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  1. sunnykhan

    No Sound from TV Apps via AMP

    Hi, I have a Sky Q box connected to my Denon x4500 via HDMI and the HDMI out to the TV. When viewing APPs via the SKY Q box I get multichannel sound. However, if I watch TV apps such as Apple TV on the TV itself , then there is no sound produced I wish to keep the connection as it is for sake...
  2. sunnykhan

    No Sound From TV Apps via Denon AMP

    Hi, I have a Sky Q box connected to my Denon x4500 via HDMI and the HDMI out to the TV. When viewing APPs via the SKY Q box I get multichannel sound. However, if I watch TV apps such as Apple TV on the TV itself , then there is no sound produced I wish to keep the connection as it is for sake...
  3. C

    Manhattan T3. No sound on non-HD channels

    I just bought my son a Manhattan T3 box and connected it to his Samsung smart TV via HDMI. All seemed to get set up OK but now he says that the HD channels have sound, but non-HD channels are mute. I’ve searched around and have seen mentions of HD channels not having sound and fixes for this...
  4. M

    Sony DAV-HDX589W no sound from Samsung UN55C7000WFXZA

    Father in law gave me his old Sony system. Hooked up to Samsung TV with HDMI and optical cable, Speakers work fine from built in DVD and AM/FM tuner. When the receiver is set to TV/Audio, the TV recognizes that it should be sending sound through external device automatically but does not output...
  5. T

    Cambridge Amp to new TV - no sound!

    Hi all, I have a Cambridge Audio A1 MK3 V2.0 and I am trying to connect to an LGUN71006 Have tried a DAC using the optical and get no sound, have tried an HDMI Converter using HDMI2 (ARC) and still no sound. Ensured the correct source is selected in the TV, checked the amp works by using with my...
  6. L

    Complete NOOB- Need Help - Panasonic SA-HE7 no volume-

    G'day, This is my first post in the forum so a quick intro: I always wanted an AV receiver for my home but the lack of knowledge about these systems kept me at bay. I like my music and so far have been getting my fix through good headphones. I recently bought a used AV receiver (panasonic...
  7. P

    Samsung QE55Q85R problem soundbar q90r no sound

    Sorry for my bad english bought new Samsung QE55Q85R it wil not work with my q90r atmos soundbar .tv see the soundbar no problem give no sound try different cables .
  8. mentr

    Onkyo TX-NR5010 no sound problem

    I recently needed to install a Onkyo TX-NR5010 for my sister whom moved to a new house. I installed everything like it was in the old situation (from a working configuration when it was moved into storage). However whatever I try I don't get a single bit of sound from HDMI/aux/optical cable...
  9. YNoot

    LG OLED: No sound, image only from DVD Player

    I want to share with you my experience about an issue I just solved a few hours ago. Hope this sharing will help someone someday. Issue: I got no sound when playing a DVD / Blu-ray. The DVD player (an old Harman-Kardon) was plugged into my LG DSN11RG soundbar linked to my LG CX6 TV via HDMI...
  10. J

    Rotel RSP-1576MKII Front Panel USB Input No Sound with iPhone - FIXED?

    I get no sound output when I connect my iPhone XS, IOS 14.4.1 to the front panel USB input. The processor shows the iPhone as "connected" and my iPhone shows the selected speaker as "Dock Connector". The volume slider on the iPhone's selected speaker is greyed out. Anyone?
  11. M

    Arcam SA30 no sound from AV amp when in processor mode.

    Hi all, I am a reasonably new owner of an SA30. I have got round a few initial niggles regarding updates and the remote not working. Problem now is I can’t figure out why there is no sound in processor mode when hooked up to to my AV amp pre outs. I have set the initial volume to 68 in...
  12. Mikeinuk

    No sound, where am I going wrong?

    I've bought a few items from eBay Pioneer vsx-ax2as KEF hts2001 speakers Bowers and Wilkins AS2 subwoofer I've got sound coming out from both optical and phono in. Stereo and DTS neo 2.5 from amazon prime. On the receiver, it shows the 5 speakers and the lfe on the dashboard. However...
  13. D

    No sound from cinema system when mirroring

    Hi all, I'm nery new to all this tech so please bear with me. I have a Samsung smart tv connected with a Panasonic home cinema system. Usually anything I watch on TV can also have sound through the cinemas system. I have just worked out how to screen mirror from my android to watch theatre stuff...
  14. D

    Onkyo HT-380 no sound from front speakers, googling the hell out of it!

    I've had my Onkyo HT-380 for many many years and I'm now wondering if I've ever had the 5.1 working correctly. I just can't get any sound from the front left & right speakers. The AV is set to 'A' and wired into the 'A' grouped connectors at the back. I've noticed that it displays PCM on screen...
  15. C

    No Sound with AirPlay to Sony XBR 65x90CH (65x900H)

    I'm new to these forums so apologize if I missed a prior post which answered this question. I tried a search and did find one post but it didn't help. So here is my question: I just bought a Sony 65x90CH TV and have tried streaming content to the TV via AirPlay from my iMac (running Mojave OS)...
  16. MIB

    Onkyo 818 No Sound

    I've had an Onkyo 818 receiver for over 6 years and its been a great receiver, however suddenly I have no sound. The picture passing through to TV or PJ is fine however no sound coming out of any speakers. I tried a reset but didn't work. I googled and sounds like a potentially common fault...
  17. Gkospiritus

    JBL 9.1 Soundbar no sound but rears

    Hi all, so I'm owning a new 9.1 since yesterday. I'm still not able to calibrate but this is maybe related to the overall issue. I clearly can hear sound coming from the rears only. If it's switching to 5.1 no center is playing, same on atmos or any other codex. Tried to turn off the rear and...
  18. canada16

    Yamaha RX-3050 Decoder off - No Sound on start-up

    Hey Over the past few weeks on start-up my amp is saying decoder off and it takes ages for the sound to come on. It can take up to 5 minutes now, but its random as sometimes it will come on straight away and sometimes it takes ages. I have tried restarting and this does not help. It...
  19. U

    Rollback Firmware, For the onkyo amps that have no sound

    **Update, the hidden menu is service mode. trick is how to get into it for your receiver Rolling back to an older firmware by forcing usb update May or may not help, but I am convinced all of these weird problems people had with certain onkyo amps were firmware related. This isn't long term...
  20. JaySeb

    Question Cambridge Audio Topaz AM10 - No sound

    Haven't used it in 5 years, but following a gift of new Kef speakers by my girlfriend, thought I'd give it a go. New wire, mmf 2.2 phono, no sound. Aux test, no sound and same for all others. Tested and retested everything, plugged and unplugged, different wires and speakers, no sound...
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