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  1. lyubo8306

    Streaming NOW tv Ireland abroad via DNS (smart dns)

    Is it possible to stream NOW tv (ROI) abroad viad smart dns?
  2. Moviebuff

    Humax Aura & Now Tv

    I am potentially looking to ditch Sky Q, due to the ever increasing cost (even with a deal) and looking at other options. Unfortunately, the ideal alternative platform appears to still not exist. Looking a the Humax Aura, and trying to find definative answers, I used Humax chat, and asked...
  3. P

    How to get Now TV

    I have a Sky Q box and subscription including sports. Unfortunately we have to move out of our house for at least 3 weeks while the damage from a large flood is repaired. We will be living in an apartment. We would like to be able to continue to watch Sky on a TV. From searching, I think that...
  4. chambeaj

    NOW TV Streaming Quality

    I have an issue with regards to the time it takes to reach the maximum streaming quality when watching NOW TV. I have been with NOW TV for many months now and have always found that the maximum streaming quality was reached within a second or so (pretty much instantaneous), even when selecting...
  5. D

    Sky Sports with no Sky Q box - Virgin or NOW TV better?

    I've decided to subscribe to Sky Sports for the first time. I watched a few Premiership matches on NOW TV last season, and found the picture quality awful, especially compared to the matches broadcast on the BT Sport 4K channel through my Virgin Media box. I've since found out that the poor...
  6. I

    Now TV vs Sky On Demand

    I get Now TV through work for a few quid per month including the HD add on. I am also a Sky subscriber, have been for years. I’m keen to watch in the best possible quality, so I’d like to know what method of viewing has the highest bitrate. The Now TV app on my Sony XH95 or downloading via the...
  7. J

    Question about Amazon Prime Video app on NOW TV 'black' box - not displaying 1080p

    Hi all, Installed the Amazon Prime Video app onto my NOW TV 'Black Box', and it seems like its only displaying 480p. Because compared to the same video selection screen for Amazon Prime Video on my 1st gen Amazon Fire Stick, it looks much grainer. I've double checked that the master out for...
  8. LotusElan

    Now TV - incoming adverts...

    I've just noticed that Now say that " might be seeing adverts that we've started to introduce in some on-demand shows and movies you can watch with a Cinema or Entertainment Membership". Apparently the way to watch without adverts will be to sign up to Boost, which they're...
  9. Andyclockwise

    Now TV subs if I already have Sky

    Is it possible to access Now TV for no extra cost if I already subscribe to Sky?
  10. Clem_Dye

    Now TV changes on the way?

    I found this article purely by off chance today: Sky’s NOW Discontinues Its Own Streaming Devices | Cord Busters It makes for interesting reading. Sky seems to be considering 4K HDR for its Now streaming service. I think that I’d be tempted, if the price was right and the content was available...
  11. A

    Fire TV - Now TV app disappeared?

    Hi, I have had the NOW app (nee NOW TV) on my Fire TV 4K stick for some time, and it is working great. I recently tried to install the app on my new Fire TV cube and was unable to find the app in the app store. I searched in the 'Fire TV apps and games' section on the Amazon website, and was...
  12. muljao

    Now TV remote question....

    Do these things eat batteries? I work away from home during the week, when I return my remotes never work unless I put new batteries in. Thanks
  13. D

    Roku stick Now TV

    Now TV just updated the look of their site. When I try and open it on the Roku HDMI stick, it opens but then closes immediately back to the menu. Anyone else getting this problem?
  14. jamct


    I cast the first 2 episodes of NOW TV's YOUR HONOR from my Samsung Galaxy A6 Tablet to my Philips 55OLED935 last night. The picture quality was extremely poor & very blurred throughout. Since dozens of previously cast NOW TV boxsets have had excellent PQ, I am puzzled to why last night's...
  15. C

    BT or other provider that shows Now TV in EPG and can record to PVR

    I have read elsewhere (cannot find link) that BT users that purchase the entertainment pack provided by Now TV will see all Now TV channels in the EPG and can directly record to PVR but users who subscribe to Now TV through Talktalk or Plusnet can only see Now TV channels via the PVR app (like...
  16. titanman

    NOW TV vs Virgin Media/broadcast (Sky Sports HD)

    Looks like these two services are pretty much the same in price, although I can get NOW TV Sky Sports HD for around £36 per month, as well as a £30 cashback so seems worth it. My hopes: NOW TV HD seems like it is broadcast in 1080p rather than 1080i from Virgin, indicating a better picture...
  17. bingodisco

    Ditch Sky Q for Now TV...

    Having suffered innumerable issues with Sky Q since getting it a few months ago, out of curiosity tried a quick test of the Now TV app on my Amazon 4K Firestick this morning. I signed up for the free 7 day trials of Entertainment and Movies with Boost to get 1080P & 5.1 sound and flicked through...
  18. D

    NOW TV On Firestick // Official Version!

  19. J

    Now TV on Fire Stick

    I’m well impressed with the Now TV app on the Fire Stick. But there’s one small thing bugging the heck out of me. The Auto Refresh Frame Rate does not work in this app or BBC iPlayer for that matter but I’m only really concerned with the Now TV app. Apart from manually changing to 50hz, is...
  20. J

    Downloading NOW TV for off line viewing.

    Can you download Films etc from NOW TV to be watched off line. I would want to download to a windows 10 laptop
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