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  1. M

    For Sale GTX 1080

    Hi all, have a GTX 1080 for sale as have upgraded! It is an MSI Aero and has been my go to card for over a year. Price is low as I want it gone and it is a little bit dusty! Let me know if you want any more info!
  2. nelson0411

    For Sale Nvidia Shield 2019 (tube version)

    As per the title as new few months old not really used it all that much all boxed and factory reset ready for the new user. Open to offers.
  3. zantarous

    harmony Elite and Nvidia Shield

    I recently upgraded to a Shield 2019 and noticed there is a button the Shield remote that doesn't appear on the Elite, it is the one in top right the one with the 3 horizontal lines next to the Power toggle. –– ADVERTISEMENT –– This button slides out the side menu even during watching a...
  4. Oggie

    For Sale Nvidia Shield Pro 2019 model

    As per title I have Nvidia Shield Pro for sale, only couple of months old. It's comes all boxed just like new.
  5. M

    For Sale Nvidia shield TV 2015

    Mint condition Nvidia Shield TV 2015 cones with hardly used controller plus power lead and charging wire, I just don’t use it since getting Apple TV No boxes but will be securely packaged
  6. G

    LG B8 + Nvidia Shield streaming TrueHD on Plex + Sonos Arc = Atmos?

    Hello, So, the LG B8 does not have eARC, so sending lossless TrueHD with Atmos is not a possibility, but sending Dolby Digital+ with Atmos via the HDMI ARC is. Setup: Nvidia Shield Pro connected via HDMI to LG B8. Sonos Arc connected to LG B8 via HDMI ARC Is the LG B8 able to receive via...
  7. S

    Nvidia 2080s GPUs.

    Is it worth dropping 2k on a new pc and getting one of these now? more is it best to just wait it out for the new GPU that seem to be taking an age to be announced. mum not clued up on this kind of stuff. I assume the new cards just produce the same stuff But process it faster or is there...
  8. Scott28

    For Sale 2017 Nvidia Shield

    Nvidia Shield 2017 Boxed with remote, power cable and game controller. Good condition Looking at £150 postage not incl.
  9. bluenose boy

    For Sale Nvidia shield 2017

    Nvidia shield 2017. Bought from these very forums about 6 months ago and not used hence the sale. I have fully checked over it and see only one small chip to bottom right side of remote, see picture. The rest is in very good condition ni defects found. No box as it's exactly how I bought it...
  10. S

    Question Help speeding up home network for nvidia Gamestream

    Hi all, I've recently built a gaming PC which is set up to stream to my Nvidia Shield so I can play in the living room. This has however exposed the weakness of my home network, so I'd like some advice before throwing money at the problem. My setup is: Living Room: Shield connected by ethernet...
  11. topgazza

    Nvidia Shield 2019 Vs Amazon Cube 4k for Plex

    I have my movies on a usb RAID external drive attached to my iMac and it streams movies great over my LAN to my TV via a firestick 4k. Now, this all works fine and I should leave well alone I know but I like to try new things. So should I go for the Shield 2019, cigar shaped or the Fire Cube ...
  12. D

    Nvidia Shield TV - on budget 4K Tv... Better value/performance for £500 than £500 TV?

    Hi I wish to replace my ageing Samsung UE375800 5 series TV from 2010 era. Great service, Great picture - but recently got a VA pc monitor and far prefer VA blacks etc to my IPS Tv... TL/DR - I want a new TV with VA panel So I am looking at spending £500 on a new TV - Ideally 43" but possibly...
  13. S

    Question Gfx card to stream to nvidia shield

    Hi all, Looking for some advice on a budget Gfx card upgrade to my pc. Last time I was into pc gaming was in the quake 3 era so I'm a bit rusty! :p I recently bought a passive GT 1030 to go with my new 2k monitor as my motherboard would only output FHD and I had no intention of gaming on it...
  14. A

    Epson EH-TW7300 - Denon 6300 + Nvidia Shield - Output SDR?

    We have an Epson 7300, plugged in to a Denon 6300 (HDMI1) and a 2017 Nvidia Shield. When connected via the Projector it outputs "4k" but only in 8bit 4:2:0 and the format is BT.709 SDR. I can play 4k content via amazon prime and netflix. I am not able to locate any HDR content in netflix...
  15. 0

    Settings to use on my Nvidia Shield

    Not sure where was best to put this question. It's kind of Nvidia Shield and a projector question. Playing around with my new nvidia shield last night and watching 4k content. It seems things are not as simple as I would have hoped! Watching a movie in 4k via kodi fine. Then went to watch...
  16. MMachine78

    Question Denon Av 1600, Nvidia Sheild and Atmos help!

    Hi All, I have just upgraded my AV Reciever to a Denon 1600 and I am having trouble getting Dolby atmos to play via my Nvidia shield. It’s not the pro shield but when playing atmos movies via Kodi I am only getting DD+ and Dsur and when I press the movie button there is no atmos option either...
  17. Evokazz

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB - Can it play 4K?

    Hiya guys, bought a new Desktop PC back in 2018 but still using a 8 year old monitor, looking to update the monitor and UHD ones would be an obvious choice, but curious, could I watch UHD Bluray and stream 4K content if I simply buy a 4K monitor, or will the GTX 1060 6GB not be compatible...
  18. D

    NVIDIA Shield TV Pro

    Afternoon everyone I've had a Shield TV Pro since release and in the last month or so when turning it on there is no sound from the system itself or any apps until a system reset. All the software is up-to-date and the HDMI cables are all decent quality and I've swapped them around to make...
  19. JabbaNut

    NVIDIA GeForce NOW is already compatible with Xiaomi Mi Box or Smart TVs with Android TV 0

    " A few months ago the GeForce NOW service began to be officially available Android but not on Android TV OS apart from the NVidia Shield TV, now with a new version of this app we can already play our games purchased on PC on our Xiaomi Mi Box or on a Smart TV with Android TV OS system. This...
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