Organic light-emitting diode (OLED)
  1. J

    About to buy a OLED55CX

    Hi I am already the owner of the 65BX and got this via the Very deal last year - really pleased with it and now looking to buy a 55” CX for the spare room. I want a guarantee that covers the dreaded screen burn and not sure where to get from - Ive seen Richer Sounds & John Lewis, but not 100%...
  2. faidtoblack

    Best bet 55" OLED option?

    After originally being firmly set on a Sony XH9505 it seems that the 55” OLEDS really offer the best value this year and therefore that is where my money will go. I will probably wait and see what deals the Spring brings but I want to have my mind made up now so that I can pull the trigger when...
  3. A

    For Sale LG 55" 3D OLED - OLED55E6V

    I'm selling my 55" 3D OLED E6 as its been powered off since i've upgraded to a 65" version of it. No issues at all, no burn in. 3D works perfectly. Well looked after, no damage. Comes with the LG Magic Remote. Let me know if you need any specific pictures, but i've tried to cover most...
  4. F

    Anyone knows Currys Sony OLED repair service?

    Hi bit of an oddball question, was curious to know if anyone has had a Sony oled bought from Currys and got it repaired by them. Does anyone know if knowhow collect it from their vans from your home, repair them and drop it off or is it handled by local tv repair stores ? And roughly how long...
  5. martin 39

    Oled repair

    Anyone no if this can be repaired and at a ruff price. Its not mine its up for free collection on a local site. Its a gz950 65inch.
  6. Z

    Full Array v OLED

    Sony KD-55XH9505BU v LG OLED55BX6LB Which one would you buy?
  7. K

    LG Nanocell or OLED

    I was about to pull the trigger on an OLED but then came across this offer. I am not too bothered about the 8K but with my slight concerns about burn in with OLED, is this TV comparable to OLED for HDR? I will mainly be using for HDR gaming via PS5 and bits of streaming via Netflix and Amazon...
  8. Jbalc99

    lG oled 55bx

    Hey! I've just recently got this 55bx lG oled TV. It superb with amazing sound and picture quality. About picture quality I'm noticing in fast moving objects when watching films it gives off a blocky pixelated look. If there anything to fix this it would greatly help. P.s it's updated to the...
  9. SimonST

    2021 OLED Discussion (LG/Panasonic/Sony etc.)

    Rather than clog up several CES News threads covering an entire manufacturer(s) range of LCD/OLED TVs with specific OLED discussion/comparisons to other companies, maybe here would be a good place to have more general OLED discussion for the various 2021 models and how they might advance the...
  10. R

    Question Quick 65" OLED Setup Test Before It Goes Back Into The Box?

    Hi all, Have just received an LG 65BX OLED. I tried to get the delivery date pushed back because I am not quite ready for it yet as I am still decorating, it was however too late to move! I am going to mount it today with the purpose of testing it, but it will then be stored away for a couple...
  11. J

    Connect NAD T788 to LG OLED CX

    Hello Everyone First time here and I’m looking forward to participating. I am completely new to HT. I’ve come from valve-based audio systems and domestic changes meant I decided to get a new TV and an AV receiver. The TV is a LG OLED CX and the receiver is a NAD T778. I’ve set up the...
  12. S

    For Sale LG OLED55B7V 55" OLED TV (Derbyshire) £550

    For sale I have an LG 55" B7 OLED In excellent condition, has been used sensibly with no visible damage or signs of burn in. 95% of the time it was used to watch movies, not logo heavy content. Selling as I have upgraded to 65" OLED now that the prices are somewhat more sensible (at the time...
  13. N

    LG OLED C8 Netflix, no center channel?

    I'm pretty sure this is a bug with the recent update to the Netflix app on my LG OLED C8 TV. I noticed recently that I'm not getting any audio out of the center channel on my Denon receiver. It is connected to the TV via HDMI ARC. This has worked great for months. I believe it stopped...
  14. P

    Question New OLED Owner (LG CX) - Some questions!

    Hey all, so my LG CX 55' arrived and I'm delighted with it. First time purchasing a TV over 400 euro let alone one worth 1399. I just have a few (alot of) questions and make sure I'm getting the most out of it. So my viewing is mainly done through the Xbox (Sky Go, Netflix, Amazon Prime) all on...
  15. samcress

    What’s this on my LG OLED TV

    What looks to be the problem across the bottom of my screen? I can’t see how it’s any sort of burn in as nothing I watch has this on the screen to do it. The TV is an LG 55OLED B6 so 3 years old now and this had just appeared the last few weeks. I’ve got 5 year warranty with JL, anyone know if...
  16. mabu

    OLED 55 GX9LA, picture-in-picture? PIP

    Is there any way to get a picture-in-picture on this TV? I can't find this function. But I have no experience on LG devices.
  17. J

    LG OLED BX - Voice bar coming up intermittently

    I recently purchased a BX oled. It’s a great TV but I have recently had an issue where when we are watching the TV, Netflix or anything every 10 minutes or so the Blue bar that usually comes up if you use the ‘slow’ voice command just goes across the screen (like the TV is about to do a voice...
  18. Flecky81

    42-inch LG OLED TVs for 2021!

  19. N

    New LG OLED, new 7.2 Denon, PS5, still no ATMOS!

    Hello everyone. First post and I look forward to your knowledge and input. I've done a tremendous amount of research on this online and still can't seem to find a clear answer, or at least one that my limited experience will allow me to comprehend. Here is what I currently have: 1) LG OLED...
  20. E

    LG Oled TV Standby Crash

    I have an LG Oled 65C7V and it has just started to crash / go into standby mode intermittently. I say ‘crash’ rather than just standby as there’s some visually anomalies that appear on the screen just as it powers down - see attached photo. I thought this was linked to HDR mode but it has...
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