage)...have set him up as a user on the console so that he track his own progress in the game (and others when we get...
  6. kcsun

    Can I cancel Sky by email or online

    Due to retirement, lack of funds and repeated rubbish on TV I wish to cancel my Sky contract of 20+ years. Is it possible to do this without spending 3 hours on the telephone with them trying to convince me to keep paying them kc
  7. D

    Changing packages online

    I took the 1 month free sky cinema before Christmas, which then rolled on to £6/month for 3 months before going up to £12 (cancel any time). Have hardly used it so want to remove the package and notice you can now make changes online - has anybody used this method before? Call me sceptical but...
  8. quidditys_shore

    Nintendo online shutdown

    It's finally here. Nintendo are shutting down online for the 3DS & Wii U on April 8th. Nintendo shutdown I'll miss the online Mario kart & especially animal crossing. Still glad to see the vita & PS3 going though!
  9. melanio

    do Voice Cloning Apps Only work while Online ??

    do Voice Cloning Apps Only work while Online ?? windows versions Only please !!!! I just installed one - and it says it needs to be online to work , Are there Any standalone - Voice Cloning Apps -that work offline ?? I know why the companies make them work online Only -so that we can give then...
  10. leamspaceman

    New legislation for online selling - How will it impact the AVF classifieds?

    Hearing about the new tax legislation regarding the selling of items using online marketplaces: Will this affect the AVF classifieds? If so, how might this be affected? Obviously it's always been...
  11. G

    Panasonic TX-43MX600B

    Would this tv sold by currys, only online be whats classed as made by vestel so not actually a pan just rebranded?
  12. Howardfh

    Questionaire from my council r/e funding cuts

    Online survey from my council, so those not online won't be able to answer; however it's the usual thisn, what services are important, which could be contributed to, should we dim/turn off roadside lighting, empty the bins less often etc. Box for suggestion on how to raise money; I note in...
  13. shoemaker666

    World War Z aftermath

    wondering if this game is dead online now? its on ps+ extra im thinking of starting it and playing the episodes but at beginners levels will i get people to join the game or is everyone left playing it playing at the high difficulties ?
  14. andytizer

    Question John Lewis - can I return a used MacBook within 14 days of online purchase?

    I purchased a MacBook Pro less than 14 days ago online and have used it. I have decided I would like to return the item - it is wiped and in good condition. John Lewis' policy seems to be that used electronics are exempt from returns. However I would like to know if anyone has had experience of...
  15. lynx

    Is eTorro safe?

    Is it safe to provide eTorro with NINo?
  16. I

    Question Online recycling centres

    With not much interest I can get what I need for the phone through we buy any phone. Are these centres pretty reliable?
  17. Amiga Dude

    Question Apple wallet refund?

    I used apple wallet pay which is linked to my credit card for a online purchase from John Lewis, I have since cancelled the order and my JL account shows refunded but in Apple wallet it doesn’t state anything about a refund, is this the way it works and goes straight back to my card or should...
  18. A


    Do you give to charities, if so do you have a preferred one that is close to your heart? Is there a specific way you contribute, i.e. via shops, online or even fundraising? I've been round countless charity shops this morning with the OH, so many I lost count after the British Heart...
  19. S

    Online speech to text

    I know there is plenty of software to convert MICROPHONE speech to text. However, does anyone know of software that converts "what-you-hear" speech (for example an online game with spoken communication or a zoom call) into text?
  20. Ice Tea

    The end of trolling - Online Safety Bill passed How do you feel about being nice and kind to...
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