1. Stuart Wright

    For Sale ADA PTM-8150 8 (x 250W @4 ohm) channel power amplifier

    From the AVForums home cinema, I have 2 ADA PTM-8150 amplifiers for sale. I will sell them separately, though would obviously prefer to sell the pair. They were used in a 7.2 system to bi-amp the 7 speakers plus power each of the two passive subwoofers. Using an active subwoofer, each amp...
  2. R

    Subwoofer Impedance Speaker Out Doubt

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to set up a 2.1 system which is a Frankenstein of different components. My amp does not have a sub out port, so I'm forced to use the speaker in/out port of the sub and from there I will go to the speakers. Unfortunately the sub does not state the impedance of the...
  3. J

    Question Mixing 6 and 8 ohm speakers

    This is probably a silly question but I’m going to ask it anyway! First, some background info... I have a Yamaha RX-A 880 which can take speakers with a minimum of 6 ohms; currently connected to it are the rear surrounds (Definitive Technology Pro Monitor 1000’s) with the fronts, centre and...
  4. MaryWhitehouse

    Question Driving 4 ohm speakers

    Theoretical question for the moment. Expecting some Dynaudio Audience 42’s in the post tomorrow. For now the system will run with my passive pre feeding (kind of as it’s what I’ve got) the power section of an old but top of the range Pioneer AVR. Now I read that these speakers are excellent but...
  5. M

    What receivers support 4ohm speaker on center channel while having 8ohm speakers on side channels?

    I want to connect a 4ohm speaker to the center channel but 8ohm speakers to the side channels. Do recent home cinema receivers usually support this? Or only some, or none you've seen? I'd probably need a way to adjust the volume per channel to account for the lower impedance on the center which...
  6. giggsy1950

    Question Change ohm setting on amp?

    I have QAcoustics 2050i speakers which are rated at Nominal Impedance: 6ohm and Minimum Impedance: 4ohm. On my amp (Yamaha RN602) I have the option of 4ohm min - (Select this option when you connect speakers with an impedance of 4 ohms to less than 8 ohms to the unit.) and 8ohm (default...
  7. Z

    Question Marantz SR5012, 6&8 Ohm speakers.

    I have the Marantz 5012 avr, a pair of Paradigm 3000f front speakers at 8 ohms and an old monitor speaker at 6 ohms center speaker. Should I switch my avr to 6ohms or leave it at default 8ohms? Thx in advance.
  8. J

    Need pa advice!

    Hiya! Got a Yamaha emx860xt and we're running two peavey eurosys 3 150w 8ohm speakers and two eurosys 100w 8ohm monitors. We do small to medium rock concerts and just want to add a bit more oomph to the bottom end. Can I add subs to this setup? I've seen two passive peavey bins on ebay for the...
  9. D

    4 ohm Rated Speakers with 6-16 ohm Receiver

    Hi, As the title suggest I have 4 ohm speakers (M&K LCR 750 x3, Xenon Surround 26 x2 and Xenon LCR 26 x2). They were bought when I had a larger room for my kit (pre-children). They were combined with an ONKYO TX-SR875 for many years but I've had to switch that out recently due to the lack of...
  10. caveman38

    More power for 4 Ohm speakers?

    Do 4 ohm speakers perform better at low volumes if powered by a more powerful amp. I have always thought that my speakers were not very efficient and wondered if I powered them from a more powerful amp, I might see a performance increase. They are M&K K Series and the amp a Denon AVR2801 rated...
  11. K

    Marantz 7012 speaker ohm setting

    Received my 7012 only using 5.1 set-up at the moment, my speakers are all 4ohm should I set the receiver to 4ohm or leave it on 8ohm which some people have suggested on the forums.
  12. C

    Question Denon 6300 with 7 x 4 ohm speakers + 4 Atmos - do I NEED a power amp?

    I will soon be connecting 11 speakers to my 11 channel Denon 6300. I had expected only the 3 LCR to be 4 ohm speakers, but it turns out 7 of them will be (all M&K), and apparently they can each run lower than 4 ohms. The amp is rated as follows Number of Poweramps 11 Power Output (8 ohm, 20...
  13. A

    Can I combine 6 and 8 ohm speakers on the same amp

    I have a Marantz PM7001 and a set of Tannoy F1 speakers. I want to add a second pair of speakers and they no longer make F1s. I'm interested in the Wharfdale Diamond 9.1, but they are 6 ohm rather than the 8 ohm the Tannoys are. Would the two pairs of speakers produce the same volume if they...
  14. hellacat

    Answered 6 ohm and 8 ohm speakers on same output?

    not really a question of sound but i have a pair of genexxa gx400s at 6 ohms and a pair of sanyo ad670s at 8 ohms and i have been running like this on a sony str dh100 2 channel amp with 2 speakers on each of the 2 outputs for about 2 years and have only been worrying about it now. i rarely turn...
  15. kosymodo

    Question What difference will a speaker upgrade make to me?

    I recently upgraded from a Sony BDV-E370 blu-ray system, to a Pioneer VSX-330 AVR. I used the speakers currently in place, with a view to upgrading these in due course. Since upgrading, I've noticed that the actual sound being produced by the speakers isn't as good (volume or clarity) using...
  16. S

    Question Lower ohm speaker with a higher ohm amp again...

    Hi Chaps, I've been reading threads on this for a while through the search function, and it really does seem that lower ohm speakers with a higher ohm amp isn't all that straight forward. As an example I have a 6-16 ohm rated amp. One of the woofers has blown in one of my enclosures. The...
  17. L

    Can anybody recommend a budget headphone amplifier for the specs 140 ohm, 85 dB SPL/mW?

    Hi, I have a pair of vintage B&O U70s that are 140 ohm, 85 dB SPL/mW. Digizoid has recommended these specs for the amplifier: 110 dB SPL 6.65 Vrms 47.5 mA 315.88 mW But I am not sure how to search for an amp that can achieve this. I would like to pay less than £100 Thank you.
  18. VAblklvs249

    AV Receiver to drive 5 x 10 Ohm Speakers

    Hello, I have 5 x 10 Ohm speakers currently driven from an old amp rated at total RMS Output Power 450 Watts, including integrated Amp/Sub Woofer. Speaker Rated impedance x 5 Satellites: 10 ohms (lightly etched on the rear of each speaker). Current System Power Output (Total): 50 W x5 + 100 W...
  19. spectra7045

    8 Ohm 5.1 speakers with 6 Ohm onkyo atmos speakers

    Have just bought some tannoy 5.1 speakers to replace my existing pioneer speakers. The new speakers are rated at 8 ohm but I also have 2 onkyo atmos speakers rated at 6 ohm. My question is what is the best setting for my my denon 2200 amp. Any advice would be much appreciated as searches seem...
  20. kwedsd

    Is Technics stereo suitable to drive ceiling speakers?

    Hi, As part of a house refurb we had some in-ceiling speakers fitted in our kitchen (2 pairs ie. 4 speakers). They are Q Acoustics with the specs as follows Tweeter Swivel Tweeter diameter 0.75" (19mm) Woofer diameter 6.5" Power handling (program) 15-60W Impedance (nominal) ohms 8 Sensitivity...
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