Organic light-emitting diode (OLED)
  1. G

    Swap oled for led

    Hi I'm looking to swap my 55lg b8 oled for a 65sony xf9005 ,I anyone is interested please get in touch ,my tv can be totally inspected as in perfect condition, screen etc and I would need to inspect the other tv ,I live in plymouth so get in touch if interested. Gary
  2. B

    Lg Oled 55 C9 for my usage or not?

    Hello Guys, Im from the Netherlands and have a question i would like to hear y áll opinion about my dilemma. A few days ago i bought a LG Oled55c9. My old bedroom tv broke and i quickly bought this one because of the good reviews and the "future proof" specs. Also because its an oled....i...
  3. Brave5tarr

    Question LG OLED - Faulty Panel (Square in centre of screen) replaced with another Faulty one!

    Hi Everyone - I am a long time reader of the forums but first time poster... In 2017 I bought an LGOLED55B7 from John Lewis - after a year it developed the (now) well complained about problem of the middle square appearing on the panel very much like burn in but coming from a menu appearing in...
  4. MartynB1968

    New OLED tv on order, how to connect?

    Apologies if in wrong forum but I can’t find a definitive answer to this conundrum in how to connect. LG 55 OLED-no terrestrial aerial but Netflix etc. Sky+HD Yamaha YHT-S400 amp/soundbar combo-dated! Lots of conflicting advice online, some say Sky—>Amp—>TV Others say Sky—>TV—>Amp As amp is...
  5. I

    For Sale LG 65 C7 OLED TV 65˝

    Here I have for sale a stunning LG OLED C7 65 inch smart TV. In immaculate condition, no screen burn or any screen issues. Complete with brushed metal table top stand and original box. Was bought for £2600, receipt included. Collection only from Birmingham. –– ADVERTISEMENT ––
  6. M

    Worth Upgrading 65NU8000 to C9 OLED or Q90 ?

    I've had the Samsung 65NU8000 for 1 year. Great TV but considering relegating it to the bedroom and upgrading to the C9 or Qled Q90. Is it worth upgrading and would I see a massive difference? I really want that wow factor with hdr I've checked out both TV's in Currys plaing a 4k HDR demo...
  7. A

    77 inch oled prices

    hey, what price did 77 inch oleds from for example currys get as low as last year? I've budgeted or am prepared to pay around £3.5k for a 77 inch oled.. i need the gsync so ill be waiting for the c9s. however i've noticed they only seemed to reacvh a reasonable price from costco. sadly i need...
  8. dave19800595

    For Sale LG 55" E6 OLED FOR SALE - £1000 -

    Hi, this is the first time I've used a forum so I apologise in advance. I'm selling my E6 because my wife and I want a 65" AmbiLight OLED. There's absoutly nothing wrong with it, its in perfect condition, very well looked after, no scratches ect. If you need any more pictures I'll be happy to...
  9. A

    For Sale Panasonic 55 inch OLED FZ802B - ****WARRANTY TILL NOVEMBER 2023**** immaculate condition with box

    For sale Panasonic TX-55FZ802B OLED tv 55inch. Black In excellent condition. Only 1 year old, John Lewis warranty which expires November 2023, which is fully transferable. Will provide receipt. The picture quality on this tv is amazing and will blow you away. At the time, this tv received...
  10. A

    For Sale Panasonic 55 inch OLED TV (FZ802B) - ****WARRANTY TILL NOVEMBER 2023****

    For sale Panasonic 55inch OLED 55FZ80B In excellent condition. Only 1 year old, John Lewis warranty which expires November 2023, which is fully transferable. Will provide receipt. The picture quality on this tv is amazing and will blow you away. This tv has received excellent reviews, best in...
  11. M

    Question 65 OLED or QLED recommendations?

    Hi all have been a regular on here for a while but need some help today , with black friday coming up and looking to update my 10 year old top of the range panasonic plasma , am looking at 65 inch tvs my old panny is a 46 inch and these are the sets i am looking at with a budget of £2200 am...
  12. K

    55 OLED or QLED recommendations?

    Can anyone recommend me a 55 inch oled or qled? Budget is £1500 Looking to buy an Oled but wondering if I’d be better suited to a qled? It will mainly be used for watching football, movies and tv series. In 4k when possible. I’d like one without any motion blur when watching football. And...
  13. sscrib

    Question LG OLED Red Color Issue

    I have had my 55” LG OLED for the past 2 years and have loved it. Recently, however, I have noticed that red images are darker in the center of the screen than around the edges. The picture attached shows just how dramatic the problem is. Does anyone have idea what’s going on here?
  14. Nighthawks

    LG Oled PSU hiss

    Figured I try asking here as got no answer on the B9 owners thread. From what i gathered not only B9s seem to have this problem. I recently got myself the 55 inch B9 and when showing deep Black on the screen (HDR/no HDR) I hear distinct hiss coming from the back of the TV - around the PSU...
  15. I

    Question Best OLED 4K TV? Under 800EUR

    Im looking for a 55" TV to watch movies and play videogames on my PS4 Pro mainly. I want decent HDR support and Dolby Vision could be good for Netflix but im lost when it comes down to choose one model. Any recomendations? Keep in mind that the ideal price for me would be 800EUR. Thanks in advance!
  16. S

    YouTube Videos on OLED TV?

    Hi I currently have a Panasonic LED 4K television which I use to show my 4K YouTube Videos on. I am in the market for an OLED television to show clients my work, I am after information on which OLED TV's perform best with YouTube's reduced 4K quality algorithm. Visual quality is key. Sound will...
  17. TitaniumFace

    55" OLED or budget 65" QLED?

    Upgrading from an excellent Sony KDL 55w900a. Trying to keep it under $1k. Trying to figure out 55" OLED vs. 65" Hisense h9f or TCL 6 series. Thoughts?
  18. dvdchild

    Wanted 65” TV prefer OLED

    Looking for a 65” Tv would prefer OLED and must have warranty and be complete and no issues. Thanks for looking
  19. Aryn86

    Anyone using a tabletop TV stand with their LG Oled?

    So I'm looking to pick up a 65" C9 in the next week or two but with it's current flat stand it doesn't leave me enough space to place a soundbar underneath so I thought I'd get a tabletop tv stand to give me some more flexibility but I've realised that LG Oleds have the mounting holes at the...
  20. S

    LG C7 OLED - am I missing something?

    Hi I came across this a while ago and never looked into it. But read this again last night at rtings.c0m... Update 04/24/2017: Turning on PC mode on any of the picture modes will result in input lag of about 21ms. 1080p outside game mode has been corrected after being re-tested. Update...
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