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BBC Sound Effects No. 19: Doctor Who Sound Effects is a 1978 compilation of sound effects by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop from the BBC science fiction series Doctor Who. It was the first album in the BBC Sound Effects series to feature solely Radiophonic Workshop output and also the first commercial release of an album of the Doctor Who sound effects and atmospheres. The effects included came from throughout the show's history, covering both Brian Hodgson and Dick Mills' time recording effects for the programme. Effects that did not appear on the compilation included the TARDIS taking off and landing, sounds which are considered to be works of music by the BBC rather than mere effects. Each side of the record was re-released in the United States as a part of pair of picture disc compilations, which also included tracks from Doctor Who - The Music. It was remastered and re-released on 2 February 2012, by AudioGo. It was the first time the album had a CD release in the UK. AudioGo and Discovery Records then re-released the original vinyl LP on 21 April 2012 as part of Record Store Day.

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  1. L

    Yamaha A870 No Sound on Virtual Surround Back Speaker

    Hi, While upgrading my setup to 5.1.2 with Front Presence Speakers on a Yamaha A870 I stumbled upon the Virtual Surround Back Speaker (VSBS) Setting. From the manual: I.e., if I enable VSBS, activate a CinemaDSP Program, and input a 6.1 or 7.1 Source, "VIRTUAL" should light up, and VSBS should...
  2. C

    Please help the Newbie! New Apple TV 4K (no optical audio lead, unlike old one) through (2008) Onkyo HT-R518 AV produces HDMI picture but no sound.

    I've tried multiple connection and settings options. I am guessing I'll have to buy a new, more digitally compatible AV receiver (although that could impact my wired home speaker system)? Grateful for any advice.
  3. L

    Question New speakers and amp...left speaker has no sound at low volume besides a hum?

    I want to preface, I am very new to all of this. I recently purchased a set of Sony SSCS5s and new Aiyima AO7 Pro. I wired them last night and noticed that at very low volume only the right speaker plays sound while the left speaker hums. So it's getting power but it is not playing music. I...
  4. I love a sunflower

    What happened

    I have Polk T50s as Fronts, Polk XT90 Height Speakers, Polk T30 Centre, Tannoy sub and bookshelfs as rears, Sony STR DH790 as the receiver, my left height speaker started to noticeably crackle and no sound came out of it. I checked the connection and re connected at the speaker and amp. I did a...
  5. K

    Wharfedale diamond 10.1 no sound from main speaker

    Hi The speakers have suddenly stopped working after continued use for about 3 hours The sound only comes from the tweeters. I have checked and changed the speaker wires and have also checked that the amp works with other speakers Are there any checks I can do to test them? The speaker...
  6. A

    No sound from Sub.

    Hi Folks, A month or so ago I bought a BK Double Gem sub from BK electronics. I have connected it according to given instructions. Nada! No sound Amp Yamaha A6A. Speaker test tone on amp highlights speakers in turn, all work except sub. Single cable connection with supplied cable. Any ideas?
  7. JustaKhajiit

    Question Denon avr-x2500h no sound when using stereo source

    I just bought a second hand denon avr-x2500h But there is no sound when using a stereo source. There is also no sound when trying the test tone in the setup menu. The strange thing is that when listening to a surround sound source (5.1 and also dolby atmos) there is sound. I have no idea how to...
  8. G

    No sound when running devices through Onkyo AV receiver to new Samsung smart tv

    Hi! I just bought a new Samsung Q70C smart TV (TQ65Q70CATXXC) to replace my 2018 Samsung UE65NU6025 in my living room. I run my surround system through an Onkyo TX-NR686 AV receiver and have never had any issues prior. With the new TV however, I only get the video and no sound for the devices...
  9. E

    Question Hdmi (arc) problem – no sound - SOLVED

    I have a LG qled65c1ptb tv: LG C1 65 inch 4K TV with Self Lit OLED | LG Australia and an old Denon amp: avr- 1907: AVR-1907 - 7.1 ch XM-ready AV Receiver | Denon - US that does not have hdmi. I’ve been using the optical out from the tv to transmit sound to the amp. Recently the tv optical...
  10. simonjanda

    Question Sub.. no sound !

    Hi. I have a Onkyo TX-SR 875 amp and a SVS cylinder sub with Sledge amp. All has been working fine until recently. I noticed my sub wasnt kicking in on films. When i enter the settings on my amp and go to level calibration.. i get no sound from the sub. All other speakers sound ok. The sub...
  11. G

    Question No Sound From Subwoofer

    I have limited knowledge concerning home AV so am hoping someone can either confirm my thinking or point me another direction. My 5.1 system has stopped producing sound from the subwoofer. I've checked the speaker setup which is subwoofer - use, front/centre/surround speakers - small, crossover...
  12. S

    No sound from LG to Denon sound system

    Background... I bought a 65" LG tv about 8 months ago... Went thru the connection process with my Denon sound system and my Roku streaming unit.... ALL of my tv viewing comes thru the Roku.... Everything connected up perfectly.... I could turn the tv on/off with the Roku remote... Change...
  13. I

    LG OLED48C14LB no sound when streaming

    Hi I’m having an issue with my LG TV OLED4814LB when using BBC I player, UK TV Plus and other catch up streaming programs which I hope someone will be able to help with. When watching a program and pausing it, pressing play again I get a picture but no sound. The only way I have found to...
  14. P

    No sound on one of the channels

    Hi All, I bought a Pioneer vsx-904 rds for a month ago. The sound from this reciever was perfect for me. All worked fine. But now suddenly i dont have any sound from one och the channels for the front speakers. When i connect cable from the speaker that dont work to the other channel it works...
  15. chaz

    PC Sound Problem

    At the moment getting no sound from my PC when playing youtube I have tried playing cds/Bluray both playing OK its when I go back to youtube there is no sound Can anybody help solve this my windows is 7 and the computer sound is realtek I have tried using that to make sure the sound was coming...
  16. W

    Question Marantz SR6015 no click no sound for random time

    Hello everyone and thank you in advance for any advice or help. I have a Marantz SR6015 that is having sound output issues. For background, I use this receiver for my living room TV with the main source as an AppleTV and a set of Klipsch Reference speakers. Nothing too fancy at all...
  17. A

    No sound from brand new Marantz Cinema 50

    Hello! I just got a brand new Marantz Cinema 50 but it doesn’t output any sound. When I run the Speaker setup it freezes as soon as it’s supposed to output a test tone. When I skip the speaker setup and try something from USB or via HDMI it doesn’t give me any sound. I reset it both through...
  18. Dotzkata

    Question How to get sound from center channel of an old Onkyo TX-SR608 in 7.1 content?

    I have the Onkyo TX-SR608. Got it used and the center worked when I was getting it. Now that I have it hooked up to my graphics card and set up to 7.1, I am not getting any sound from the center speaker when I try the center speaker test at the sound setup menu in Windows 11. I tried the same...
  19. R

    Canton DM75 no sound via optical lead

    Hi everyone For years my Canton DM75 has worked with no issues with first a Panasonic plasma and now an LD OLED. I’ve always had it connected via optical cable with no issues but recently the sound has just decided to stop. Occasionally it came back on and I thought it was working but now...
  20. GodAtum

    No sound when connecting PC to AVR

    I have my PC connected via DP to HDMI (GPU is a 3090) into my Pioneer LX55 AVR on HDMI1. The other GPU HDMI connections are to my 3 TVs. I have configured the Windows 10 sound settings to use the LX55 as my only output. I have set it as 5.1 surround sound. I have set the phantom display as...
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