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  1. purenergy

    New Marantz NR1200 need help connecting an old school equalizer

    I am 58 and just want to hook up an older Yamaha Equalizer to my new Marantz NR1200 receiver. Call it what you want, I just always enjoyed fiddling with my equalizer. It's part of the fun - for me. The Equalizer has RCA ins and outs and the Marantz receiver has a pre-out and some other "ins"...
  2. E

    Old school Sony VPL-W400

    Hello all! Just dug this out of storage and wanted to get it working again but am having some issues. I used to use it with my PS3 with a HDMI to YPbPr cable without issue, tried doing the same with the PS4 but no joy, bought a new cable, no joy, got a HDMI to YPbPr converter with USB power...
  3. martindye

    Question Modern update for old school timed cassette recordings

    Hi All, My Dad's old sterio system, circa. 1991/2 has gone kaput. I have been tasked with finding a replacement system, but it's not so easy, because of item #2 on the list. The specs are: Cassette player to play old cassettes Timed cassette recordings Record player (we have this already...
  4. groovalicious


    WHAT TO USE TO CONNECT CAMBRIDGE CXN TO OLD SCHOOL HK395i RECEIVER? I can't get to my manual or my box that my Cambridge CXN came in right now. I bought it a long time ago, but never set it up. I have spent the afternoon staring at it, working my way through a few preliminaries with...
  5. english_bob

    Old school analogue hi-fi system - add additional wireless speakers + Bluetooth?

    Hi, I am sure this gets asked a lot... In ROOM A of my house I have a resolutely old and magical hifi system without absolutely no digital inputs of any description. I have two things I am trying to achieve, and for this it doesn't really need to be state of the art or cost the earth... 1) ROOM...
  6. DemonAV

    Old School Electro/Hip Hop?

    Choice mix here..... https://youtu.be/FASvb2hplmw… :)
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