1. M

    Large Cabinet for 75" Samsung TV in Oak

    Hi all, new to the forum. Just got a 75" Samsung TV and have been looking for a decent cabinet in oak (or similar) finish - came across the below which seems like a good deal for a stand of this size - CLEARANCE 180cm Wide Ready Assembled TV Unit For Screens up to 75" Black & Oak - LBA1830 If...
  2. djjimbob

    For Sale Custom made hi-fi / AV rack in Oak

    Custom made hi-fi / AV rack in Oak Wide and deep enough for typical AV receiver. 2 height adjustable shelves included, dog not. Dimensions: Height: 80cm Top plinth: 58cm(W) x 49.5cm(D) Shelf: 50cm(W) x 46cm(D) Entrance to shelves: 55cm(H) x 45cm(W) --> more width if accessed from back. £200 ono
  3. XL5

    For Sale Polyflor Affinity LVT Flooring - Oak

    I have just under 40 square meters which cost £765.00. This is heavy domestic / commercial use so top quality. All boxed We have over ordered due to a change in size of new extension. Grab a bargain. Polyflor Affinity255 Saw Mill Oak 9877
  4. D

    For Sale AVF Affinity Premium TV Stand, Oak/Black Gloss Burghley 1250 For TVs Up To 65"

    I have this: https://www.johnlewis.com/avf-affinity-premium-burghley-1250-tv-stand-for-tvs-up-to-65-inch/oak/p2681233 About 1.5 years old. Great condition. Cost £339 Selling £185 Made a video here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/y37rblxsox5kqrz/Video%2007-11-2021%2C%2016%2015%2020.mov?dl=0...
  5. D

    Looking for an oak cabinet 1 or 2 shelves ideally with adjustable hight mount but not critical for 85" TV

    as TITLE really.., Looking for an oak cabinet 1 or 2 shelves ideally with adjustable hight mount but not critical for 85" TV Any ideas?
  6. M

    For Sale PMC TB2+ in Oak & M&K CS29 Column surrounds

    Hi Guys, I have for sale a set of PMC TB2+ in Oak. These were potentially going to be used in a 3rd system but not going to materialize. In good condition with one slight scratch on the top and mark to one corner. I’ve tried to picture these but pretty hard to pick up. Also some stick tape on...
  7. S

    Speaker Spikes on Oak floor ??

    I’ve seen many threads on here about this topic but they are from a long time ago so want to ask again… I’m purchasing some Kef Q750’s & they will be on oak flooring - do I use the spikes on wood or place a granite board between them ? Are there better options ? Thanks
  8. OscarZ

    Making Speaker Stands From Pine & Oak

    I needed stands for my 'new' Mission 700s and I also had a ton of pine of suitable dimensions so I've cut the bits so far and now doing sanding. Couple of 6 or 7 inch nails and some UHU on each and a bit of extra tacking and a small bracket and we're done. Except for the bases - have to join two...
  9. password1

    Monitor Audio Silver 5g black oak, is it real wood veneer?

    I know the light oak is real wood veneer but what is the black oak like? It's difficult to tell from online pictures. I can't find any close up pictures..It looks like fake wood grain vinyl similar to the finish on the bronze 5g. Does it look better than the bronze 5g black oak in the flesh...
  10. C

    Wanted - Castle Classic Subwoofer in Natural Oak

    Hi, Probably a long shot, but I'm after one of these in reasonable condition. Anybody have any idea where I could source one? Thanks!
  11. Polly Perkins

    Oak worktops. Wire wool between coats?

    I am about to put Liberon Superior Danish oil on my worktops, this will be the third coat (previous coats done by builder). On the tin is says to use Ultra Fine 0000 steel wool between coats but looking online I have read quite a few disaster stories about wire wool, so now I'm a little...
  12. M

    Painting/wrapping Monitor Audio oak speakers, any reason why not?

    Hi All, I've got some Monitor Audio RS6 and RS Centre in Light Oak ( or Natural Oak? ) . I'm looking at building a false wall/mantelpiece to hold my TV, Fireplace and centre speaker. I'm finding the oak speakers are causing issues with the design so I was going to sell and swap for something...
  13. Hixs

    Stain removal - oak floor - help!

    Hola, I need some home remedy or trick to remove this stain as much as possible before the floor gets varnished Monday... At some point there has been some leak or whatever. The floor is 200 years old..
  14. T

    Question Show your Monolith plus light oak and cherry

    Hi everyone I'm trying to decide which colour should I get on my bk monolith plus. I like the light oak colour but my wife says the cherry goes better with our furniture. The problem is the cherry will gets a lot darker with age and it might be too much. Could you please show me your monolith...
  15. damo09

    Question Oak island. Skinwalker ranch..finding bigfoot

    hi all just on the 2nd episode of skinwalker ranch. And whilst I do believe in things that aren't the norm..dpes anyone actually watch and believe these shows. Or are they just bad actors doing a drama programme.? Finding bigfoot never have and I'd say never will.find anything. Oak island...
  16. T

    Oak Island Treasure

    I am fascinated by watching the series of The Curse of Oak Island. Any more series to come?
  17. F

    Question Oak TV Unit

    Hi all, I am new to these forums and have just purchased a LG 55c7 Oled tv. I will be adding to it a Denon avr2400 and 5.1.2 setup. The question I have is, I need a nice piece of oak furniture to place everything on. The Tv will be wall mounted so the top of the unit will only have centre...
  18. W

    Oak AV unit help

    Hi, Am doing a TV wall build, down to the location of sockets, sky, phone, etxlc. We've decided to put an av rack (hi go rack style) into the corner of the room and connect TV via HDMI. I cannot find a hi to style AV rack anywhere that is deep enough to fit my Yamaha AVENTAGE rxa3060 (473.1mm...
  19. J

    Question Which Floorstanding Speakers in Oak around £1,000?

    Looking for a recommendation for a friend. His stipulation (due to WAF :nono:) is that they have to come in oak (glad I don't have that problem :D). His source is an old 'beefy' Technics amplifier, model number unknown. Budget around £1,000. Where would you point him please? Thanks in advance....
  20. Plasma Dan

    Project: Altering Oak Veneered Doors

    Altering Oak Veneered Doors This project is part of my larger build thread here. This thread was created to make it easier to find information regarding this project and is one of several upcoming dedicated project threads to include extra information and bonus photos that are not included in...
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