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  1. DtSje

    For Sale Xbox One X with an issue

    I have an Xbox One X for sale which has been experiencing an issue. –– ADVERTISEMENT –– Namely, sometime after a factory reset (could be a day, could be a month) it will begin giving an error message along the lines "Your saves could not be synced with the cloud", at which point it will no...
  2. CaptainEd

    Question Xbox One X beeps twice and fails to startup

    Hi, My son's Xbox One X has stopped working and I wondered if any forum members has had similar problems and found a solution/fix. It basically beeps twice then does nothing. I've tried different sockets, cables, holding the on button down. repeatedly pressing the eject button but to no avail...
  3. kevip6

    Question 55" TV for PS5 and Xbox One X in a dark room

    Hello, I'm looking for a 55" TV in a dedicated games room with black out blinds. Used mostly for gaming on a PS5 and Xbox One X and gaming seats around 4 - 5 feet from the screen. Viewing in pretty much directly in front of the screen so viewing angles are very narrow Looking for a...
  4. abr1

    Question One X enhanced games on Series X

    There are a ton of One X Enhanced games that are not in the Optimized for Series X list -will these games get the same experience (or better) as One X on Series X? Of course the answer "should" be yes, but I have struggled to confirm that it is.
  5. Jpm34

    Does xbox one x will be capable of playing next gen games?

    Because of the similarities of the series s and one x, I will like to know if the one x could play next gen games.
  6. G

    LG CX 77" Picture issues with Xbox One X

    Hello everyone! I just hooked up my brand LG CX oled and been having issues with the picture presets. The HDMI cable I'm using is the same cable that came with the console and worked just fine with the Vizio M-series this TV is replacing. With the Xbox, all the video features on the console are...
  7. Perplexer

    Question Xbox One X 4K player vs stand alone - is there a big difference?

    Hi, I have an X hooked up to a Denon 2400H with an Atmos speaker config, LG B8 and use it for gaming and 4K movies. Am I missing out on quality by not having a stand alone player? If there is a difference is it significant and would it require a player that cost much more than the X to see the...
  8. Donnacha

    Question BT Smart Hub 2 issue with Xbox One X

    Hi folks....first time venturing into this part of the forum so go easy please :) I've been informed by BT that my BT broadband will upgraded to fibre next month, so being proactive they've sent me a Smart Hub 2 to replace my old hub. Its all set up and working apart from one issue that is...
  9. F

    Any difference in graphics/content etc from a backwards compatible Xbox 360 game VS an Xbox One game on an Xbox One X? (both "Xbox X enhanced")

    Hi guys, newbie to the forum. I've just ordered an Xbox One X and am now looking at a few games to go with it. Keen to buy Skyrim and Forza Horizon. The local game store has a deal for 4 Xbox 360 games for $20. Skyrim and Forza are both included in the deal, while their Xbox One counterparts are...
  10. -Spike-

    One X issues with Dolby app

    Hi all, Hoping someone can offer some advice for the following issues with my Scorpio please? Firstly, each time I power on from Energy Saving I have to reinstall the Dolby app in order to be able to choose Atmos sound from the settings. Secondly, every couple of days it will not power off...
  11. Pooon

    One X + Netflix + Atmos = Fault

    I have encountered a strange problem with all Atmos titles on Netflix when viewed via the ap on the xbox. All titles, whether they be a film like The Irishman or a series like the Witcher, will allow me to select it, and then the loading circle comes up in the middle and always loads to 24%...
  12. graymattor

    Question Would an Xbox One X be suitable to play 4k and Dolby Atmos?

    Hi, I'm putting together my new entertainment system, TV has been purchased (samsung Q85R), speakers and reciever in progress (5.1 to start then to an Atmos setup) chosen reciever I think is going to be a Denon X2600. Next is...... A Bluray player? Because I'm looking to 4K game, i am...
  13. brodders1979

    Xbox One X Netflix Issue

    Anyone else having issues playing uhd content from Netflix on the One X? HD content plays fine but when I try to stream something in uhd it crashes and restarts. Have un / re installed the app but still keeps crashing.
  14. P

    Question Sky Q via Xbox One X (Lip sync issues)

    My setup is Sky Q (hdmi) --> Xbox One X (hdmi) --> Denon X4300H --> LG B7 Always had lip sync issues when watching Sky, nothing seems to fix it. Anyone ever figured out how to sort out Sky Q lip sync? None of the adjustments on Sky / TV / Denon make any difference to the sync. Guess the only...
  15. pesser

    Question One X price drop ?

    Got a real bad gaming itch again. Thinking of buying an one X but as ill be getting the scarlett i don't know whether it'll be worth it, will i get a decent trade in value for the X. Hoping for some black friday/ christmas deals
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