1. HarveyWallBanger

    Speakers for a noob

    Hello guys, I don't know if I had to introduce myself in the forum but I haven't found the appropriate section. I'm throwing myself into the HT world but I'm groping in the dark, I have many doubts, especially about which speakers to take. I'd like to start from a 3.1, eventually, I'll add the...
  2. L

    Complete NOOB- Need Help - Panasonic SA-HE7 no volume-

    G'day, This is my first post in the forum so a quick intro: I always wanted an AV receiver for my home but the lack of knowledge about these systems kept me at bay. I like my music and so far have been getting my fix through good headphones. I recently bought a used AV receiver (panasonic...
  3. Budgie007

    Another really basic question :)

    Hi all, So I'll start by detailing my current setup: Dali Oberon 1 <- Arcam A29 <- Arcam irDAC2 <- Laptop (via USB) playing from Amazon Music HD. The issue I have, is that I have to get up (first world problems) from my listening position every time I want to change tracks as my laptop is...
  4. F

    BeoVox 1200…Amp?

    Hi all, I recently inherited a gorgeous set of B&O BeoVox 1200s. I was going to sell them, but decided to have a listen in situ…no surprises, it made my expensive Bose system sound processed and hemmed in. My difficulty is…I don’t know much about HiFi but I appreciate good sound...
  5. Stuart Wright

    The Hello Thread part 2

    Hello everyone and a very warm welcome to the AVForums. If you are new to the forum, please take your time to read the Terms & Rules | AVForums, and browse the forums so you can get an idea of what we are about and where everything is. We're a big site with lots of information, but don't let...
  6. B

    Edid noob

    Total noob here I’ve got a 4K hdmi splitter with sky q as the main source and then splitting into a Phillips 75” 4K and then a LG full hd was wondering what should the edid setting be on the splitter 4K 2k or copy.
  7. J

    Hisense u7qft settings for a noob.

    Hi Everyone, Having this delivered tomorrow, would anyone have decent settings as I'm totally a noob at setting up a TV.... infact at 43 years young I've always just left them at factory settings. Tv mainly used for xbox one x and movies via Disney and Netflix. Any help greatly appreciated.
  8. M

    Question Amp for TV and Google home

    Massive noob here so be gentle, anytime I Google something AV related this forum comes up so hopefully in the right place. I've got what I think are decent speakers .. B&W CC6 X1 B&W M1 X3 B&W DM601 X 2 Currently plugged in this amp Sony DA1200es Problems with current setup I'd like...
  9. T

    One of many upcoming noob questions

    Hey all, Been looking for many answers lately and your forum pops up the most. Had a 15 year old Mitsubishi 55" I finally got fed up with blinking lights. I really only used the system for an occasional DVD. Anyway I'm replacing it with a Sony X950h and getting a new Blu-Ray player as well. I am...
  10. W

    Q80t MS750 SKY Q PS4

    Hi. Noob alert I've just set up my new TV and soundbar. The soundbar has two HDMI inputs and HDMI ARC. My initial thought was to run both the PS4 and Sky Q to the soundbar, then both to the TV via the arc. Is this the best configuration, and if so, how do I switch the TV over to the PS4? I...
  11. S

    Advice for a noob! Best 48-50" allrounder (£300-450)

    Hi all! Please can someone give me some advice for the best all round 48-50" tv for near the £300-450 price mark? It will be used mainly for movies and gaming, I'm hoping to find some black friday deals so if it's a bit more expensive that may still work out... Thankyou so much! Sam
  12. SaintPriva

    NOOB Question: Does FreeNas Automatically back up files?

    I plan on building a nas server for movies and family photos and plan on having 4 16TB drives or 64TB in total. - Is there a way to have 2 drives 32TB or 2 16TB as backups for my two main ones? I am new to this so not sure how it works. -Can I use a SSD to instal freeNAS and use my HDD for...
  13. G

    drone build problems

    please watch this video. can someone out there tell me what's going on here and how to fix it? i did 3d design and print my own frame.
  14. P

    Best 49" TV available?

    Hi all, returning noob here. I've got a CAPEX signed off by the boss on a new TV (in exchange for fitted wardrobes, water-softner and handbag - I need new negotiating skills too I think). There is just one criteria, it has to fit a 110cm alcove. This restricts the choice to a 49" right? The...
  15. onezeon

    Question New to PC a noob!

    Hi Just ordered my 1st gaming laptop (specs in my sig) and haven't really got a clue what I should be downloading when it arrives hopefully this week. Obviously I will download Steam,Origin etc but anything else I'm likely to forget or not know about? Also any good free antivirus software...
  16. Sands2038

    Question Total noob needs help with a system

    Hi there, I have inherited a stack of audio equipment from my uncle, as well as a big box of vinyl. I'd like to be able to listen to the records without purchasing much if any new equipment and I'm hoping someone could help me out. I'm pretty sure this was never a full system, he did have a...
  17. RetroFox

    A possible noob query on turntable to speaker volume!

    Afternooon audio guru's I recently purchased a set of Mackie CR5BT speakers and a Onkyo CP-1050 turntable. I purchased the Mackie CR5BT speakers prior to the Onkyo CP-1050 due to the Bluetooth feature and connecting this up to my PC for digital music playback (which is excellent!). Now I've...
  18. V

    Pairing recommendation for a noob?

    I received a set of B&W 683s and an older Martin Logan sub from my brother and am looking for suggestions on stereo receiver\amp to pair them with. I'm hoping to keep the price at $500 or less and will consider something used. The speakers would be used primarily for music... generally acoustic...
  19. nero0410

    Question Nas Noob - Need advice for a 4 bay Nas Enclosure for Kodi/Plex

    I have never owned a Nas Storage device in the past at all, and have been using a HTPC for my media player with Kodi, but it's on the blink, thankfully the drives containing all my blu, dvd, cd rips are all fine. I have two 3TB Drives and two 8TB drives containing the rips for all my music...
  20. FoordDass

    Mega Noob who just got himself a house needs help

    Hello everyone, one of my first posts here, great forum by the way. Over the last 6 months I have been looking through threads and other peoples builds to get some ideas and help, now that our house purchase has gone through and we are in, it's time to tackle my first ever (basic) build for our...
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