1. mattyredsox

    Advice on a new system: bought Audiolab 6000A, Oberon 5, Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Espirit. Possibly adding...

    Hi All. Newbie here, but old human. Kind of what the title says: I need advice on a new system: I've just bought an Audiolab 6000A, Dali Oberon 5s, a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Espirit. Thinking of adding to it from my old stuff. We've just moved to Geneva, Switzerland from Hiroshima, Japan. My...
  2. RobbieDoubleu

    DALI Oberon 7 vs Opticon 6

    Any helpful insight would be greatly appreciated! I’m currently in the market for a new home cinema system. My budget is around the 6k mark (but not immovable within a grand or so if worth the money). This set up is to go into our new house - yet to complete, so I have time, but not 100% sure...
  3. D

    Opticon Vokal vs Oberon Vokal

    I recently bought 2 Oberon 5 speakers for my new home theatre system powered by a AVR Denon x3700h. It's my first attempt at setting up a home theatre system. I am now looking for a center speaker for my system. I have 2 questions that I hope someone can help me with. 1. How is the Opticon...
  4. R

    DALI Oberon decision

    Having a hard time deciding between a pair of Oberon 5, and a pair of Oberon 3 with a E-9F sub. What do you think?
  5. Rev0Knuckle

    Dali Surrounds

    Simple question. Which surrounds for 5.1 (eventually 5.1.4) in a room which is rectangular room of 18'3" X 11'5"? The speakers will be placed near to the rear wall but I do have a 40 cm gap from the wall with which to use for placement. I'm torn between Dali Opticon 1 & 2 and/or Oberon 1 & 3...
  6. V

    Question Buying Advice: Yamaha N470d - Dali Spektor 2 or Oberon 1?

    I am about to buy a new mini Hi-Fi, a Yamaha CRX-N470D. I am looking for a good pair of speakers, and to see if there is an alterative to the Yamaha. Cabinet has limited depth and so from looking I can only see that the Yamaha N470d would fit given the restrictive depth. Cabinet depeth is...
  7. elessar

    Old or new? MA Gold Reference LCR or Dali Oberon Vokal

    I am looking for a center, already have the Dali Oberon 5s. The MonitorAudio is offered for nearly the same price as a new Dali center. This guy is also selling two MonitorAudio silver 4i for ca 320$, are those worth it and a good choice to complete the system? I am also eyeballing a Infinity...
  8. S

    Question Dali Oberon 5 advice

    My room is 3.6m x 5.5 m and I would be sat 3.5m away on the narrow measurement, I have no speakers at the moment as the CD player is connected to the sound bar by optical cable Would the room accommodate floor standers ? In particular these Dali Oberon 5 as they can come as a bundle with the...
  9. H

    Amp for Dali Oberon 1

    Hi all, Following some advice I got here earlier, I bought a pair of Oberon 1 on sale as my first speakers. I'm now looking for an amp to go with them. This will be for desk use, and I'm based in Belgium but can of course buy from neighbouring countries. I initially thought of getting a Yamaha...
  10. the groundsman

    Question Dali Oberon 1

    Hi. I have a smallish study where I do most of my listening ( 4x5m) with a Marantz PM6006 amp and a pair of Dali Oberon 1s. Mainly I am streaming Spotify via a Chromecast Audio via optical into the Marantz. All is fine most of the time for Classical music ( Chamber and vocal) and for most other...
  11. C

    Question Home Cinema : "Just" Stereo : Dali Oberon 5 and Bluesound Powernode 2i

    When I move into my new house next year I'd like "more hifi" and less clutter. So I may not retain my Sonos Arc, Play 1 surrounds and (was going to get) Sub. Instead, I was considering pairing the Bluesound amp with a pair of Dali's'. And that's it. Now, I know ALL I'd get is stereo when...
  12. A

    Dali Oberon 7 vs Polk signature s55

    I am confuse about this two speakers. Please help i like deep bass with clear sound. Dali oberon 7 vs Polk signature s55 My current amp Marantz pm6006. Room size 18x19sqf.
  13. Desk

    Oberon 5s - Denon vs Arcam receiver?

    I’ve planned a home cinema set-up for a space 4m by 3.3m - an extension onto a kitchen which gives a total area of 8x3.3m. Have had my eyes on the Dali Oberon 5 floorstanders with Vokal centre, Dali 1s rear surround, an SVS sub (SB-1000 x2), plus Gallo Accoustic droplets for atmos. Auditioned...
  14. the groundsman

    small speakers for a corner

    I've been thinking about this for months. Main listening takes place in a different room but I have a Pioneer mini system in the living room for occasional music and TV (not really a Movie buff just regular TV). I tried my best speakers with it and it was clear that I would benefit a lot by...
  15. M

    Question First time buyer (XTZ/Dali/MA etc)

    Hi all, As the title suggests, I'm looking at buying my first 5.1 set up. I would like to keep the budget within £2000 and my initial options were: Denon AVR-X3600H with Dali Oberon 5 AV Speaker System for just under £1800 Denon AVR-X3600H with Monitor Audio Bronze 6 AV for just under £1500...
  16. Stumpy72

    Question Dali Oberon on wall or M&K M70 on wall

    Hi I'm looking for some speaker advice while I plan my home cinema upgrade for my living room. I'm currently running with Ruark speakers, Prologues (L&R) Dialogue (C) and Epilogue's as Rears and REL Stadium 3 sub. The rears have been mounted very high a few cms from the ceiling (2.4m) right at...
  17. G

    Dali Oberon 5s vs Kef or other options)

    Hi Guys, So I am thinking af geeting some speakers for my open plan living room/kitchen area where the TV also lives. The TV is wall mounted so I am thinking to go with floor-standing speakers (bookshelves would need a stand anyways). I dont have the space for a surround system so I am...
  18. vampire_43

    Dali Oberon 5 Review

    Will keep this brief.... Just unboxed & connected. Listening to CD's Metallica "Hardwired to Self Destruct. Renaissance"Progression Vol1" Bach "Preludes & Fugues Vol1" Hoping to get round to movies but may take a while as my music has never sounded so good. Awseome speakers!!!!
  19. R

    Amp for DALI Oberon 5

    Hello everyone! Im looking to create my first stereo setup and i have come to choose those dalis as my speakers. Originally my intentions were to buy some small bookshelfs but i was advised to get something bigger for my space. Plus i can buy those atm for 550€ which looks like a bargain to me...
  20. barnybaz

    Question Stereo amp and speaker upgrade choice opinion

    Having sold me KEF R 5.1, anthem receiver and svs sub setup last year and replaced it with a Sonos playbase as I had to move house and downsized to a semi detached house (rented), I am missing proper stereo music and I'm thinking about getting the following but can't decide. Looking for good...
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