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  1. B

    Moving from UK to USA - Power Cable Options - LG OLED55C7V

    Hi all, I'll be shipping out from the UK to the USA for a job. Is it simply a matter of changing my UK cable to a US cable and plug and play or do I need a new TV??? Cheers, Billy
  2. ahaydock

    Question Should I Be Concerned About Lack Of HDMI 2.1?

    I’m treating myself to a Philips 65OLED805 soon but just wondered if the lack of HDMI 2.1 and eArc should be a concern? Most films will be streamed via the usual channels (Netflix, Disney+ etc) using the TV’s apps and I’ll want Atmos but guessing as it’ll be compressed anyway then not having...
  3. D

    Question LG OLED CX 55 inch Red colours appearing orange in games

    Just recently I purchased an LG OLED CX, around two weeks ago and have started seeing colour issues in reds in games like red dead redemption 2 with many things appearing orange no preset seems to change this problem particularly with the reticle and it seemed fine until a few days ago however...
  4. M

    Home cinema problems

    I've just bought a LG oled77cx6la,I have a BH7430P home cinema system but I can't seem to set it up for it to turn on when TV turns on,all the settings are on for simplink etc,any ideas ?
  5. Doctor Hades

    LG B9 - Odd horizontal purple bar flashes up at bottom of screen randomly

    Has anyone else experienced a weird issue with the LG B9 or other LG OLED models, where a horizonal purple bar the entire width of the screen will flash up for a split-second inside a black box, which is approximately the thickness of a widescreen 2:35 aspect ratio movie's letterbox bar...
  6. Robh79

    LG B7 upgrade too LG CX

    Simple question really , I have just had my B7 screen replaced it’s due back Tuesday . I am a PS5 owner and have been considering selling and upgrading , is it worth upgrading or should I wait a year or so more ? . I mainly ask for the 120ghz gaming and if there would be a huge difference on...
  7. B

    Lg cx plus PS5.. control

    I noticed I can control almost everything on ps5 with the lg cx remote. However after clicking on hbo max... I can't back out of hbo max on the ps5 without the ps5 controller... any options?
  8. A

    Question New TV Setup issues

    Hello everyone, I have just bought an LG OLED(GX55) which I am just about getting used to. I am trying to setup an AV receiver (a fairly old Onkyo TX NR 609 - non ARC) that I use for connecting my Sky Q box, PS3 etc and my speaker system. The issue I am having (I have searched but can’t find...
  9. A

    New 77a9g screen ripples/slight indents

    I just got a 77a9g and while this panel is the cleanest oled I think I have ever seen, no tinting near black issues etc the screen while off shows some ripples with reflections. I do not see them while watching just when tv is off and there is light in the room. My b7 in my bedroom has some...
  10. H

    LG B8 on off repeat cycle

    Hi, I have an LG B8 55" It is stuck on a cycle of turning on and off. Turns on for a few seconds then turns off. It then turns itself back on and off until I unplug it again. It did this about a year ago, I took it off the wall, removed the cover and made sure everything was plugged in...
  11. Chamberlain

    Strange horizontal lines

    So was gonna put my C9 for sale and just in case i watched some different colors to make sure there was no burn in etc and i noticed these 3 strange horizontal lines on certain colors, has anyone seen this before? i marked where the horizontal lines are. They are quite faint and the compression...
  12. Chamberlain

    Strange horizontal lines

    So was gonna put my C9 for sale and just in case i watched some different colors to make sure there was no burn in etc and i noticed these 3 strange horizontal lines on certain colors, has anyone seen this before? i marked where the horizontal lines are.
  13. martin 39

    Oled repair

    Anyone no if this can be repaired and at a ruff price. Its not mine its up for free collection on a local site. Its a gz950 65inch.
  14. C

    LG CX - Dirty Screen, enough to warrant a return/exchange?

    I have had this LG CX 65' since mid-November, and it seems over time the dirty screen (screen uniformity) has gotten worse, or maybe I am just noticing it more. I have included a few pictures below. This is where I notice it the most, loading screen of Call Of Duty CW: Only 1 pixel that I...
  15. Towner

    Question Panasonic TX-65FZ802B and Sky Q UHD

    I have recently sold my 58GX800 and been lucky enough to secure a used 65 FZ802b. Whilst watching Hotel Mumbai on Sky in UHD, I was underwhelmed by the picture quality, in fact when the film stopped and went to channel 5 HD, I was more impressed with that picture! If a source such as Sky outputs...
  16. I

    LG CX 03.21.16 Firmware?

    Does anyone know how to force this update? I’m assuming I would need to put the CX into some type of engineer or developer mode to do this? If so. How would I go about do that? Thanks 🤙🏼🤙🏼
  17. I

    LG CX Secret Menu question

    Hello, Been a long long time since I posted and had to make a new account. Anyways I am trying to access the Picture Secret Menu (have picture mode highlighted and press 1113111) it doesn’t seem to work. Is there something I am missing? I am following these steps exactly Access the TV...
  18. SimonST

    2021 OLED Discussion (LG/Panasonic/Sony etc.)

    Rather than clog up several CES News threads covering an entire manufacturer(s) range of LCD/OLED TVs with specific OLED discussion/comparisons to other companies, maybe here would be a good place to have more general OLED discussion for the various 2021 models and how they might advance the...
  19. tpdtopcop

    Sony A8H or LG CX 65"

    Hi all, Have narrowed my new TV to an OLED between the two listed. I am not a gamer so I just want the best picture and motion out of the two. Any input greatly appreciated.
  20. bmt2116

    Question TruMotion Gaming Woes (LG CX)

    I am a relatively new owner of an Xbox Series X, which is hooked up to an LG CX. For the most part, the experience is phenomenal. That all falls apart when I play a game locked at 30fps. The stutter is unbearable. So obviously, my solution is to turn on motion interpolation (yes, I know this...
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