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  1. T

    LG C1 gaming settings help

    Hi Can anyone tell me what setting I have to change to stop the blurring/refreshing of the picture. I only got the TV 2 days ago so I haven't changed any settings yet. I am playing the Xbox one. Red dead redemption 2 played perfect but now I've switched to Mass effect Andromeda I am getting...
  2. RossCarlson

    LG OLED Apps No Video

    Okay, this is a very odd one. First the setup -- I have a OLED55B6P, a 2016 model but yesterday due to massive burn-in (more on that later) I swap the entire panel but as I couldn't get the original (not made anymore) I used a C7 model (next year and model up). While none of the various boards...
  3. T

    LG G1 Optical Audio Issue

    Hello. I noticed that my new OLED TV G1 has a very particular symptom. I'll describe it: I use sennheiser wireless RF 175 headphones (which I already used on my previous OLED - 55E6V, 2016 model - without any problems all these years) and they are connected through the optical output of the TV...
  4. T

    LG G1 Optical Out Audio Issue

    Hello. I noticed that my new OLED TV G1 has a very particular symptom. I'll try to describe it: I use the Sennheiser wireless RF 175 headphones (which I already used on my previous OLED - 55E6V, 2016 model - without any problems all those years) and they are connected through the optical output...
  5. S

    OLED Brightness vs older (2014) LED TV

    Hi, currently grappling with whether to get an OLED or Mini LED (specifically Neo QLED) set. Aside from reliability and burn-in concerns, the killer for me is brightness. I've got my TV right next to some big bifold doors so reflections are a concern and I've also heard about sunlight damaging...
  6. B


    I have LG OLED C1 occasionally when i turn it SKY on it says the picture cant be displayed as TV does not support HDCP, most of the time its fine, if i take the HDMI cable out and play around a bit eventually it accepts the picture My question is is this a fault with the TV or is it cable or SKY...
  7. Higgo

    LG 55 C1 or save £110 on a CX?

    Apologies if this has been answered before (either directly or in a bigger thread) but... I need a new TV. It's replacing a 55" E7 that has 'screen burn'. I'm hoping that (a) I can change my habits (b) OLEDs protect themselves better these days. I did consider moving away from OLED but I can't...
  8. Hamad138

    Does Higher Brightness makes a difference in Dolby Vision

    I was watching the Eternals in Dolby Vision in the correct setting ( Cinema on LG ) What I quickly noticed was how dark the DV was , I struggled to see something. Now my question if a higher brightness TV would make a difference in Dolby Vision ? Or are the Films just graded that dark ?
  9. H

    Will my LG CX be okay after this impact?

    Hi, I had my back to my 48 CX while I was working on my PC on a separate desk. At one point I stepped back and bumped into the desk that my CX sits on, which caused the panel to violently rock back and forth on its stand. This alarmed me as I'm usually very careful. The TV seems to function...
  10. E

    LG A1 / B1 Wall Mount query

    Hi, I'm hoping to purchase one of these Oled TVs, but can someone please help with my query... I want to wall mount, but the pictures I see of the TVs show some ports on the side and some on the back. Does plugging hdmi cables etc into the back make it awkward to wall mount, or is this port...
  11. M

    LG CX Motion judder?

    Hello all, Ive just noticed background judder on the 4k blu ray of no time to die, its at the being of the film where there is a lot of detail in a Italy scence when the camara is moving from left to right, is this normal?? Im using a pansonic ub820 player.
  12. D

    55” C1 v jz980

    Hi folks, First post for me so be gentle lol Basically for the last month I’ve been considering what to go for with a replacement TV for the living room. Currently using an older LG lcd that’s started to go rather blue but it was cheap and only a 42” iirc. Use - Mostly football, movies and...
  13. V

    Issue with PS5 and LG OLED black level settings: AUTO/AUTO is washed out

    So I have a PS5 and an LG OLED (65CX). If I leave the black level setting on auto for both PS5 and TV (which is what everyone recommends) the image is super washed out. If I leave the setting on AUTO/FULL on PS5 and LOW on LG TV then everything looks great. The blacks are not crushed, the image...
  14. Waynej

    John Lewis (or other) wallmount install experience?

    I’m buying John Lewis’ wallmount install service with my OLED TV. Does anyone here have any experience with this or similar retailers offering the same service? Do the people delivering it unbox it and wallmount it, or do they drop it off and a wallmount installer visits later?
  15. R

    C1 65" with Roku Ultra loss of remote settings

    I have a C1 65" which I have an attached current model Roku Ultra. Problem I keep losing the universal control settings. Its quick and easy to reset but it happens pretty often. Mostly after it has powered of or after its been in use for a while. Any clue as to why this is? It used to have...
  16. IanHoll

    LG G1 65 Evo Portrait Installation

    I'm in the process of pre-wiring my walls in preperation you install a LG G1 65 Evo. I've watched a video of a professional installer fit this exact television. However, where I plan to use an extortionally over priced SyncBox, the installer installed the much larger LeGrand box. With that...
  17. D

    LG B1 from Spatialonline via eBay

    Good evening, I’ve been eyeing up a 65 LG B1 for a few weeks now and have seen that there is a little sale going on over eBay for £60 off OLED tvs. That brings the 65 B1 down to £1338. Is this a good price? The seller is spatialonline and says it comes with a 5 year warranty. Has anyone used...
  18. B

    TV Not for Gaming

    Happy new Year to you all. I am looking to upgrade to a 55" from a 42" Panasonic Plasma TV which has been great and still has a good pic after 11 years. As you can see I'm not someone who buys TVs regularly. I will not be gaming and mainly using it for streaming and I don't have Sky Q. Any...
  19. T

    Is OLED suitable for 16 hours a day?

    Our TV is on a lot - 16 hours a day at weekends I estimate. Some of the channels have logos - Milkshake on channel 5 in the mornings for example. It's not used for work or gaming so the only 'fixed' images will be logos and menus. Is being on for such long periods going to be an issue for an...
  20. D

    Laptop Connection to LG OLED C1

    After I connected my Dell Laptop to my new LG Oled C1 I was only able to see the icons from the bottom of laptop screen at the bottom of the TV screen. Other than that there was a blue screen on the TV with a windows logo and nothing else. Nothing I did on the laptop showed up on the TV screen...
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