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  1. Helix Hifi

    RP 200F Klipsh Premiere vs Dali OBERON 5

    I am familiar with the Oberon 5 speakers, but I’m considering buying the Dali or the Klipsch speakers for a friend this Christmas. He likes the sound to punchy, with a lot of bass. Still it has to be as neutral as possible. I told him perhaps Klipsch is better option, since the Oberon 5 is...
  2. mattyredsox

    Advice on a new system: bought Audiolab 6000A, Oberon 5, Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Espirit. Possibly adding...

    Hi All. Newbie here, but old human. Kind of what the title says: I need advice on a new system: I've just bought an Audiolab 6000A, Dali Oberon 5s, a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Espirit. Thinking of adding to it from my old stuff. We've just moved to Geneva, Switzerland from Hiroshima, Japan. My...
  3. J

    Small floorstander shootout! Dali Oberon 5, Wharfedale Evo 4.3, Monitor Audio Silver 200 6g

    Hello. Having been wondering if my Dali Oberon 5s are correct for my ears or environment, I have been seeking out the opportunity to listen to alternatives of a similar size. This week, I have made some progress in that I have had the opportunity to directly compare some of these. Using a Quad...
  4. Momento

    Dali Oberon 5 speakers - grilles on or off when in use?

    I've read a U.S. review of these which states that Dali recommends grilles on when these are in use but no other review or the manual itself seems to say this. I have a pair of Monitor Audio Bronze 2 at the moment and always remove the grilles so was just wondering what people's thoughts were...
  5. T

    Dali Oberon 5 Speaker Cable

    Good morning all, just after some opinion here. My system is as follows. Audiolab 6000A amp, Musical Fidelity M2s CD player, Rega P1 and Fono stage and Dali Oberon 5’s. Chord Clearway Speaker Cable and Russ Andrews Timbre interconnect. Question is, would it be worthwhile upgrading the Clearway...
  6. J

    Monitor audio bronze 5 Vs Dali Oberon 5 Vs Monitor Audio Silver 6

    Hello. Has anyone experienced these speakers in a comparison? I'm interested in the difference in detail. I own the Oberon 5s and can confirm the large soundstage and reasonable bass (for the the size of them). They have a generally good sound but to my ears lack fine detail in the higher...
  7. A

    Oberon 5 or Wharfedale 12.3 or Linn Majik 140

    This will be my first ever HT setup. This will primarily be used with the TV in conjunction with PS5 majorly. The other times will be used in Netflix etc. (I'll listen to Music on my headphone setup). Since budget is a constraint I'm looking at the Denon X1600H or Yamaha Rx-V6A or the Denon...
  8. G

    Onkyo 9010 and Dali Oberon 5 ... which CD player ?

    I have an onkyo 9010 and Dali Oberon 5’s. I currently have a marantz cd 52 mk2 special edition . It’s old but works ok, no idea how it compares to new players like the cd6006 or cd6007 . Any thoughts?
  9. D

    Rega Planar 2 + io + Oberon 5?

    I’m looking to return to vinyl, and was originally planning with a budget of around £1000. This aligned to Rega Planar 1 + io + Oberon 1 (but no speaker stands which I’d also need). Aesthetically, I’d love floor standers. I’m considering pushing budget a little further to £1350, which would...
  10. R

    Rega Brio or Elex-r for Oberon 5?

    Hi all, my current set up is a Planar 2, rega fono mini, an old Yamaha AV running into Dali Oberon 5s. I'm looking to invest in a new amp, and it seems like the Rega Brio or Elex-R would suit my needs well. I'd like to ask if anyone has experienced these amps with the Oberon 5s, and if so was...
  11. S

    Question Dali Oberon 5 advice

    My room is 3.6m x 5.5 m and I would be sat 3.5m away on the narrow measurement, I have no speakers at the moment as the CD player is connected to the sound bar by optical cable Would the room accommodate floor standers ? In particular these Dali Oberon 5 as they can come as a bundle with the...
  12. Arian Valen

    Question Dali Oberon 5 vs spektor 6?

    Right now I own an Denon AVR 2700X, I recently picked up the Dali spektor 6 for a steal of (400 euros for a pair) and a Spektor vocal for 160. However I still have doubts. whether I should have rather picked the Oberon 5 speakers although they are 800 euro per pair. feel free to add other...
  13. M

    Monitor Audio Bronze 500 or Dali Oberon 5?

    I've started the adventure with HI-FI not long ago. Started with Yamaha r-n402d and NS-F51. After couple of days I decided I to upgrade 😁 I've sold the Yamaha set. Now I'm starting form choosing speakers and I'm between Dali Oberon 5 and Monitor Audio Bronze 500. Which one are better sounding...
  14. M

    Dali Oberon 5 Setup

    Hi there, New member, first post. Hoping I can get some help. I recently bought some Dali Oberon 5 floor standers for my turntable setup, and tbh I've always felt really underwhelmed. It just sounds 'meh'. For my no doubt unrefined ears, it all just sounds too dull, too bassy, unrefined...
  15. John2080

    RCD-N10 and Dali Oberon 5

    Hello, I'm lucky owner of Dali Oberon 5 and looking for some amplifier for it. I very like the functionalities, design and size of RCD-N10 but don't know if it will be able to handle Dali properly? Dalis are 6 Ω/ohms and the RCD-N10 only says "Rated output: 65 W + 65 W (4 Ω/ohms, 1 kHz, THD + N...
  16. G

    Dali Oberon 5s vs Kef or other options)

    Hi Guys, So I am thinking af geeting some speakers for my open plan living room/kitchen area where the TV also lives. The TV is wall mounted so I am thinking to go with floor-standing speakers (bookshelves would need a stand anyways). I dont have the space for a surround system so I am...
  17. vampire_43

    Dali Oberon 5 Review

    Will keep this brief.... Just unboxed & connected. Listening to CD's Metallica "Hardwired to Self Destruct. Renaissance"Progression Vol1" Bach "Preludes & Fugues Vol1" Hoping to get round to movies but may take a while as my music has never sounded so good. Awseome speakers!!!!
  18. Gabo123

    Amp for dali oberon 5

    hello recently I bought a "dali oberon" amplifier and I think I need another amplifier I currently have a cambridge audio tompaz 10. my main interests is to listen to vinyl which amplifier I recommend. I have the system located in the living room of my apartment. changing the amplifier will...
  19. B

    Dali Oberon 5 or 7 vs Focal Chorus 716 or 726

    Comparing sound performance of Dali Oberon 5 or 7 vs Focal Chorus 716 or 726, which one is better for music and home theater sound? I was unable to listen to Dali Oberon speakers due to no local dealers. Will have to do online purchase if decided to go for it. Thanks!
  20. sanjay marathe

    Dali Oberon 5 - Not enough bass or weight or scale or what ( is missing ?) Need advise

    Hi, I recently purchased a pair of Oberon 5 based on several great 5 star reviews ( including whathifi ) .. Driving them with Marantz PM7005 - The Oberons sound great , musical .. The bass is very tight and punchy but for the past 6 months I keep thinking what am I missing here ? I also have...
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