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  1. O

    Getting 5.1 to work from streaming apps to AVR

    Hi all I have a new LG OLED CX55. At the moment it is connected to a Yamaha Rx-v671 via a suitable hdmi lead. I have the hdmi connected to the eArc on the LG to the output hdmi on the amp. I also have an optical line in from the tv to the amp. However I cannot for the life of me get the amp...
  2. M


    Hi everyone, I am currently in the market to purchase the Samsung Q800A with the rear wireless speakers to give it the 5.1. channel. I understand the 2021 Q-series have the Q-Symphony which only work with certain Samsung TVs. Is this audio set up still a good choice with my CX?
  3. JD55

    LG OLED CX TV, Playstation 5, and a Sony HT-ST5000 Soundbar Connection

    I have a playstation 5, an CX OLED LG Tv, and a Sony HT-ST5000 soundbar. Right now I have the playstation 5 hooked up directly up to the soundbar, but should I have an hdmi cable going for the ps5 to the tv, and then another hdmi cable going from the tv to the sony soundbar? Would the sound be...
  4. T

    LG OLED CX 55 green tint problem only in HDMI Ultra HD Deep Color on Laptop with PC resolution in Nvidia Control Panel after a settings change.

    I was watching a YouTube video on my laptop through the HDMI port on my LG OLED CX 55". I was having audio delay and ended up in the HDMI Input Audio Format settings menu. ( I ended up in the wrong menu. The right menu was directly above this menu.) I clicked on the the drop down menu and...
  5. Chris34728

    Lg oled cx 55

    Hi just bought this TV few days ago and it keeps going into standby when gaming or watching TV Did it 4 times in two minutes today any ideas why it keeps happening
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