1. B

    For Sale Virgin Experience O2 Climb To The Top for 2

    Paid £84, asking £65. Climb to the top of the O2, for 2 people, valid till end of September Take a walk on the wild side, with this unforgettable guided expedition over the roof of London’s O2. Suspended above the iconic tent canvas, you and a fellow adventurer will make the 365m journey to the...
  2. ProfPike

    O2 VOLT benefits question

    I do really like the VOLT benefits, as it doubles my virgin broadband speed. I need an upgrade phone and these are cheaper than O2 direct. But will I lose the VOLT benefits as i'm not dealing with O2 directly?? O2 offered me much much less data for £5 more than affordable mobiles and said that...
  3. MarkyPancake

    Virgin Media O2 Super Hub 5 (SH5)

    Finally, VMO2 have launched a Super Hub that doesn't use the flawed Intel Puma chipset, and is Wi-Fi 6 for those that need it. Sounds good on paper, but I haven't seen any confirmation of modem mode yet, which is how I use my SH2 with an ASUS AC86U. The SH5 is currently being offered to...
  4. jcoops16

    Question Disney+ o2 switching payment method

    I pay for Disney+ from my o2 contract but I want that stop. I cancelled the Disney+ extra add on no problem within the o2 app. What I want to do is just pay for a years sub to beat the price rise using my own bank details but within the account settings with disney it just says manage with o2 no...
  5. raigraphixs

    Oxygen (Netflix May 2021) Alexandre Aja

    New thriller from Alexandre Aja (High Tension, The Hills Have Eyes, Piranha 3D, Crawl) Mélanie Laurent, Mathieu Amalric and Malik Zidi star.
  6. RobTi

    Question EE or O2

    Hi if they both seem the same bar EE faster, but EE £2 a month more for Apple Watch sim only plan signal the same where I am, any opinion ? Thanks
  7. Sy13

    O2 WiFi calling not working on P20 Pro

    Seriously tried everything. Took out a sim only O2 deal to put in my Huawei P20 Pro but no WiFi calling option appears. O2 insist they've activated it 2 days ago, the handset offers WiFi calling when a Three or EE SIM is inserted. My old iPhone allows WiFi calling but not when I insert my new O2...
  8. supadryz

    Question Disney+ O2 - How to cancel

    Hi, I believe my offer for Disney+ is coming to an end with 02 on 19th July. Anyone know how to cancel this when it finishes as I want to set it up via SKY so it's active with SkY Q in demand like Netflix & not just the App. Do I just cancel the subscription for Disney+ then reset up after...
  9. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Virgin and O2 plan merger to take on Sky and BT

    Liberty Global, the owners of Virgin Media are in confirmed talks with British mobile operator O2 which could see the creation of a new TV and mobile service in the UK. Read the news.
  10. thxultra73

    Apple Watch on o2

    I hope I’ve posted in the right section. i hope this question makes sense. i have an iPhone locked to ee i purchased an Apple Watch 3 NIKE direct from Apple and I use this. It’s the GPS/CELLULAR version. I don’t have a data plan for it so I don’t use the cellular on it ever as my iPhone is...
  11. DrGekko

    Can AVF influence Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Sky, O2 etc to subsidise rates or offer discounts?

    Re: the pandemic, this is just the beginning for the UK and the effects on the health system and economy will be profound and relatively long lasting. We're seeing various companies across the UK offering discounts and support. With increased social isolation, I envisage people doing more...
  12. imightbewrong

    Question Quick question - O2 - enabling Roaming

    Hi. I just moved to O2 on a pay monthly plan. Tomorrow I am going to a European country in their 'roaming zone'. Do I need to do anything to enable roaming on my account, or will it just work? I have roaming enabled in my phone settings - is this sufficient? I have tried looking at their...
  13. PerryGunn

    Bargain Huawei Mate 20 Pro for £252 from O2

    Little bit of fiddling about but available for £252 from O2 online or £152 from O2 shops all details in thread at https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/huawei-mate-20-pro-for-252-at-o2-shop-3297819 I got one for my wife and, if you pay for the phone in full, you can cancel the monthly rolling...
  14. xar

    O2 Recycle - Claiming Screen Burn

    Hi all - wondering if anyone has has a similar experience, but I just upgraded my phone so sent the old one back to O2 Recycling (OnePlus 3T, 2 years old). Old phone was a bit scuffed but no screen damage, all the buttons worked, etc, to the point I was nearly entertaining keeping it for another...
  15. RandomLee

    Question Playing O2 and CPW Off Against Each Other

    Hey folks, Quick question… I’m due an upgrade at the end of the month and O2 want £89.99 upfront for the handset I’m after (S7 Flat – I hate my curvy S6e so don’t want the S8) staying on the same tariff, whereas CPW are offering the S7 Flat with no upfront cost on the same tariff, but with a...
  16. M

    O2 Locked iPhone 6s. Need help to unlock

    Hello, Can someone help to unlock an iPhone 6s locked on O2? Thanks,
  17. stblob

    O2 and OnePlus 3t

    Hey guys, Went in to my local O2 store today enquiring about the OnePlus 3t 128gb. I'm not interested in a contract or anything, just want the phone, the guy told me that the phone and airtime are separate and I can get the phone today for £90 and the rest on credit with a £15 airtime and £12...
  18. ronc01

    Question Unlock iPhone 7 on O2

    Bought an iPhone 7 from a competition winner but it's locked to O2 who say they won't be starting to unlock 7's until spring next year. Has anyone used a reliable trustworthy online locking site of late, or recommend one? Cheers

    Question O2 iPhone 7 unlock?

    Hi all, Does anyone know of a cheap and reliable source to unlock an iPhone 7 which is locked to o2? I have contacted o2 and they just basically said no, not yet anyway. Could do with getting it done ASAP but not paying these ridiculous ebay prices. Thanks!
  20. pault2007

    Can't access 4G on o2 PAYG

    I was wondering if someone could help. I received my free o2 iPad PAYG SIM today and, despite o2's coverage checker saying I can get 4G at home, my iPad Mini 1 can't pick it up. Does anyone know what might be the problem here? I've tried resetting my iPad's network settings, changing o2 APNs...
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