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  1. Colouriseverything

    Girl in Hammock

    Hi all Was recently shown a video (think it was demonstrating motion of a tv) of a girl on a white rope hammock swinging from side to side. Anyone know where I can track it down?
  2. petrolhead

    LG 48" OLED any news

    I am waiting patently for the release of this. Its also my 60th this year and family are badgering me about what, A 48" OLED :) so any news?
  3. BigDunc78

    Oled screen burn, currys refusing to fix

    Hello. First time poster. I bought a Panasonic Oled 55EZ952B from Currys in November 2017 with 5 year guarantee. The tv had a new panel fitted in January 2018 because of a fault. Around August 2019 I noticed the Good Morning Britain logo burnt on the screen as well as other marks all over. We...
  4. Z

    Question Oled LG C6 turns on and off straight away

    Hi Tonight whilst gaming my Oled turned off. Strange I thought. When trying to turn back on, it shows the input screen but within 5 seconds turns off. Any ideas of the issue and how to fix? I've tried unplugging and holding the power button....no luck. Any help would be great.
  5. Homeby51

    Burn In Poll

    Since some claim that OLED burn in is rare and others claim that it is not rare, I was wondering How many OLED TV's over 30 months old do NOT suffer from Burn In? I picked 30 months because it seems that burn in starts to pop up after 2-3 years.
  6. SmartyPassi

    OLED C865 Tint

    Hey Guys, I recently noticed that I have a little bit red/pink Tint on the right side of my Panel. Would you say, that my screen is average or should I risk the Panel Lottery to replace My Panel?
  7. Sparky1970

    Question Cleaning oled tv's

    Hi, what's the best advice for cleaning the screen of an oled tv ? Many thanks
  8. kc44135

    Lifespan of OLED (mixed usage, movies and games)?

    Have heard so many different things and just trying to get to the bottom of this. When I buy a TV I intend for it to last me 5-10 years. I bought a Panasonic Plasma in 2011, and it has worked great for almost 9 years. That I feel was a worthwhile investment. However I have heard an OLED...
  9. L

    Brand new OLED 65" frozen on dashboard screen; unable to reset

    Our brand new 65" LG OLED tv has frozen on the Home Dashboard screen and nothing we have tried will reset it. If we can't get it up and running again, it's going back, no matter how much we love the picture. Advice much appreciated, thanks.
  10. aoaaron

    Which Retailers HAVE replaced your OLED panels with burn in?

    Hey, from the forums its clear some users have had joy in getting their panels replaced. Can anyone please inform of us retailers which have replaced your burn in OLED panels and if you had any extra special insurance with them? I'm really interested in: 1. Currys 2. Richer sounds 3. John...
  11. randomdiatribe

    New OLED TV causes eye strain and headache

    If anyone could help me with this it would be great. It seems that new technology in screens causes me eye strain, headaches and nausea. I first noticed this when I had to replace my laptop. My previous Dell model caused me no problems, yet I tried two new ones in 2018 and after about 45...
  12. O

    Question New LG C9 owner! Couple of questions...

    Today, I be ordered a 65” LG C9 OLED TV to replace my 49” Samsung KS7000. I have a Yamaha YSP-2700 soundbar but at the moment, I plug all my HDMI cables into the Samsung’s One Connect box and use an optical cable to get sound coming out the soundbar. I have an Sky Q box, PS4 Pro and 4K Apple...
  13. F

    E8 or C9

    Hi there, Being offered both 65" for approx the same price. Would love your advice as to which is the better buy? I don't game and currently dont have any external sound system. Thanks
  14. K

    chip on screen

    I have a strange chip on the screen don't know how it happened but I'm extremely depressed by it. It's only visible if I shine a torch on the screen I can't really see it unless I look for it. I'm on my 4th panal after having 3 repairs by teamknow how. I'm kinda of stuck with it as it's just...
  15. F

    LG OLED 55C9PLA Notes

    Hi, I recently bough "LG OLED 55C9PLA" WebOS TV (2019 year model), so, I want to share some experience. In general this is great TV! Excellent picture and decent sound. Unfortunately, it's software connectivity to local network (wired) is quite bad : SAMBA/Folder share (Windows 7 64 bit) ...
  16. T

    Anyone gone 65ZD9 to 65C8 ?

    Giving serious consideration to moving to OLED, but really enjoy my ZD9 so looking for any input from anyone who has made this specific move please? many thanks.
  17. O

    Question LG B9 or Philips 754?

    I’m looking at these 2 TVs in 55” as a replacement for my KS7000. I know the Philips has a LG panel and the Ambilight feature is pretty cool but which one is the best PQ and for gaming?
  18. G

    lg-OLED55B8SLC watching 4k?

    Is there any way when watching 4k content the resolution can briefly be displayed with this tv?
  19. Flecky81

    Question Which TV would you have in your main setup and why?

    A Samsung 65Q950R 8K QLED TV or the LG 65C9 4k OLED TV? Thanks.
  20. H

    Anybody with a C9/B9 from 2019 who has burn in from gaming?

    I am curious how many people have suffered burn in from gaming on their C9/B9 2019 models from gaming? If so, how many hours a day would you play and what games did you play and what screen settings like HDR or SDR did you use? I see a lot of older models come up on this forum from 2016-2017...
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