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    I have just been given the above player, but, inevitably, without its instructions... I am quite happy to pay for a copy, but I can find nothing on ebay, and am reluctant to sign up to a subscription to one of the "manuals libraries". I'd be grateful for advice on where to get a copy.
  2. F

    NOKIA ASHA 305 turns off AFTER Logo

    Hello everybody. I have this Nokia, I turn it on and I get the Nokia logo but one second later the phone goes off by itself. The battery is new. What could be the cause? A little help, if you do not mind Thanks a lot and best regards
  3. ganon

    For Sale Nokia Steel - Activity & Sleep Watch £70

    Have this brand new sealed.
  4. T

    Stopping Vodafone Nuisance Calls on Nokia 1600

    Good evening, I'm forever getting messages from Vodafone on my three Nokia 1600's, mostly offering 500 free texts if I sign up to various things. In fact, I've never sent a text in my life and have no wish to do so. I'm on PAYG and actually use my phones for talking to people! Is there a way...
  5. M

    Question Nokia 3310 (New Model)

    Hello I purchased a Nokia 3310 back in 2018 for my mother & for some reason she has lost the charger. I don't want to spend that much money on a new charger so would it be better buying a micro USB cable.
  6. JabbaNut

    Nokia Media Streamer a new Android TV-Box with certificates for streaming for India.

    " As we know there are few Android TV-Boxes with certificates to watch streaming content in the highest quality, now only in India we have the new Nokia Media Streamer. A new microscopic device that reminds us of the Xiaomi Mi Box S but has more limited specifications, a smart box certainly...
  7. C

    Question To Upgrade or not upgrade.

    Current Phone Nokia 6.0. Cost me £70 refurbished. Likes: All metal casing, Built like a tank, Gorilla Glass Screen (not even a scratch after 14 mths), not many bugs. Dislikes: Keyboard plays up around backspace key, Internal battery, gets hot on video calls (so does my wife's iPhone SE)...
  8. brymbo76

    Question Nokia 1+ GPS fault? App fault? Or Phone Fault? Anyone suggest a better GPS Map App?

    Hello. I just bought a Nokia 1+ phone and I've been having problems trying to use the phone as a GPS Sat Nav for walking/hiking and driving purposes. My last phone was a Huawei Y5 and I was able to use Google Maps in default mode fine with just a GPS signal. My Nokia 1+ has Google Maps Go...
  9. J

    Question Nokia 1200 Refuses to Send Text Messages

    Hi everyone. On inserting a new SIM card into her Nokia 1200 my wife finds herself unable to send text messages. Messages are not received by the addressees but are nevertheless stored in the Sent Messages folder. On accessing the phone, a message is displayed telling her that the messages were...
  10. L

    Nokia 2720 startup tune

    Hi, first post on this forum, so hello to everyone. Just bought the Nokia 2720, but would love to know if its possible to disable the annoying Nokia theme tune when i switch on the phone. cheers
  11. C

    Nokia CK-7W handsfree disables speakers

    Hi all, just bought a car and already installed was the CK-7W handsfree. But it permanently disables front speakers. As if it blocks it out ready for a call. When I call/ receive then the audio comes from front speakers. But once the call finished, music only comes from rear speakers. Is there a...
  12. M

    Nokia 808 PureView - Factory

    Hello forum, I'm new here for a simple reason. I have a Nokia 808 PureView in factory condition with screen protector still on, box, some papers and charger. The phone is in such shape that it does not have any dust or dirt, or any signs of use, basically without a scratch on it. It appears...
  13. J

    Question Is my Nokia 130 phone 3G ((W)CDMA) capable?

    Hi all. Of course, I do not expect my Nokia 130 to enable me to go on the Internet. But can it be used for calls and text messages? I ask this question because the company I want as service provider offers only 3G network (which I have been told is WCDMA / CDMA / CDMA2000). My phone's operating...
  14. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Nokia 2.3 phone available in UK for £100

    Nokia parent company HMD Global releases the Nokia 2.3 which features an AI based camera to help you get the best shot, a two day battery life and Android updates for two years. Read the news.
  15. E

    My 13-year-old Nokia 3220...

    ...has seen better days, but I have a spare; don't want a smart phone. Trouble is, the SIM card is proving extremely difficult to remove. I've tried blutac, spot glue, gaffa tape on the top and then pull, but no joy. Is there a secret? Also, is it possible to get a replacement SIM - with some...
  16. seawanderer

    Question Looking for a new phone... should i go for 7.2, One Zoom, Mi9T pro or something else?

    Im trying to find a new phone that is a massive upgrade from my S5 Active . i rarely buy new phones. i have these requirements: - MUST have good battery life (3500mah+) - Durable. I am outdoor a lot / every day, so a phone that doesn't break when it falls on the floor or on the ground 1-2 times...
  17. David Phelan

    Nokia 9 PureView Review & Comments

    This is one of the most attractive and elegant phones yet from Nokia and a software update has fixed the fingerprint sensor issues reported elsewhere. Read the review. Write your own review for Nokia 9 PureView
  18. J

    Huawei worth it now?

    I'm due a new mobile end of the month (should be October because Vodafone likes to extend your contract). I have looked at the Huawei p30 pro and I really do like it but with all this legal action against them, should I still get one? I moved from Samsung to Sony and I'm just not liking either...
  19. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Nokia 9 Pureview announced at Mobile World Congress

    The Nokia 9 Pureview was announced recently at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and features the usual flagship specification along with an eye-catching rear camera array. Read the news.
  20. David Phelan

    Nokia 7.1 Smartphone Review & Comments

    The latest smartphone from Nokia is here for review. It's a display which looks gorgeous: it supports HDR10 - one of a tiny number of phones at this price with a HDR-capable screen. But is it any good at normal smartphone tasks? Read the review. Write your own review for Nokia 7.1
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