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  1. george1979

    New switch user looking for recommendations

    As the title suggests I'm looking for recommendations as I've bought a switch for my other half's Xmas. Said other half likes 2 player games so I've bought Mario kart and Mario tennis. Also looking to get odyssey. Any other suggestions for good multi player games we could get for it?
  2. Wattsy 75

    Using a hotspot with Switch Lite

    Have made my Lite the secondary console (after kids nagging about access to certain games) meaning that each rime you play it on the bus the switch wants to authenticate access to digital titles Having real issues with the switch not connecting to the hotspot on my iphone xr even when sat next...
  3. J

    Water Octoroks

    I've been writing a guide on Octoroks for Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild and I'm currently writing about their drops. Obviously, I have the standard drops but I know that water octoroks drop seafood (fish, snails, crabs) as well. I would like to know exactly what types of seafood water...
  4. A

    battery issues

    Alright, having a few issues with my switch and thought you’d be best to ask. We not had it a year yet but seems I may have battery issues wanted to ask if there’s any known faults. Now collectively total game time is prob around 25 hours hardly been used. I put it on charge for the plane...
  5. tim68

    Assassins Creed Rebel Collection

    I couldn't find a thread for this so hope its ok to start one I came across this browsing Argos Switch games today, it includes Black Flag and Rogue, due in December. not sure if Rogue is the remastered version. will be great to play Black Flag again on the go please bring over the Ezzio...
  6. J

    Switch v9.0.1: Setting up kids accounts; local users required to link to Nintendo Account?

    Hello, I just bought a Nintendo Switch (the new model w/ the longer battery life), and so I'm new to all this. The purpose is for me to have family use it, so I figured I'd set up an account for myself and each family member. I've created a Nintendo account and linked it, and even bought the...
  7. IamMarcoos

    Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training (03/01/20)

    Previously announced for Japan. Now coming to Europe on 3 January. Retail version will come with a stylus. Not seen pricing yet for physical or digital.
  8. Doctor Smith

    Anyone got both?

    Has anyone got both the switch and lite, is so which do you prefer? I am thinking of getting a switch. However, I can't decide between them. Thanks.
  9. markgodley

    Nintendo Switch Lite 2 player with Joy Con

    Hello, We've bought my son a Nintendo switch lite for christmas, and i just wondered if it's possible for him to play on the switch like normal using the regular controls built in but also for me to play as a 2nd player using external joy con controller Can't see this mention or referenced...
  10. LV426

    Nintendo Switch & Switch Lite Hot Topics (ex Sticky Threads)
  11. G

    GRID Autosport

    Hi, Been waiting for a decent "racing sim" for the Switch and i think we have it now. Anyone bought it yet and whats the verdict? Gary
  12. everett_psycho

    Untitled goose game

    The game you were all waiting for has finally arrived surprisingly yesterday. Yes it's untitled goose game. The reviews for it seem to say it's great but a bit short. Looks like an entertaining few hours though so I may well pick this up and be a bad goose. Apparently...
  13. doubledragonxx

    Question Any playing Golazo?

    Just wondering if anyone has tried Golazo yet and what your thoughts were Golazo! for Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Game Details
  14. Daft Ada

    Ring Fit Adventure (Oct 18th)

    Looks like a new wii fit style fitness title is coming soon, using the joycons in a stretchy band to measure activity. More details being revealed Sep 12th, but here’s a teaser trailer
  15. IamMarcoos

    Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition - Coming 2020

    Announced at the direct last night. Personally never played the Wii or 3DS versions. So may well go for this. Bound to be a full price title.
  16. just wondering

    Question Help and advice, new 1.1 Switch, what three letters does your serial number begin with

    Help and advice please, I've just bought a new switch, it was in the new red box, but I'm unsure based on battery life if I've got a new model 1.1 in the red box.... If possible could you let me know what version of switch you have (original or 1.1) and it's first 3 letters of its serial number...
  17. Noahs Dad

    Differences between the 3 Switch Minecraft games

    I have a kid asking for Minecraft but not very familiar with it and never played it myself. What are the differences between the original version, Minecraft Story Mode The Complete Adventure, and Minecraft Story Mode Season 2 ? The first game seems to be the only one with the Switch exclusive...
  18. apolloa

    Which Colour?

    Ok so I’m stuck between the Yellow one and the Grey one, I’m leaning more towards the yellow though. Which colour would you choose? I plan on buying the Switch Lite to replace my original Switch, I have the grey original Switch.
  19. Daft Ada

    The Outer Worlds

    Bit of a surprise reveal - The Outer Worlds is coming to Switch soon.
  20. Wattsy 75

    Wolfenstein Youngblood

    Picked up the deluxe edition from Cdkeys for 22.99 Having a similar issue to Doom on the switch in that stick sensitivity just seems off What settings are people playing on?
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