1. B

    TV switches Off and On

    I have a Samsung LE40M87BDXXEU TV that keeps switching Off and On. I replaced 8 power board capacitors. This stopped the switching Off and On for three days then the TV started switching Off and On. The standby voltage, pin 3, is correct and remains at 5.18V to 5.19V while the TV is...
  2. C

    Question Samsung UE55F9000 - Keeps switching itself off?

    I tried to do some research on why my, now a good few years old, Samsung UE55F9000 keeps switching it self off but only found a Samsung US forum with PM's as answers. I did also read something about some capacitors that may have seen better days but I'd prefer to not go that route. So, will...
  3. J

    Can I turn off suggestions from the youtube android app?

    Hi all. Is it possible to turn off search suggestions (which provide text on the left, and also videos on the bottom) before I actually press "ok" to begin my search? I have kids and I don't want unrelated things to come up. Thanks.
  4. SFkilla

    Ferris Bueller's Day Off (Blu-ray Steelbook) (DE)

    Ferris Bueller's Day Off (Steelbook) (Blu-Ray) Purchase link: Amazon.de Release date: 23/07/2020 Status: Available to pre-order
  5. E

    Question Sony XBR65X810C turning on and off but won’t load

    My 65” TV will turn attempt to load and turn off after about 5 seconds. The 4 dots appear then immediately shuts itself off and repeats the cycle after about 15 seconds. It will keep trying until unplugged. It’s approx 3 years old. Any suggestions?
  6. F

    switching itself off

    hi, i am new to this forum, thank you for accepting me. i have a hisense 55" tv , it is 6 months old from new, just today 07/04/20 it has just began to switch itself off after about 10 seconds, i usually watch it for abot 12 hours solid and it has worked perfectly, anyone any ideas tyia
  7. Randy Watson

    Panasonic Tv Won’t Turn Off

    My 6/7 year Panasonic ZT60 won’t turn off with the manual power button on the side , I always turn everything off at night.The button feels loose and shakey .Will Panasonic come out and fix this at a cost? Obviously my warranty is long gone.Anyone know how much this sort of thing costs and if...
  8. H

    broken tv aerial port at the back of my panasonic tv ,,,

    when i moved my tv around i forgot to remove the aerial and its snapped off and i can't get any signal ,,,,help
  9. mech engineer

    Co-Worker's BF's Boss Shrugs Off CV19 Symptoms Of Workers Denying Time Off & Now More Show Signs Of Illness Including Her BF

    Sorry for the confusing title, but OMG, had an absolutely horrible conference call meeting for work this afternoon. Because of the pandemic, we all called in from home. After our manager mentioned corporate safety protocols and financial support if staff should miss work even if showing signs...
  10. jacko50

    Network switch to take load off wifi

    Hi. I have an ethernet cable running from my Sky router to my CCTV 'box 'and I'm thinking of using this to plug it into a network switch instead (TP Link TL SG105S 5 port)..this would enable me to cable up (CAT 6) my Smart Tv, the CCTV , my Laptop via the switch and provide a spare. It seems...
  11. L

    Question Are insurance fobbing me off. Comparison of two Samsung 4kd TVs

    I had a Samsung 50 inch UE50JU6400 K it is still retailing on Amazon for £1K they are offering me a £400 replacement Samsung UE50RU7400UXXUU i don’t think it seems to be anywhere near as good a tv as my old one but I am struggling with the technical specs and differences, which I need to...
  12. Marcmoo1976

    HELP PLEASE!! My TX-40CX400B turns off

    Hi please help my panasonic tv red standby light flashes many times before turning on then once on turns off within few minutes by itself, any advice would be appreciated tv only 3 year old and is a 4k tv so dont want to buy new one yet. TIA, also i have no coax connected just sky q mini box if...
  13. Jezzdabezz

    Question TV turning on and off when I plug in my tv to my Radeon 8 powered pc

    When: when I plug in my computer Why: I know that it does not do it on my laptop What: the picture turns off then displays a fuzz then the input TV model: Toshiba regza 32a3030d Pc has a Vega 8 gpu Sent from mobile
  14. drummerman

    Music you just want to switch off

    ... anything with female vocals.
  15. S

    Question Yamaha YAS105BLB - no sound after turning off tv and back on

    Hi guys, just got this sound bar for Xmas and it sounds great when it’s working, but the problem is that every time I turn off my tv and come back later, I have to jiggle about with the audio cable I’ve plugged into the tv to get any sound out of it! So frustrating so I’m wondering if there’s a...
  16. aidey6

    Pixel 4 / 4XL £150 off at Currys - ends today !

  17. Darkmaster007

    Sony kd65xe9005 gets pixelated screen and then turns off, unable to turn it on until it cools down

    My sony kd65-xe9005 started acting up couple of days ago. After it is on for a while (from a couple of minutes to 4 hours) the screen gets pixelated (see picture) and frozen. The sound continues to play for couple more minutes then the TV goes completely off and is not responding to anything any...
  18. A

    Panasonic TV Turns itself off

    I am sure this has been answered thousands of times, but I've had a good mooch and can't find answer, so please don't be rude! I have a problem with my plasma tv - Panasonic TX-P42G30B. After about an hour it turns off, no picture, no sound, but solid green power light on. If I turn it off by...
  19. ErnstTheViking

    Bargain Up to 90% OFF Hostinger Services, create a website for good price

    Black Friday deals at Hostinger If you want a blog Go with Shared Hosting, you can save up to 90% on their plans (from £0.80/mo) If you wish to start e-commerce Cloud hosting will be the best choice as it is more powerful, you can save up to 79% (from £7.45/mo) If you want to build...
  20. caoleuk

    Vinyl Bargain or Rip off?

    Hi, I have made this post to hopefully start a conversation on the state of the vinyl record market, please feel free to post with your comments It would be great to see what others think? Have you been looking for a good copy of your favorite record lately? Tried all the usual places Ebay...
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