1. L

    Wanted Ruark Prologue II Light Oak speakers wanted

    Hello everyone, I am interested in purchasing a pair of Ruak Prologue II, in light oak ideally, but would also consider rosewood. Must be in full working order, ideally with the modest of signs of wear, and be able to be posted/couriered or delivered. Alternatively, I may consider the Talisman...
  2. damo09

    Question Oak island. Skinwalker ranch..finding bigfoot

    hi all just on the 2nd episode of skinwalker ranch. And whilst I do believe in things that aren't the norm..dpes anyone actually watch and believe these shows. Or are they just bad actors doing a drama programme.? Finding bigfoot never have and I'd say never will.find anything. Oak island...
  3. J

    For Sale Alphason Finewoods FW1100 Light Oak Wood Veneer TV Stand

    Beautiful stand with black glass. In excellent condition. Buyer collects.
  4. T

    Oak Island Treasure

    I am fascinated by watching the series of The Curse of Oak Island. Any more series to come?
  5. F

    Question Oak TV Unit

    Hi all, I am new to these forums and have just purchased a LG 55c7 Oled tv. I will be adding to it a Denon avr2400 and 5.1.2 setup. The question I have is, I need a nice piece of oak furniture to place everything on. The Tv will be wall mounted so the top of the unit will only have centre...
  6. W

    Oak AV unit help

    Hi, Am doing a TV wall build, down to the location of sockets, sky, phone, etxlc. We've decided to put an av rack (hi go rack style) into the corner of the room and connect TV via HDMI. I cannot find a hi to style AV rack anywhere that is deep enough to fit my Yamaha AVENTAGE rxa3060 (473.1mm...
  7. J

    Question Which Floorstanding Speakers in Oak around £1,000?

    Looking for a recommendation for a friend. His stipulation (due to WAF :nono:) is that they have to come in oak (glad I don't have that problem :D). His source is an old 'beefy' Technics amplifier, model number unknown. Budget around £1,000. Where would you point him please? Thanks in advance....
  8. Plasma Dan

    Project: Altering Oak Veneered Doors

    Altering Oak Veneered Doors This project is part of my larger build thread here. This thread was created to make it easier to find information regarding this project and is one of several upcoming dedicated project threads to include extra information and bonus photos that are not included in...
  9. Harkon321

    Cooling Fans for Oak TV unit. Where to start?

    Ive got a brand new Oak tv unit, which I've almost finished setting up. I'm really pleased with how it looks but I'm worried about the heat. It's sealed at the back and despite there being a fair amount of space around stuff there's still more heat than I'd like. The amp has more room above it...
  10. Eddy555

    Oak Pine Shop - Another Happy Customer

    Just had my cabinet delivered from The Really Good Oak Shop (a.k.a. Oak Pine Shop) after seeing some recommendations on this forum. I'm delighted with it, it's just as I wanted and really solidly built. They were a pleasure to deal with, well priced and delivered on time as discussed. I'd...
  11. N

    Question Oak veneered doors

    Like many of you, I probably spend too much of my spare time looking at the amazing build threads on here. I have trawled through loads of threads on here, but was wondering if there is a carpenter or decorator who can give me an answer. I have just got some oak veneered doors from Howdens and...
  12. C

    Can't find large enough oak TV unit. Help!

    I'm trying to find an oak TV unit that's big enough to house my amp, BD player, PS4 and Sky box. It seems to be proving an impossible task. The storage is either too low or not wide enough, or it's high and wide enough but only enough room for 2 things! it's driving me insane! I thought I'd...
  13. M

    Answered Modifying Oak AV unit

    Hi All Just need to have a sanity check on this. I have an oak AV unit but my amplifier is too big to fit in and theres no smaller solutions on the market. height and depth is fine but struggling with the width as I am out by about 4cm. The other side is covered by a cupboard door so it wont be...
  14. DeadEye

    Question PMC Twenty C Oak Colour

    Hi Can anyone confirm if the Twenty C in oak matches the Oak OB1s? Thanks
  15. K

    Where to buy Oak Furniture in England?

    Hi guys, Quick intro: I'm Karen, a single mum living in Birmingham, England. I'm looking for somewhere to buy Oak Furniture online (as I don't have time to go in store to buy). Can anyone recommend me some places which will deliver to me (Birmingham, England). I already know that Oak...
  16. GaseousClay


    Oak Leaves In next post
  17. Westovski

    Question Oak Bookshelf Front & Center - And a sub! (Marantz 6009)

    Hi all, Recently purchased myself a Marantz 6009 to go with my projector and rear ceiling speakers. However, I don't currently have a front center, left & right or a sub! Now, this is going to sound a little strange, but colour is hugely important, i'm looking at a medium oak colour if...
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