Organic light-emitting diode (OLED)
  1. G

    LG SK8 + Phillips 55” OLED 754

    Hi guys, really sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. Might sound like a noob question, but I can’t for the life of me get My new tv to work with my new sound bar - via HDMI. So the sound bar is Dolby Atmos one. One end of the cable is plugged in To the tv - in HDMI1 (Arc), the other...
  2. S

    Oled Replacement Offer

    My LG OLED E7N has just been written off by Domestic and General and they have offered me a B9 as a replacement. I’m not going to accept the offer as I don’t think it’s a like for like replacement. Has anyone been down this road with them before and if so what was the outcome? Also in the...
  3. jda7165

    Upgrading TV to OLED but keeping same screen size

    Thoughts on upgrading your current TV but keeping the same screen size? Been thinking about going OLED, but the price jump between 65in(my current screen size) and 77in OLEDs is no joke. Currently have the Vizio P65-C1.
  4. lgans316

    Wanted Panasonic DX902B / Sony XE9305 / 2019 OLED (ASAP - London / Essex / Kent)

    Looking for an issue free Panasonic DX902 / Sony XE9305 / 2019 OLEDS). Cash waiting.
  5. A

    Question Replacing my Panasonic OLED for an QLED because of bright living room?

    Hi all, I've been wondering if I should consider replacing my current Panasonic 65" FZ802 because my living room is quite bright? (please see attached image for the floor plan) We get a lot of sun light throughout the day since we are south facing, it gets bad when its around 4-5pm onward as...
  6. M

    Question Will 30fps on PS5 look better on OLED then the PS4 Pro

    Like the topic says, will 30fps on PS5 look better on OLED tv's then the PS4 Pro?. After buying a new LG CX I'm a bit disappointed with how 30fps games look when it comes to juddering. I find that 30fps from the Xbox One X looks a bit better then from the PS4 Pro, but still the juddering is way...
  7. magiclak

    Sony A9G or A8 Oled

    Hi there, I was really quite set on picking up the AG9 for my man cave. This was until the A8 gate crashed the party. Lol. I’m now confused, after reading some rather flattering reviews about the A8. Is there really a huge/ tangible difference in the feature set and picture quality b/w...
  8. C

    55 inch 4K or OLED recommendations around £500-£700

    I would be grateful for any recommendations anyone has for a 55inch tv, I mainly watch sport/movies and don't do any gaming. Thanks in advance.
  9. D

    Replacement LG 65" OLED Screen - how can I tell what I'm getting?

    My 3.5 year old B6P has burn in and I fortunately purchased a 4 year warranty from Best Buy. So the screen will be replaced by a 3rd party repair shop. How can I tell what type of new screen is going in there? I suspect it's last year's screen (or maybe this year's screen)? I asked the...
  10. D

    Need advice on replacing a 50" Pioneer Kuro

    It's time to retire my Kuro to the bedroom and replace it in the main TV room. I've set my sights on an OLED screen because I prefer emissive tech to backlit tech. The pictures on LCD/LED can look great, but they've always had a processed look (at last to my eyes) that plasma never had. I'll...
  11. B

    A small silver spot has appeared on the screen of my LG OLED B9 55 inch.

    Hello all. A small silver spot has appeared on the screen of my LG OLED B9 55 inch. The screen has never been knocked or anything like that. Any ideas what it could be?
  12. U

    Struggling to choose between led and oled

    I'd like to upgrade to a 4k TV and I've decided that it would have to be a high end led or oled in order to make the most of the jump from 1080p. I can't decide which screen technology would be better for me, especially when the high end LEDs are so close to some of the OLEDs in price. I plan...
  13. Always-hungry

    QLED vs OLED For Gaming

    Good evening all Looking to upgrade the gaming tv and taking care to ensure they have 2.1 hdmi I think ?? Will be getting a PS5 fo Not a bright room and mostly used for gaming and Netflix 48 to 55 max No budget restrictions Really not sure what path to take and any advice is greatly...
  14. A

    For Sale Panasonic TX-55GZ950B 55" Smart 4K Ultra HD OLED TV.

    Panasonic TX-55GZ950B 55" Smart 4K Ultra HD OLED TV with HDR10+, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos and HCX Picture Processor. Boxed and in as new condition. Reason for sale upgraded to 65" Oled. Warranty with Panasonic until 30th March 2021. See last picture. Collection only from DE24 3DZ. £900 or...
  15. A

    New TV- 55” or Higher LG C9

    Hi, I’m new to the forum, thank you for having me. I’m looking to upgrade my main TV from an LG 3D set. I’ve seen the LG C9 but can’t for the life of me find stock anywhere. Is this set being replaced? I’ve seen the B9 but wanted something with a fast as possible processor. I have a budget of...
  16. dtobin

    LG B6 OLED Stand Screws

    Hi all, I’ve decided to upgrade my B6 OLED to a B9. As a result I’ll be selling the B6 or passing it on to a family member. I’ve managed to dig out the original stand, that I’ve never used, but seemingly didn’t keep the screws with it. Does anyone know what screws I’ll have to source? Cheers
  17. R

    LG OLED Light Setting 48”

    Hi, I find that setting the oled light and contrast at 100 gives me the best picture quality when watching hdr content, I then turn it down to 40 when watching standard definition content. Will running the oled light and contrast at 100 cause any harm to the tv when watching HDR content? thanks
  18. L

    Best 48-50" TV for everything except movies?

    Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone had any recommendations on a 48-50" 4K TV? I've got a projector setup for movies, with 105" screen and 5.1 surround etc, so I'm just looking for a TV for basically everything else. I'll probably be using it for an even mix of TV shows, documentary series...
  19. G

    Oled TV hit by lightning strike is now working but...

    The LG Oled TV was blown by a lightning strike which entered via the ethernet port. I replaced the mainboard and the TV has now come back to life, I am able to tune in to all the Freeview channels. But... ... Remote Control is not working. The batteries are fine, the little red light within...
  20. jizzlejimbo

    For Sale LG55 C7 OLED

    LG C7 OLED 55". Bought in July 2018 with a 5 years Currys warranty ( I believe it's transferrable but not 100% sure) Great condition, no burn in that I can see but you're welcome to check or I can take whatever pictures as needed. Mainly used for films only and hardly any general TV viewing...
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