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  1. TiRaNy4u

    No channels installed keeps popping up

    Hi all, Recently bought a Philips 58PUS8545. Every time I switch on the TV I receive a popup telling me "No channels Installed. To install TV channels now, select Install and press OK". I have a HDMI cable box that gives me all the channels I need. So I need to get rid of that popup. How can I...
  2. G


    I have a Samsung TV ( t32e390sx) 32". i have a magic eye for sky because i have it in another room .the magic eye as stopped working it wont light up. so i bought a new one one.same problem . when i try to get channels on the tv. it says' please plug ariel in to tv. it also says' there...
  3. markie76

    Can't get any channels on Hotbird 13B Transponder 128 using Echostar DSB-890

    Hi, My mum in London has an Echostar DSB-890 with monoblock LNB on 80cm dish which she uses to watch FTA Polish channels on Astra (19.2) and Hotbird 13B\C\E (13). The channel 'TVP Polonia' has moved from Hotbird 13C 11179H transponder 133 to Hotbird 13B 11075V transponder 128. She has asked...
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