nintendo switch

  1. ChrisGTL

    Trailing Edge Dimmer Switch?

    Does anyone have any good or bad experiences of trailing edge dimmer switches? I bought myself some Tala bulbs and looking at the Tala website they recommend various dimmer switches including the Varilight V-Pro which I bought. It has been useless since day 1 so I asked for a replacement and...
  2. furryhobnob

    Wanted Switch lite bundle

    Hi im after a switch lite with a couple of games if possible, games aren't a deal breaker though, thanks in advance, cheers
  3. Edgie70

    Hdmi switch

    Hi all , my Sonos beam gen 2 and 2 One SL speakers arrive tomorrow and I'm thinking of putting my 3 devices in to the hdmi on the bar , I have sky+hd , dvd player and an Amazon fire TV box gen 2 . Which hdmi switch do you recommend ??? Nothing too expensive as I've just spent a small fortune ...
  4. fallinlight

    Wanted New Grey Switch Joy Con L/ R or New Grey Switch with Grey Joy Con (for the Joy Cons)

    I'm looking for, a new Grey Switch Joy Con L/ R, or New Grey Switch with Grey Joy Con (for the Joy Cons). Kind thanks, fallinlight
  5. SimonHavfc

    For Sale Switch brand new sealed

    Selling a brand new sealed Switch Neon with improved battery. Asking £225 delivered by Royal Mail special delivery. Serious offers welcome.
  6. dcleal

    Control socket from manual light switch

    Sorry if this is a repeat question, couldn't find anything quite relevant. I have a room with a manual light switch that controls some wall lights. Also in the room are some lamps plugged into a power socket. What I would like is for when I turn the light switch on/off, both the wall lights and...
  7. B

    For Sale Switch Games

    Got some duplicate Switch games to sell - all in excellent used condition: All sold. Prices include postage. Payment via PPG. SOLD Luigi's Mansion 3 - £32.00 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - £32.00 Metroid Dread - £32.00 Zelda BOTW - £37.00 Zelda Skyward Sword - £32.00
  8. lisbonlion

    For Sale Nintendo switch low serial barely used

    Hi since moving house this has sat in the box so might as well move it on. Its boxed neon joycons. Barely used since it was first purchased and don't think it has ever been used when not docked. Has a screen protector fitted. Also have the following games and accessories and games. Green and...
  9. Lylat1an

    Best PC capture device for Switch that supports surround sound?

    My goal is to decode the Switch's LPCM 5.1 audio output though my PC's speakers, and possibly get a clearer picture through DVI. Is there a capture card (or other device) that will allow me to view the games and hear the surround sound without noticeable lag? I'm not a streamer, so recording...
  10. robloxian

    HDMI Switch

    Hi, I'm looking for a 60hz 4K switch. Anyone recommend a decent one please? Must have 5 ports and auto switch. It'll be for a PS5, Xbox Series S and other 180p consoles. Been looking at this one: Hdmi Switch, mrocioa 3 Port input 1 out 4K Hdmi Switcher Box with Remote. Hdmi Splitter 4K Hub...
  11. robloxian

    For Sale 3 Port 4K HDMI Switch

    This one: Bought for my PC setup but never ended up using it. In excellent condition.
  12. inkinoo

    For Sale Unifi 48 port managed switch - USW-PRO-48

    Just over a year old, only reason for selling is there is a fault with one of the SFP+ ports. For most people this would cause no issues but I have a few fiber links in my house so this stops me connecting them up. Have original box and it has spent its whole life in my rack. £320 including...
  13. L

    Wanted Switch joycons

    Looking for a pair of joycons. Must be in as good as new condition. @parrii7 - as discussed.
  14. Scott28

    For Sale Octava 4 x 2 HDMI Matrix Switch over CAT 6 -PoC

    RRP: $650 Postage - Recorded, Next Day Delivery Octava 4 x 2 HDMI Matrix Switch over CAT 6 -PoC The Octava HD42CATMX allows you to share 4 High Definition sources to 2 remote Zones over dual CAT6 cables! The HD42CATMX is a non-blocking matrix view any Source on Any Display in 16 combinations...
  15. simsini

    For Sale Animal Crossing Switch Console - New

    Nintendo Switch Console Animal Crossing: New Horizons Edition. New and sealed. Includes Animal Crossing game as a download code in the box. Looking for £330 delivered via BT. Thanks.
  16. C

    For Sale N64 Switch controller, Switch Games

    Splatoon 2 (sealed) - £28 Fire Emblem Three Houses (sealed) - £32
  17. kosymodo

    Which to use as the HDMI switch - TV or soundbar?

    I have my new LG OLED65C1 which I'm trying to set up properly from outset. I'm wondering what the best/preferred way of connecting my devices would be? I have: Sky Q 2TB (HDR-capable) main box Apple TV 4K Xbox One S Fire TV Stick 4K Sony HT-ZF9 soundbar My inclination was to connect (as per...
  18. Simey83

    Wanted Switch Games

    Hi All, I am after the following Switch games; Mario Party Superstars Mario 3D All Stars Luigis Mansion 3 Thanks Simon
  19. mikeclark007

    Wanted Mario 3D World - Switch

    Hi. I’m after the above for £30 delivered if anyone has a copy. Needs to be in decent condition as it’s for a birthday present. I secured a copy from a member on her the other week and it didn’t turn up.
  20. C

    Hdmi switch

    Hi Everyone Can anyone recommend a HDMI switch thing for my sky Q box? I have one currently that splits the signal and sends it to another TV upstairs over a CAT6 cable. I don't watch UHD content upstairs, just on the main TV downstairs. The switch box I have doesn't support UHD content Thanks
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