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  1. TrigFX

    PS4 Pro/ Sky Go/ Nvidia Shield Pro issue

    I recently moved house and went from having the wonderful Sky Q and minibox set up for 3 years, to - nothing. We only discovered late in the day that the company that maintains our block does NOT allow Sky dishes on the side of the building!! And Virgin don't serve this area yet either (the...
  2. A

    CX: Cannot select 422 in Nvidia colour settings regardless of HDMI cord used

    Hi everyone, Joined the forums after lurking for years to post this. Trying to get some help with a puzzling issue that I can't work out. My apologies if this is an inappropriate place to ask. Mods, feel free to delete if this is the case :) I posted this over on the r/monitor forum on reddit...
  3. H

    For Sale NVIDIA GTX 1080Ti 11GB

    Gainward ‘golden sample’ NVIDIA GTX 1080Ti for sale In excellent condition - comes with the box and all packaging. Even in 2021 this is still such a solid graphics card and can handle pretty much anything you throw at it! Full working condition - removed out of PC today. Only reason for sale...
  4. Ze3

    Wanted Nvidia GPU Graphics Card 3840 x 1200 @ 120Hz Capable for an Office PC

    I am looking for an Nvidia graphics card (possibly 2) capable of 3840 x 1200 resolution at 120Hz (DP) for an office PC(s). Thanks
  5. Ambassador Spock

    For Sale PCSpecialist 17" Defiance Gaming Laptop i7-10875H NVIDIA 2070-MaxQ 32GB RAM

    Hey everyone! Admins please delete if eBay links aren't allowed! (I looked in the rules but didn't see a rule against it...) I'm selling my <11 month-old PCSpecialist gaming laptop. It is in perfect working condition (minor cosmetic flaws detailed in the listing) and has some seriously...
  6. Adonis Amura

    For Sale Complete HP OMEN Desktop Gaming Setup - Mint Condition - HP OMEN 880-153na Intel Core i7 9700K 16 GB RAM GeForce RTX 2070 8 GB - 2 TB HDD & 256 GB SSD

    Hi everyone, For sale is a mint condition HP OMEN Set including the HP OMEN Gaming Desktop, HP OMEN Gaming Mouse, HP OMEN Gaming Keyboard and HP OMEN Gaming Monitor. Specifications are... 1 x HP - OMEN 880-153na Intel Core i7 9700K - 16 GB RAM - NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 8 GB Gaming Desktop...
  7. Z

    For Trade Nvidia FE 3090 sealed for 3080

    As title. Will require retail price difference. 3090 is overkill for me, 3080 will suit me better but have been searching for months now, got a 3070 before and now a 3090... but not what i need ;_ ;
  8. Harkon321

    Wanted Panasonic 820 4k Player

  9. TrackieDave

    For Sale ASUS nVidia 760 GPU

    Have the following GPU available after replacing this from a running system. Naturally due to it's age there is no warrenty but the card works fine with no issues. No original box but will be well packaged. £50 including postage. Cheers Dave
  10. downloadingdata

    Do you need a streaming box like Nvidia shield pro for a 2021 Samsung TV?

    If my main goal is to get lossy Atmos via the streaming apps: Netflix, Disney + etc. Do I need to get an Nvidia Shield pro? Any chance of the 2021 TVs getting atmos support for Disney + in the future? I'm also a little worried about lag in sound if streamed via a box like the shield pro as I...
  11. Rob_Meister

    Sapphire Radeon 5700XT with Intel

    Morning all, Having agreed to build a gaming PC for my nephew I have having a rather frustrating time with it. The PC I am working with is: Intel i7 9700KF, Asus prime z390p, 2x8GB crucial vengeance, Corsair force m.2 and Corsair 850w PSU. I'm running a fresh install of windows 10 with all...
  12. M

    Onkyo 646 & Nvidia TV Pro

    I need assistance please. Bought a second hand Nvidia Shield TV Pro to replace the FireTV Stick 4K. I connected the Shield in place of the Firestick, HDMI 3 (STRM BOX HDCP 2.2). I booted the Shield but immediately after the splash screen the image was flashing and flickering. Even setting the...
  13. Z

    NVIDIA Gamestream Vs new monitor

    I'm getting a decent spec gaming PC (GTX 3070) but only currently have a 1080p 24" monitor which obviously isn't going to get the best out of the PC. So, do I get a better monitor (any suggestions if so) or is it an option to just use Nvidia gamestream via my Nvidia shield and stream games in...
  14. Johnorama

    For Sale Graphics card - Nvidia RTX 3090 FE - New and sealed - £1885

    Hi Brand new and sealed founders edition available. I will update with a photo once I'm home tomorrow. I have a Palit Gaming Pro OC 3090 in my PC already, I would consider selling that one instead if someone preferred, has about 6 months use on it, mainly cyberpunk! But as I paid more for...
  15. bilbosmeggins

    NVidia drivers....

    Has anyone dared to try the latest one yet, 466.11?
  16. Kevinicus

    Issue accessing files on PC with SPMC/Kodi on Nvidia Shield (2017)

    I'm having a bit of an issue with getting SPMC or KODI to work right with drives attached to my PC. Originally, I had everything in a theater, all hard-wired, with the drives attached to a Zappiti. Everything worked great on the Shield. Then I moved, went wireless, and the Zappiti has decided...
  17. CJ90000

    Do you recommend(or currently run) Intel & Nvidia build or an AMD build for VR gaming?

    For those of you running a high spec pc for high fidelity VR did you go AMD or Intel/Nvidia? Trying to decide what to go with for a very high spec new pc build. Its a bit harder to find which is better to go with than for flat screen gaming.
  18. Aziz Ismail

    4K HDR files on External HDD + Wired Nvidia Shield - Buffering

    Hi All. I have recently decided to rip my blu-rays and save them to a HDD (Contemplating on investing in a NAS/DAS also) I have created a Plex Server on my Nvidia Shield (2017) and have my HDD connected directly in the rear of the shield. Now for some reason, 20mins into any a movie, I get an...
  19. Aziz Ismail

    Nas or Das or External HDD with an Nvidia Shield running Plex.

    Hi Guys, I was wondering if someone could shine some light on what i am trying to achieve please. I basically have an external 4TB HDD connected directly into my Nvidia Shield Pro and run a Plex as a server on it. Unfortunately one of my HDD's took a tumble and no longer works so i have had to...
  20. R

    Discovery+ On Nvidia Shield not Streaming HD

    Previously Discovery+ on the 2017 Nvidia Shield used to stream in HD for me but now only streams in SD. Does anyone else have the same problem in the UK? I have to Chromecast from my phone to stream in HD which works but is a faff. My Nvidia Shield is on a 1GB wired connection and can stream...
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