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  1. Oggie

    For Sale Nvidia Shield Pro 2019 model

    As per title I have Nvidia Shield Pro for sale, only couple of months old. It's comes all boxed just like new.
  2. Scott28

    For Sale 2017 Nvidia Shield

    Nvidia Shield 2017 Boxed with remote, power cable and game controller. Good condition Looking at £150 postage not incl.
  3. bluenose boy

    For Sale Nvidia shield 2017

    Nvidia shield 2017. Bought from these very forums about 6 months ago and not used hence the sale. I have fully checked over it and see only one small chip to bottom right side of remote, see picture. The rest is in very good condition ni defects found. No box as it's exactly how I bought it...
  4. W

    HDMI Audio Extractor Help Please

    I have a Denon AVR 2311 which I've connected Zone 2 to garden speakers which will only accept Analogue inputs and not digital. I enjoy watching music videos and can cast / mirror the sound and or screen from a phone / tablet to a Nvidia Shield with chromecast installed but it only has HDMI...
  5. D

    Nvidia Shield TV - on budget 4K Tv... Better value/performance for £500 than £500 TV?

    Hi I wish to replace my ageing Samsung UE375800 5 series TV from 2010 era. Great service, Great picture - but recently got a VA pc monitor and far prefer VA blacks etc to my IPS Tv... TL/DR - I want a new TV with VA panel So I am looking at spending £500 on a new TV - Ideally 43" but possibly...
  6. chenks

    Question soundbar options for sony tv/nvidia shield

    i'm in the market for a soundbar (seperate amp/speakers not really an option for the room). current TV is a Sony KD-43XD8305, bluray player is BDP-S6700. the TV runs Android TV and content is mainly played from Plex (i have my own plex server), Netflix, and Virgin Cable. the content i have in...
  7. JRyder

    Question GZ950 - Nvidia Shield output limited to 720p

    Hi all, I received my replacement GZ950 from the Panasonic Outlet store today. This one actually turns on, so I'm making good progress. However, when I hook up my NVidia Shield to it, I'm only getting 720p as my output options. I've tried all four HDMI ports with 3 different HDMI leads. I've...
  8. JonnyTester

    Question Disney+ On Nvidia Shield

    Seeing as how we're all going to be under house arrest for the forseeable future, I decided to sign up for Disney+ this evening to take advantage of the £10 off deal. But when I tried adding the Disney+ app on my Nvidia Shield, it doesn't exist. Instead, I installed an app called Disney Life...
  9. D

    Question Nvidia Shield / Sony HT-Z9F ATMOS MKV issue

    Help needed just bought the new Nvidia Shield Pro 2019, and cannot get ATMOS to work, from Hard Drive playing MKV's, Nvidia is plugged via HDMI into Sony HT-Z9F Soundbar, ATMOS comes through as LPM. any suggestions of settings, and configuration, currently using Plex server and Kodi. Thanks
  10. malctAN

    Answered help connecting to Logitech Harmony Elite to Nvidia shield

    Hi , can anyone tell me if they have had issues connecting the Nvidia Shield to the Logitech Harmony Elite. using my tablet that has the harmony app on, I then go to blue tooth and open it up for any device to find my tablet, I am able to follow the instructions and when it gets to pairing, The...
  11. matino

    Strange behaving Arcam AVR390 (Spotify, HDMI-CEC)

    Hi, I have just bought a new Arcam AVR390 and I have two problems to solve. First one is intermittent drop-outs when using Spotify connect with my Honor 8 Pro. Secondly when I turn of my Nvidia Shield it turns off both Sony XE90 tv and Arcam receiver, but after few seconds receiver turns back...
  12. S

    Question Need advice Dolby Atmos / AV Receiver.

    I am looking at upgrading my old Samsung Soundbar to a Samsung Atoms N950 Soundbar with Wireless rear speakers. I an wanting something as little cables as possible. I will only be hooking up an NVidia Shield and an Xbox One X so whats the best way to get the best sound and picture. Do I need...
  13. DartonDave

    Question Connectivity Nvdia Shield & QNAP NAS

    Hi all, I hope I have picked the right forum. This may well be my first post. If it isn't its been a long time since my last one. :-) Background I cant find an answer to my question on line anywhere so I am hoping some one can say yes all your assumptions are correct, it will work or oh no...
  14. M

    Question Can I play Amazon Prime Video 4K on an Nvidia Shield?

    I have the latest Nvidia Shield, however I can't see any 4K content on Prime Video. It works perfectly fine on Netflix. Is it a US limited service? As from a little Google Fu I see that a lot of users can play 4K but then I've seen mentioned of it being US only. Edit I've found the owners...
  15. Sennevds

    Question Nvidia shield Onkyo tx-nr474 with optoma projector no image

    Hi, I've searched the forum and didn't found a solution. I have a NVIDIA Shield connected to a Onkyo tx-nr474 and that receiver is connected to an optoma DH1010 projector but have no picture and sound. The receivers notices a signal (surround gets activated) projector finds a signal (1080p) and...
  16. LG88

    What a pickle. ATV 4K? Nvidia Shield? UHD Player?

    I’m in a pickle, and I’m about to buy a 4K tv, and unsure on what route of 4K media consumption to take. I like the idea of having physical copies, but £25 for a film? Ouch where I can get it on iTunes for £10? I’ve not got amazing sound system, simply an old amp and a 3.1 speaker set up. So...
  17. Q

    Question I Still Can't Get Atmos

    I've owned a full 7.2.4 Atmos setup using a Denon AVR-X6300H since January but I have only once, yesterday, briefly seen the word Atmos appear on my AVR screen. That was after plugging in my new NVidia Shield and running an Atmos Film from Netflix. I have an LG OLED TV but Atmos does not pass...
  18. Roku2

    Nvidia Shield TV

    Just ordered this device with remote only. I intend to use it mainly to run Plex. Any feedback?
  19. HeavenlyWarrior

    Question Any good all-in-one emulators for the Nvidia Shield?

    Hi, After many aborted attempts I need to do this as it's driving me crazy. I'm going through a old school FPS phase and now I want to play older games from other systems. As I don't have a Nvidia GPU equipped desktop or laptop to play Steam on the Shield the only way I can play 8 & 16 bit...
  20. Bacus

    Question Nvidia Shield.

    I have an Nvidia Shield tablet that works great. It been connecting to my Sony TV wirelessly without any issues for months. Today though it won't find or cast to my Sony TV. I have not changed any settings on both devices and no updates have been applied. Does anyone know what could have caused...
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