1. lisbonlion

    For Sale Nintendo switch low serial barely used

    Hi since moving house this has sat in the box so might as well move it on. Its boxed neon joycons. Barely used since it was first purchased and don't think it has ever been used when not docked. Has a screen protector fitted. Also have the following games and accessories and games. Green and...
  2. M

    For Sale Nintendo Switch with many accessories

    All in good condition but no original boxes. Selling as a bundle, not separately. It's an original Switch but was sent to Nintendo for repairs (console itself + joy-cons) just over a year ago. As such is out of warranty but all in good working order thanks to the repairs. Included: Nintendo...
  3. Dan360

    For Sale Nintendo Switch - Enhanced Battery Non-OLED Version

    Hello all, For sale a Nintendo switch red box version with the better battery, not the OLED version which I have owned from new. Excellent condition, not used much, no Joy con drift (Joycons barely used), all accessories including Dock, power supply etc all accounted for and working perfectly...
  4. stephen0205

    For Sale Nintendo switch bundle

    Selling for a friend Item was rarely used and has gone unused in the last year hence the sale Item has basically sat on a shelf. Was bought for uni train travels but then education ended up online, everything is in excellent condition, switch has a screen protector on it as well. Original...
  5. addyb

    For Sale Nintendo switch lite, switch games

    Pokemon Shield (Sealed) SOLD Super Mario Odyssey SOLD Luigi's Mansion 3 SOLD Astral Chain Pikmin 3 deluxe SOLD £30 each Also selling my lads switch lite for him as he wants the new switch for tv play. Comes fully boxed and is in great condition. He bought it on ebay during lockdown and it came...
  6. N

    For Sale Nintendo Switch (launch model) - Purple/Yellow joy-cons

    I’m selling a Nintendo switch, comes with the dock, all cables, and joy-con controller cradle. It’s unboxed. I purchased this at launch and it’s been heavily used since purchase. Still runs well, battery is good, but the screen does have some scratches. Reason for sale is that I recently...
  7. Covcraig

    For Sale Nintendo Switch Grey Improved Battery version, Boxed

    Hi all Have a Nintendo Switch for sale with grey joy cons. It's the improved battery version Comes with all original packaging, Dock, cables etc Has a glass screen protector installed on the screen £230 delivered Payment via PayPal friends and family Cheers
  8. B

    Wanted Nintendo Switch N64 wireless controller

    looking for one of these bad boys, offer away
  9. fallinlight

    For Sale Nintendo 64 Games CIB/ Complete in Box: GoldenEye, Space Station Silicon Valley and Wipeout N64

    Nintendo 64 Games CIB/ Complete in Box: GoldenEye, Space Station Silicon Valley and Wipeout Goldeneye - £37 Wipeout 64 - £37 SOLD Space Station Silicon Valley - £42 Prices include 2nd Class Signed for postage Thank you for looking
  10. S2000 VTEC

    For Sale Mario 3D World + Steelbook

    No offers please. Mario 3D World (box art is in Spanish) + Steelbook - £35 posted Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - £29 posted Sold to Simey83 Zelda BOTW - £34 posted Sold to JDR82 Metroid Dread (Sealed) - £33 posted Pokémon Shield (Sealed) - £30 posted Sold to addyb FIFA 22 (Sealed) - £25 posted Sold to...
  11. superswaz

    For Sale Nintendo Switch Online Membership (Single) - 12 Months

    As per title Nintendo Switch Online Membership - 12 Months - Single subscription £13 - will be PM'd - NO OFFERS PLEASE
  12. R

    Sony Bravia XH90 and Nintendo Switch OLED problems connecting anyone?

    Hi all, I bought the Nintendo Switch OLED model about 2 weeks back. I had been playing on my Sony Bravia XH90 TV, no problems for about a week. Then a few days back my Switch started to have problems connecting to the TV. When I go to the HDMI 1 channel, it would say "No signal". After about...
  13. R

    For Sale Nintendo switch - launch console (early serial number) red/blue

    Boxed in great condition with glass screen protector since launch (can leave on or remove at your choice). Comes as standard with neon joycons or I have a spare pair of grey joycons I'd be happy to swap over if you prefer. Launch console with a very early serial number so the console is...
  14. L

    For Sale Nintendo Switch games

    SMB U deluxe £32 SMM 2 £32 Pokemon £32 Daemon £16 Diablo 3 £26
  15. Torres 76

    For Trade Astral Chain, Carnival Games, Mario, Minecraft, Kirby, Aladdin + more…

    Hi All Got the following games which I’m looking to swap only please. All are UK, boxed and in good condition. Prices are only for forum compliance purposes. With Case -Aladdin £18 -Astral Chain £32 -Carnival Games £22 -Civilization £18 -Go vacation £33 -Kirby £35 -LOL £18 -Monster Jam £25...
  16. Saxo Appeal

    Nintendo Switch now supports Bluetooth

    Hey guys No idea if this has already been mentioned Our lovely little console now supports Bluetooth in the recent 13.0.0 update About bloody time I hear you all cry, strange why this was never added in the first place...
  17. H

    X950H 75 and Nintendo Switch

    I have a 2016 Vizio P65-C1 and after reading about the Sony upscaler, bought a X950H to try out if the Nintendo Switch would look better. I believe the Switch upscales everything to a 1080p signal first and then outputs that. To be honest, I didn't see much of a difference between the X950H and...
  18. B

    Looking for a good TV for Nintendo Switch and PS5 with low stutter

    Im looking for a really good TV with all the PS5 features such as HDMI 2.1 allowing for 120 fps at 4k, good HDR, Freesync etc. And I would buy the LG Oled C1 however I can't stand the stutter it produces for movies and video games at anything below 60 FPS. It even has some stutter at 60 FPS. Now...
  19. Cha1ky

    Nintendo Switch OLED

    Certainly not the upgrade I was expecting but I do like the black and white :)
  20. W90WBA

    Nintendo Switch OLED

    Confirmed for 8th October, 7 inch OLED edition, neon red/blue or in white, wide rear stand, dock has a LAN port too and better audio
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