Odd means unpaired, occasional, strange or unusual, or a person who is viewed as eccentric.
Odd may also refer to:
In mathematics, the term is used in several senses related to even:
even and odd numbers, an integer is odd if dividing by two does not yield an integer
even and odd functions, a function is odd if f(-x) = –f(x) for all x
even and odd permutations, a permutation of a finite set is odd if it is composed of an odd number of transpositions
Other uses:
Odd (name), a male name common in Norway
Odd, West Virginia, USA, an unincorporated community
Odd Grenland, a Norwegian football team
HNoMS Odd, a Storm-class patrol boat of the Royal Norwegian Navy
Odd Della Robbia, a character in the animated television series Code Lyoko
Odd (Shinee album), an album by the South Korean boy band Shinee
Odd Thomas (character), a character in a series of novels by Dean Koontz
Odd, a science fiction short story by John Wyndham in the collection The Seeds of Time
ODD as an acronym may refer to:
Optical disc drive
ODD (fanzine), a Hugo-nominated science fiction fanzine
ODD (Text Encoding Initiative), "One Document Does it all", an abstracted literate-programming format for describing XML schemas
Oppositional defiant disorder, a mental disorder characterized by anger-guided, hostile behavior
ODD, a play by Hal Corley about a teenager with oppositional defiant disorder
Operational Due Diligence

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