1. M

    LG to Offer Customers Apple TV+ Three Month Trial

    All LG tvs from 2016 to 2021 will be offered 3mths Apple TV+ for free see link below, should be good for over Xmas period if not already a member.
  2. kitp

    monitor C265 ?too-good an offer to be true?

    Hi, in the process of buying ceiling speakers for the .4 of my atmos set up... not looking to break the bank and in fact want to try and keep it sub £500 for the 4 speakers. I came across this deal on a reputable site: Is it too good to be true - they have a 14 day return policy... what do...
  3. kwangomango

    Any AVRs or processors offer 7.1 downmix to stereo pre out?

    I'm very happy watching movies with my stereo Buchardt A500 speakers but my source soundtracks are all multichannel HD audio (the movies are ripped and stored on a Synology NAS). Using the 2.0 downmix, Kodi seems to discard the LFE channel entirely meaning i'm missing some weight - the...
  4. Rogers9

    Offer - Joker (Blu-ray) at Best Buy

  5. M

    Can some guru offer some help with my baffling Dahua DX-XVR5108H-I CCTV recorder box please

    Hi, I have had this great system for around 6 months now. Long enough to become competent at programming the thing. I do find however that this is made by a race of people who read top to bottom and as such the software just doesn't translate well into western brains. Intuitive it is not...
  6. K

    Samsung refer a friend £200 offer

    Hi all I ordered a Qled tv from Samsung. If anyone is interested in buddying up let me know. I received my TV yesterday so I can send the referral link to whoever is interested. Thanks
  7. AVF Bargain Finder

    Bargain Zavvi 4K: 2 for £25 offer - new titles added

    Zavvi 4K: 2 for £25 offer: New titles added including Nolan's Batman trilogy, Daniel Craig's Bond movies and Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes duo. Plus Creed II, Crazy Rich Asians, Justice League and Unforgiven.
  8. A

    Refer a friend £200 Deal

    Hi All I have recently purchased a new Samsung Q80T 55" QLED TV and noticed that Samsung is running a refer a friend deal at present. Basically, if you buy a QLED TV 55" or larger with them you can claim £100 back each. So, I was wondering if anyone on here was in the market to buy a new QLED...
  9. Ugg10

    Tidal offer

    Looks like tidal are doing their £3 for 3 month offer again if anyone want to give it a go.
  10. kosymodo

    Bargain 50% off Hue bulbs until 2 Nov

    Hi folks I got an email with this offer, so sharing with you all Shorter days mean you might need some help waking up, getting to sleep, and adjusting to the new season. With our range of Philips Hue bulbs, you can ensure you are ready as the nights start to draw in. Get 50% off our selected...
  11. G

    Richer Sounds replacement TV offer

    Hi, Long time lurker, first time poster. So my QE49Q7F TV that I purchased in November 2017 was written off yesterday by Samsung as they can't get hold of the screen. The panel has started to turn purple along the bottom where the LED's are situated. Samsung initially managed to get hold of...
  12. Snatch

    Question around redundancy and enhanced offer by company - calling any solicitors!

    Hi all I got the dreaded news that the company I work for is shedding 30% of its workforce globally. In the UK, in my team of 7, operations are moving to Poland, so it looks like I'm out of a job! Currently undergoing consultation process (as more than 20 in the UK across multiple divisions...
  13. P

    Question Thoughts on Panasonic GX800 on offer?

    I note that Dodges’s guide rules out the Panasonic GX800 due to the higher price. It’s currently down to £476 for the 50” on Amazon. How does it fair as a comparison now at a cheaper price? I currently have the Samsung UE48H6400 do you think I would notice much difference? I now have skyQ with...
  14. pesser

    Question Skys LG Tv offer

    Hi guys need some help please new to sky. Does it include UHD channels ? I got a LG 65 E9 on the way which gives me free 18 months after 4 calls to sky finally got an installation date original date was the 27th of jan !! Then managed to get the 21st of december apprently weekends are premium...
  15. Bakey

    Bargain Total Film Magazine Subscription Black Friday Offer

    For anyone interested Total Film magazine have a great black Friday subscription offer on. It's only £29.99 for a year (13 issues) this weekend anyway but if you use code EVERYTHING20 you get an extra 20% off. Not sure how long the code is valid for but if you have a current subscription you can...
  16. mistikempire

    Question Dell offer, Buy now or wait for BF?

    Hello All Dell is currently having a 14% off period which I believe is on for another day. I am in need of 3x laptops, with their main purpose to be: -General browsing -checking emails, etc -once in a blue moon watch movies So although the usage is not heavy, i still would like something...
  17. D

    Question Should one buy from these eBay sellers who offer deals that seem too good to be true?

    Hi! I have wanted to buy Sony Z5 premium for a long time. Recently I found that the price has dropped and it is awaliable for just 200 bucks on eBay NEW. But the catch is that it is from China. Here is the link...
  18. RetroGlide08

    Question What features do Sat Navs offer nowadays

    Was wandering what information today’s Sat Navs can offer regarding traffic flow, speed cameras, road works etc. Been years since I’ve had one (8+) and was considering getting one based on the above information that would be relevant to myself as I cover the same route every day but am often...
  19. Draco10

    Bargain Samsung Tab S4 Free keyboard case offer with pre-order.

    Samsung Tab S4 Free keyboard case offer with pre-order. Galaxy Tab S4 (10.5”, 4G) | Samsung UK If you pre-oder the Samsung Tab S4 before 23rd August, you can get a free Keyboard case worth £119 if you fill in the redemption voucher with your pre-order. Works for Wi-Fi version also. The link...
  20. spinaltap

    Bluesound Bundle Offer

    Currently, Bluesound is offering almost 50% discount on their PowerNode 2 plus Duo 2.1 system. Normally, £1,798. Now, £999 (effectively giving you the PowerNode 2 for free)
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