Organic light-emitting diode (OLED)
  1. PlayerOne

    OLED Replacement for VT65 Plasma

    My Panasonic 65VT65 is developing an increasingly annoying audible buzz when displaying quiet and bright scenes, (but my wife claims she can't hear it... lol). So am considering a new 4K OLED, however... I only watch Blu Rays (1080p) and non-4K Streams from Netflix and Amazon Prime and...
  2. D

    Android 65 OLED 706

    About 2 months ago i bought 65 OLED 706 Every thing worked fine and im very pleased with it , But now i have somehow lost the home screen with Youtube ,Disney apps ect on ,and just a balck screen when i press the home button . Netflix ,Amazon Prime and freeview still all work fine . Internet is...
  3. C

    Philips OLED 706 or LG B1?

    Hello! I'm struggling to choose between these, what do you guys think? The B1 is 1000 SEK more expensive. I'm gonna use the TV for movies and gaming.
  4. M

    For Sale Brand New Nintendo Switch OLED Console - White

    Selling due to it being an unwanted gift. Brand New and sealed. Asking price of £250, with Royal Mail 1st Class delivery included on Monday if paid at the weekend.
  5. xyeovillian

    LG 65C14K oled 2021 won't connect to Yamaha RX-A840

    I have just bought LG 65C14K oled 2021 and I can't seem to get it to recognize Yamaha RX-A840 which use for surround sound, used to work with my old LG 55LA 6230. Is the Yamaha RX-A840 not compatible with LG 65C14K something to do with Dolby Atmos.
  6. G

    Panasonic jz1500

    Just received this panel yesterday and noticed an ever so slight bend in the top of the panel. Is this quite common on thin panels or should I contact the sellers. Picture is perfect on it.
  7. I

    HELP with SWMBO - OLED or LCD

    Having won the battle over TV size - 65" it is, I tried to explain the benefits of OLED. Showed her the video below demonstrating the benefits of OLED. Unfortunately, there is a forest scene where the greens pop on the OLED but the LCD looks more real with different/differentiated colours. Both...
  8. bazzergrand

    Hisense A9G 55 OLED Disp settings

    Any existing Hisense A9G oled owners with any display settings recommendations? What is the best default display mode for films?
  9. A

    For Sale Nintendo Switch OLED 64GB Console with Joy-Con, White

    HelloHi, Selling a brand new unopened Nintendo Switch OLED 64GB Console with Joy-Con in White (Photos will be added when I'm home.) Receipt can be forwarded. Price: £255 w/payment via BT Can be posted using RM Special Delivery or collected from North London
  10. LeeDicko

    For Sale Brand new and unused Nintendo Switch OLED Console - White - £260

    Had one of the OG Switches and sold it a year or so ago and fancied getting back into Switch gaming. Bought this on a whim and to be honest, regretting it now as there are far more sensible things I should be spending my money on right now. Bought from Very with proof of purchase in the form...
  11. Gidoc

    wall mounting LG OLED G1 55"/65"

    Hi all, May be a silly question, planning to get 55"/65" G1 tv - I do not really know if my wall is ok to take the wall mount that comes with G1, it will be on the lounge wall, on the exterior its a brick wall, on the inside it is insulated so does appear to have plaster and studs. Any guidance...
  12. N

    LG C8 OLED with no Dolby Atmos?

    Hi all, I have a 2018 LG C8 OLED that's connected to a 2018 Denon receiver that's more than capable of Dolby Atmos - it works great with my 4k BD player. However the TV will not output Atmos from any internal apps and from what I can tell all of my audio settings are correct. At first I didn't...
  13. L

    Wanted Oled 65" or over

    Looking to buy oled TV 65 inch or bigger Midlands are if possible but will to travel further for a good deal Upto £2k budget cash on collection
  14. ECTV

    Wanted Philips 48OLED806

    Looking for a Philips 48OLED806 to use as a PC gaming monitor. I am based in St Albans but a reasonable travel distance will be considered to collect. Condition wise, the nearer to perfect the better obviously :) with all accessories please. Would like the box for transport purposes Many thanks
  15. RossCarlson

    LG OLED Apps No Video

    Okay, this is a very odd one. First the setup -- I have a OLED55B6P, a 2016 model but yesterday due to massive burn-in (more on that later) I swap the entire panel but as I couldn't get the original (not made anymore) I used a C7 model (next year and model up). While none of the various boards...
  16. Chester

    For Sale LG OLED55E6V 55" E6 OLED

    Hi everyone, Here I have a 55" E6 for sale. Superb condition, complete but of course not without original box or packaging. Both remotes are hardly used as I have a Harmony. I had wall mounted the TV but it's currently on its supplied stand. I'm sure there are going to be the usual...
  17. markramer

    LG Oled 65B8 red tint on left side

    Hey recently I started noticing a red tint on my LG Oled 65B8. During TV, netflix series or movies it is hard to notice but especially with football games it is very noticeable as the left side makes the grass look weird. Is this normal or should I try to contact LG? Also, can this be fixed...
  18. Sab

    Problems connecting PS5 to LG C1 OLED with Arcam 550

    Hi. I am trying to connect my PS5 to my LG C1 tv via HDMI 2.1 input on the TV but my Arcam 550 reciever only does HDMI 2.0. I know that the LG C1 can do eARC and my Arcam 500 can do ARC. There is one HDMI cable going from my Arcam to the LG TV's eARC enabled HDMI input. When I connnect my PS5...
  19. Sab

    Connecting PS5 to LG C1 OLED via HDMI 2.1 using Arcam 550

    Hi. I am trying to connect my PS5 to my LG C1 tv via HDMI 2.1 input on the TV but my Arcam 550 reciever only does HDMI 2.0. I know that the LG C1 can do eARC and my Arcam 500 can do ARC. There is one HDMI cable going from my Arcam to the LG TV's eARC enabled HDMI input. When I connnect my PS5...
  20. danele

    For Sale LG 65" OLED 65BX6LB 9 months old immaculate & boxed

    For sale immaculate LG 65 inch oled it's the 65BX6LB 0 Flaws or faults, no image retention or screen uniformity issues, it's like new, I purchased it last April form AO, we've only really watched films on it, image is lovely it improved after a few months which was nice, the only reason I'm...
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