1. IGC

    Gloria (John Cassavetes, Gena Rowlands, Australia Blu-ray October 2021)

    UPC: 9344256023392 Totally missed this release will add it to my buy list. Not classic Cassavetes and I've not seen it in decades only real memory was that annoying little boy. Looking forward to a reassessment. It's had a Merkin release on Blu-ray reviewed here and here Apparently remade...
  2. IGC

    The Harry Palmer Collection (Funeral in Berlin. The Ipcress File, Billion Dollar Brain, Blu-ray Australia, October 2021) not a lot of people know that

    9337369027630 Huh. Looks an impressive set due to new extras but really only after Funeral in Berlin. Never bought the US version as there was 2 releases: a fake Blu-ray ie BDR (Amazon.com only I believe) and Blu-ray. Never wanted to risk it. Never liked Billion Dollar Brain totally daft...
  3. Zone

    October 2021 Photo Competition Voting Thread

    Well done to those who entered :thumbsup: The theme for October was "Monochrome" :cool: Please view the attached thumbnail file to view all the entries; please let me know if yours isn't there! TBC a huge thank you to Gordon @ for his continued support throughout the years and his offer of...
  4. IndieInfinity

    For Sale Humble Choice October Keys [Prices Reduced]

    Katana Zero - £2.50 Amnesia: Rebirth - £1.50 John Wick Hex - £1 Sold 112 Operator - 50p Garage: Bad Trip - 50p The Textorcist - 50p Tools Up - £1 Sold Hiveswap Friendsim - 50p Black Future '88 - 50p Syberia 3 - 50p Payment via PPG
  5. IGC

    Psycho Goreman (Shudder, UK Blu-ray October 2021)

    UPC: 5036193020483 I enjoyed this nothing great but a nice 1980s vibe for the most part and the monster was top notch (so good they put him on the cover). Shudder do come up with some interesting stuff they seem to be a good streaming platform...
  6. Jason56d

    Hypnotic (Netflix 27th October 2021)

    This looks interesting. Netflix have a stronger track record in shows, so I'm looking forward to this. A young woman seeking self-improvement enlists the help of a renowned hypnotherapist. But after a handful of intense sessions, she discovers unexpected and deadly consequences. Stars Kate...
  7. Drax1

    Dashcam (19th October 2021)

    Christian Nilsson cut his teeth directing the impressive horror Host. Now he's back, and sticking firmly with the genre for new flick Dashcam. The trailer has just dropped. https://collider.com/dashcam-trailer-movie/
  8. Zone

    October 2021 Photo Competition - Launch & Discussion

    Well done to iandrews for winning September's competition on the theme of "Long Exposure" with THIS PICTURE For October he has chosen the theme "Monochrome" Just to be clear folks; a camera of any description is allowed; be it a pro DSLR down to the camera on your phone; there is no...
  9. IGC

    The Sparks Brothers (Edgar Wright, UK Blu-ray, October 2021)

    Seen this today and loved it. Pretty much definitive on the band. One of the best bands ever. I'll buy the 2 disc Blu-ray there's also just a 1 discer. Nice to see Edgar Wright actually make something I can sit through. Really cheered me up too...
  10. T

    Resident Evil 4 For The Quest Launches On 21st October!

    Details here and a new video: https://www.oculus.com/blog/survival-horror-classic-resident-evil-4-launches-for-vr-october-21-exclusively-for-oculus-quest-2/ Should have been the 31st though really! 😲😎😁😎
  11. bigry

    children of the damned 26/10/21 region free

    at last can now complete the original damned duet.warner archive so will be region free
  12. IGC

    On the Rocks (Sofia Coppola, Bill Murray, US Blu-ray October 2021)

    That's what I said. I think Sofia Coppola is a great filmmaker -acting not so much. Don't worry she's not acting in this. What a massive disappointment this was. Damaged by COVID (they edited the rubbish they had?) or too much money from the rancid Apple with no producers? I don't know but it...
  13. raigraphixs

    4400 Reboot (CW) October

    25 October Unexpected I was a fan of the original 2004 sci-fi series. https://www.avforums.com/threads/the-4400.896499/ I’ll give the reboot a look I wouldn’t remember the original cast and if any cameo surface in this update
  14. King Tones

    Hell Let Loose

    Hell let Loose is coming 5th October and is available now for Pre-order! Join the fight for Europe in 50 vs. 50 combined arms warfare. Infantry, Tanks and Artillery will clash on the frontline in this tactical FPS. Pre-order now to get the Iron Vanguard cosmetic pack
  15. IGC

    Eat The Rich (Lemmy, Nosher Powell, Peter Richardson, Blu-ray Germany October 2021) The Comic Strip Presents!

    Get it down your cake hole! Great British cinema from The Comic Strip Presents. Always had a soft spot for this mind sitting in an almost empty cinema laughing like a drain. I've had a HD file of it for years (and the US DVD) but bizarrely it's never made it to Blu-ray until Brexit. And from...
  16. IGC

    Virgin Witch (Tigon, Ray Austin, Vicki Michelle, UK Blu-ray October 2021)

    UPC: 5060425353605 No, this isn't a documentary about Anne Widdecombe. I don't think I've seen this but if they've went to the trouble of digging in the Tigon skip and throw in some interesting extras (it's listed as a Collector's Limited Edition) I'll take a shufty. Released by Black House...
  17. zt1903

    Alan Wake Remastered (PS5, PS4) (5th October)

    Apparently. Good game if you’ve never played it.
  18. raigraphixs

    Muppets Haunted Mansion (October) Disney+

    Darren Criss cast as the caretaker https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-9940201/Miss-Piggy-joins-Darren-Criss-duet-onstage-Elsie-Fest-Brooklyn.html
  19. IGC

    No Man of God (Elijah Wood, UK Blu-ray October 2021) AKA Ted Bundy: The Movie

    UPC: 5037899074978 Not sure I'd be able to watch this as I've never liked any of the other Bundy films. The Netflix documentary is brilliant so I'd be looking for that level of quality. That actor certainly looks a lot like Bundy. This subject needs many hours to breathe. Weird release from...
  20. IGC

    Fried Barry (Shudder, Ryan Kruger, UK Blu-ray, October 2021)

    Pretty strange film this from South Africa. Definitely not going to appear @ visitsouthafrica.com I thought it was going to be a bit of a mini classic but sadly no, but still worth a look. I also watched Shudder's very good Anything for Jackson I don't know if they're producing this stuff or...
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