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  1. bruce-leroy

    For Sale Nintendo Switch Neon Red & Blue Console (newer, improved battery life version) *Boxed* *Like New* £200 inc. RMSD

    Hello there, I have for sale the aforementioned Nintendo Switch Console. I believe the pictures will speak for themselves but, before that, here is the requisite information: - The console is like new having been only played, at a conservative estimate, between 5 - 10 times max. very briefly...
  2. Drongo

    Instruction Manuals for Switch Games

    For those of you who mourn the passing of game instruction manuals, this may be of interest. ETSY seller MBPUK has produced a number of rather smart looking manuals for some Switch games: Review here: Apologies if...
  3. D

    Wanted Super Smash Bros Switch

    Looking for a copy of Super smash bros on the switch if anyone has one they want to get rid off. Will consider used or new but must be in good condition as it will be a gift.
  4. M

    Wanted Nintendo Switch

    Hey folks, No luck with the Asda or Tesco deals this week so still searching for the nephews birthday present! Condition: New or very good used with box Version: Any considered, extended battery version a plus Thanks
  5. F

    Want to hook my PS5 to my TV and Monitor with Switch

    Hi All, I want to hook my PS5 to my 4K Tv and also to my PC's Monitor. I dont want to use them at the same time. At times I will use it on my TV for movies and game play when the wife is not around. When she wants to use the TV I want to be able to switch my output over to my large Monitor...
  6. M

    Wanted Ikaruga Switch

    Anyone have the import physical copy with the model that they would part with? Thanks
  7. G

    HDMI Switch

    Hi, I bought an HDMI splitter () to connect a PS3 and PS4 to a Yamaha soundbar. The PS4 is fine but the PS3 is not displaying on the TV. The PS3 was originally connected directly to the soundbar and the PS4 also works fine on it's own. Is there an output setting for the PS3 that needs to be...
  8. LeeDicko

    Wanted Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Nintendo Switch)

    Must be fully boxed and in mint condition as looking to get it for a Christmas present for someone. Money waiting via BT or PPG.
  9. B

    Advice needed on how to switch Xbox Series S display from PC monitor to TV.

    Hi All I'm trying to find a way to be able to switch the display of my Xbox Series S console from my PC monitor to my TV without having to keep swapping cables from the Series S HDMI port. Prior to owning the Series S, I owned an Xbox One X, and my current setup allowed me to swap display...
  10. Straybezza

    For Sale Captain Tsubasa Switch

    Captain Tsubasa Switch
  11. P

    Question Smart light switch

    Hi, I’m looking for some advice please. I have a double light switch in my kitchen that controls two sets of standard outdoor lights. I’d like to voice control them by my Google Home Hub, and also set them via an app to turn off and on automatically at dusk and dawn. (I always forget to...
  12. E

    Not able to switch players FIFA 20 XBOX

    When playing Seasons online, i am not able to switch the current player, I noticed this happens mostly whenever I am in higher levels. I keep pressing the LB button but nothing happens , even the right flick takes time to work. Also I feel its mostly while defending, and I end up conceding easy...
  13. D

    Switch between home theater processor and soundbar... HDMI switch?

    My main living room also serves as my HT and also has a Martin Logan Cadance soundbar. Right now, my Sony tv's HDMI ARC is connected to my Marantz av7702 processor. However, I would love to be able to switch that over to the soundbar at any time. Basically, I don't want to always watch...
  14. Sarg0r

    For Sale Multiple switch games

    Red Faction Guerrilla - £12 Salt and Sanctuary - £22 Owlboy - £12 All games in good condition. Cartridge have been in the switch, completed then back in the case. Payment via BT please, happy to do a package deal Delivery is via standard post with proof of posting, if you want special...
  15. Lankysi

    For Sale Switch games

    Got the following games for sale. All mint condition. Smoke-free, pet-free home Dead Cells GOTY (still sealed) - £20 Mutant Football League - £10 Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - £25 Vampyr - £15 Not looking for any trades Payment by PPG or BT please (will also be advertised on FB Marketplace when I...
  16. jamski07

    Does anyone use an Xrocker chair with Xbox One/Series X and/or Nintendo switch?

    We've got one for my son for Christmas, and although hooking it up to the speakers isn't the main reason he wants one, the documentation I can find online says only the Playstation can be used to connect it simply from the controller to the chair using the 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable. I know when this...
  17. Matt

    Two switches, do i have to buy two copies of games eg Animal Crossing

    Both my girls are asking for Switches for Xmas, and i think i am going to have to get them one each as they will only fight over one of them. Do you have to get two copies of games or are you able to share games across two switches, like a family game library? I know they will both want Animal...
  18. Racy Jace

    Wanted Nintendo switch V2 console + games

    Hi. Has anyone got a V2 switch console for sale? Id like to get one for my son for his birthday if possible. Ideally I'm after a bundle with games and extra controllers etc. He'll be turning 7 so we'd like the Mario games etc. I'm in Sedgley near Dudley if anyone's local as I'm willing to...
  19. S

    For Sale Luigis Mansion 3 | Skyrim | Zelda BOTW

    Selling my used games as per the title. UK delivery only and payment via PP friends and family preferred. Luigis Mansion 3 - This is an UK purchased game, selling as me and my kids completed it and no longer used. Really enjoyed this game. £30 inc delivery. [SOLD] Skyrim - purchased from...
  20. serpico77

    Wanted Minecraft Switch

    as title. Thanks!
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