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  1. steveprior

    Marantz SR8012 no video whatsoever

    Hi everyone! I bought a Marantz SR8012 in February last year. Yesterday evening, no picture appeared on either my projector or my TV (both are plugged in and the Output is set to Auto). I turned the power off at the wall, waited a bit, and turned it back on again. Nothing. I then performed a...
  2. S

    Denon AVR-X1500H no picture form up to 10 seconds while switching HDMI inputs

    Hi, My Denon AVR-X1500H takes a long time to display any picture while switching from one HDMI input to another. I can hear sound but it takes up to around 10 seconds to have picture. The AVR is connected via a 10 m long HDMI 2.0 cable to my Epson 3200 4k projector. I have various inputs...
  3. J

    TVonics DTR-Z500HD Sound but no picture

    Hi everyone, Helping a friend with a TVonics DTR-Z500 HD box that went from working ok, to sound but no picture. There were no error messages from the set top box, or warnings. Box initially on green light when repowered but when the power on button on remote is pressed the unit goes to red...
  4. V

    LG tv no picture with virgin box advice

    I recently got a LG sound bar to go with my LG tv i have had no problem with the set up until today, when i have the virgin box switched on i have audio but no picture however when in the LG tv's home dashboard i have audio and picture when i switch to full screen the tv screen goes blank help.
  5. P

    Question Just Built a PC, fans work but no picture is appearing on the display.

    Hello, I recently built a pc of the specs listed below: CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2400g GPU: Using Ryzen APU MOBO: Gigabyte A320M-S2H RAM: 8GB of G Skill Trident Z 3200 MHz Storage: 240GB Kingston SSD and 640GB WD Caviar Black The fans turn on, the ram stick is on as it lights up and the pc led on the...
  6. I

    Question No picture on Freesat Tv

    We had Sky Q for about a week but decided to cancel. I did ask for a hybrid lnb as I liked the idea of returning to Freesat in the future. When I connected the Sky HD box back to the TV as expected, it still worked on the TV in the other room. Today I've removed the Sky q box from the main TV...
  7. C

    I have sound from my receiver, cbl\sat box, dvd player, but no picture to my projector screen, the screen is only blue from turning on

    Turned on my home theater, the projector bulb is working, but i can't get any picture on my projector screen. I've got sound from my cbl\sat box, sound from my dvd player, sound from my pc, but none of them give me a picture onto my projector screen. I tried replacing the HMDI cable from my...
  8. M

    Sound no Picture

    I have a Sony have Bravia KD55XG8505BU I am tring to connect to my Sony STR DN1040 AV Receiver to and every HDMI port I try I have sound but no picture it should work via ARC to arc TV to receiver put no good I have changed leads etc it was work on previous tv a week ago.Can anyone please...
  9. B

    Output issue on Pioneer VSX-923 AV amplifier

    Hi Over the last couple of days I’ve started having an issue with the output from my amp, essentially its showing a snowy image and intermittently flicking to the actual source image for a split second and then back to snow again. It is doing it on everything when I switch between input...
  10. M

    Precious VHS tapes not displaying picture

    So i recently found my old vcr and a number of tapes. The vcr is in good working order and plays 90% of the vhs tapes i found. However a few of the tapes do not display the picture or any sound when inserted in the vcr including an old home Christmas video. The time on the player remains at...
  11. L

    Question Hitachi 32HB6J51U No Picture

    Hello there, I've had a Hitachi 32HB6J51U for about 18 months but it was sat in storage for almost a year until I started using it again about 2 months ago. Everything was fine with it until last night when the picture just went black about 20 mins into watching something on iplayer. There...
  12. G

    Question Yamaha RX-V683No picture on some devices

    I upgraded my old yamaha RX-V373 and Panasonic 902B TV before Christmas to a RX-V683 and LG OLED. Since the swap, I can't get a picture from my CCTV or projector. The only troubleshooting I've managed is to connect the cctv directly to the LG which worked fine so I suspect the new receiver is...
  13. Aleksa

    Question Pioneer 828 No picture problem (xbox360/laptop)

    Hello guys I have a problem with my receiver but it will take a while to describe the problem, but i ll try to it short. So i got back xbox 360 from cleaning laser (used the disc cleanup) and when i connect to my Pioneer vsx 828, it wont show picture. Sound works, i can hear xbox startup music...
  14. D

    LG42LB550V no picture

    This is my first post sorry. But Id like to know if anyone can help me fix my LG42LB550V tv. There was no picture or sound, there was a power on light, but since I replaced both boards in the back of the unit, its just dead. Any advice is welcome, thanks
  15. oops01

    LG tv no picture !

    Hi all I bought my LG tv 55UB850V tv around four and a half years ago from Curry’s, and all was well until last night it made a static sound and the screen went blank/black and now nothing. When you press the power button the little red led on the front of the tv blinks a couple of times and the...
  16. Villaman68

    Optoma HD141x no picture from RX-A1070

    Hi, All I'm having problems getting a picture on my PJ, I used to have a Yamaha RXV683 controlling all my equipment using an HDMI switcher to output sources to the PJ as the Yamaha had only 1 HDMI output which was connected to my TV a 1080P LG. After upgrading to 4K by way of a Samsung KS9000...
  17. W

    Samsung LA40M81 TV sound No Picture

    Have a Samsung LA40M81 has no panel lamp lit.TV does turn on & off & sound works ok. Do not have circuit of power supply, not available in manual. Have tested 5v,3.3v,1.8v & 13v all ok. Have connected link pin 2 & pin 4 of cn1101 on main pcb but still does not turn inverter on to test panel...
  18. chaz

    Question Virgin V6 No Picture ???

    Hi over the last couple of nights been watching normal TV using the V6 up to now t has been fine. But the last couple of days when I went to watch Sky News I got a blank screen no picture but had sound. Also went to watch a program and suddenly the picture froze but still had sound. Very Strange...
  19. W

    Question No picture on Panasonic Tv -HDMI Matrix

    I have an Atlona 8x8 HDMI Matrix which has 3 inputs (Humax Freesat, BTVision and CCTV) and currently displaying on 3 TVs around my home. Picture is distributed via cat6 cable. I have recently tried to add another tv but am not getting any picture. The tv is Panasonic. And it shows that there is...
  20. AtomXL

    LG OLED C7 + Xbox one x + 4I Blu-ray = no picture

    hi I’m hoping someone will have some advice for me. I have a LG OLED c7 and an Xbox one x and I’m trying to play some 4K blu-rays on it. The revenant was the first one I got and it worked brilliantly. Today I bought a box set of action films from universal. The huntsman and battleship both...
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