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  1. P

    Wanted Xbox One X

    Looking to pay £200 Inc postage for an Xbox X in decent nick. Anyone selling? Cheers
  2. graymattor

    Question Would an Xbox One X be suitable to play 4k and Dolby Atmos?

    Hi, I'm putting together my new entertainment system, TV has been purchased (samsung Q85R), speakers and reciever in progress (5.1 to start then to an Atmos setup) chosen reciever I think is going to be a Denon X2600. Next is...... A Bluray player? Because I'm looking to 4K game, i am...
  3. brodders1979

    Xbox One X Netflix Issue

    Anyone else having issues playing uhd content from Netflix on the One X? HD content plays fine but when I try to stream something in uhd it crashes and restarts. Have un / re installed the app but still keeps crashing.
  4. RoadieRunner

    For Sale Xbox One X Console 1TB - Mint Condition with new controller

    Hi all. For sale is my 1TB Xbox One X with its originally included, new and unused controller (I have always used my Gears 4 red limited edition controller) complete with all cables and original box. Bought on the 3rd May 2018 from AO.com, it has had less than average use for a gamer and so is...
  5. P

    Question Sky Q via Xbox One X (Lip sync issues)

    My setup is Sky Q (hdmi) --> Xbox One X (hdmi) --> Denon X4300H --> LG B7 Always had lip sync issues when watching Sky, nothing seems to fix it. Anyone ever figured out how to sort out Sky Q lip sync? None of the adjustments on Sky / TV / Denon make any difference to the sync. Guess the only...
  6. B

    For Sale Xbox One X

    Xbox One X ptoject scorpio 1TB Black edition with original project scorpio controller, Xbox elite controller and 1 standard Xbox one controller 9 games all fully working and in great condition.. power and hdmi lead..
  7. pesser

    Question One X price drop ?

    Got a real bad gaming itch again. Thinking of buying an one X but as ill be getting the scarlett i don't know whether it'll be worth it, will i get a decent trade in value for the X. Hoping for some black friday/ christmas deals
  8. LawAce

    For Sale Xbox One X + RDR2 with stand and 2x batteries

    I bought my Xbox One X in November 2018 for RDR2 and have barely touched it since I completed the game, so looking to move it on. Purchased from the PCWorld/Currys eBay and happy provide proof of purchase for any warranty needs. Came as a Forza bundle but I've already redeemed the codes, so not...
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