1. H

    Marantz NR1710 - HELP!! - Varying levels of Volume -What are correct settings for sound from SKY Q BOX

    Hi I am hoping someone can help I am having sound volume levels issues from different input scources ie. SKY Q box TV Channels BBC1 to Channel Five. And Netflix and Prime Video Stream. When listening through my Marantz NR110 AV Receiver and changing channels there is an increase (booming) in the...
  2. PiotrD

    Question Connecting a projector (Sony UBP-X800M2 and Marantz NR1710)

    Hi, I was hoping to receive assistance with respect to the doubts below. I did some research but I cannot find a direct answer to my question. I would like to connect Sony UBP-X800M2 ("Sony") to a projector while utilising my Marantz NR1710 ("Marantz") at the same time for audio purposes. Sony...
  3. PiotrD

    Marantz NR1710 no Atmos available

    Hi, I was hoping that someone would be able to assist me with an issue that I have been having, being that my Marantz nr 1710 does not allow me to play movies using its Dolby Atmos functionality. The Marantz is connected to my PS4 (with all required dolby settings in place) via an HDMI cable...
  4. topgazza

    Slim AV Reciever - maybe Marantz NR1710

    Or even the NR1510 as I only will use 5:1 ? I wish there was a seperate sub-section on websites like Richer Sounds for slim line recievers. But never mind and after searching I found the Maratz NR170. Looks just what I need and at the |right" price of £535 at Sevenoks and £549 at Richer Sounds...
  5. Herb Raiderman


    Hi I have almost decided what to pair speakers with a Marantz NR1710 AV receiver. I have room size or 13' by 15'. Does anyone have an opinion about whether to spend the extra money on the Bowers & Wilkins MT-60D 5.1 package with the Bowers & Wilkins Sub PV1D. Or to buy the Q.Acoustics 7000i...
  6. NullMind

    Question Marantz NR1710 vs Onkyo TX-NR696 with these Speakers

    Hi I am building a new home cinema on a 5.23m x 3.65m room The speakers will be Q Acoustics 3050 on front Q Acoustics 3090C for Center Q Acoustics 3020 on back Q Acoustics 3070 Subwoofer behind the couch And two Polk RC60i on Ceiling for Atmos I was looking for a AV Amp around the £500-ish...
  7. P

    Marantz NR1710 vs Marantz SR5014

    I am stuck between the two choices here. The 1710 would highly beneficial size-wise...but its 50w/channel the 5014 has 100w/channel and a couple minor other features, that I may or may not its really down to just the power for me. My question is, what will the additional power do for...
  8. R1KEB

    Marantz NR1710 & KEF T series

    Morning all, hope you’re safe and well? I’m looking to replace my ‘old’ Onkyo TX-NR609 (still works well but lacks latest connectivity). I have KEF T501 surround speakers and read that they ‘work on 8omhs’? I’m no electrical expert, just like what I like and the great sound of KEF so do t know...
  9. S

    Martanz NR1710 with Samsung one connect box

    Just wanted to investigate the best way to connect , is it simply hd lead from the arc connection (hdmi port 2) in the one connect box and then to the Av receiver hdmi out then connect any external devices to the Av receiver hd inputs for the likes of blu ray player and sky q box ?
  10. M

    Question Marantz NR1609 or NR1710??

    Hi, I've narrowed my choice down to a Marantz AVR, I like the form factor and lower power consumption compared with full size units, but... NR1609 or NR1710? Aside from HDCP2.3 and Web Based Setup, what else would I be getting for the extra £130 for the 1710? 5.1 speakers are Boston Acoustics...
  11. W

    Question Marantz 1710, Stereo SQ, Front Pre Outs and Connection to Power Amp

    Hi, I'm contemplating buying the NR1710 (replacing older sr7000 model thats on its way out) but had some questions regarding power output and sound quality for stereo music. My front speakers I built myself using high end 6inch drivers (8ohm I think). I can see that the claimed wattage for the...
  12. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Marantz launches NR1510 and NR1710 AV receivers

    Sound United, Marantz's parent company launches the NR1510 and NR1710 AV receivers in the same week that Denon unveils their latest budget AVRs. Read the news.
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