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  1. T

    For Sale Nintendo 3DS XL Console & Nintendo 2DS Console & 9 games

    Everything has been tested and is in full working order. I have the following for sale and each will be priced individually: Super Mario 3D Land (Unboxed). £8 or both for £12 Yoshi's New Island (Unboxed). £8 or both for £12 Everything will be well packed including anything that is...
  2. Zyniker

    Wanted Circle Pad Pro XL

    Does anyone still have one of these laying around?
  3. A

    Is the 3DS and 2DS discontinued?

    Wiki said the production in Japan stopped in 2019. But I think the products are made in China? I can still see them on sales in Amazon. So is it officially discontinued after the introduction of Switch Lite?
  4. M

    Great game and fantastic soundtrack - This's The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks.

    Great DS game that can be played on 3DS!
  5. LV426

    Nintendo Wii-U & 3DS Hot Topics (ex Sticky Threads)
  6. U

    Question Nintendo 3ds Image/Video's to SBS file Conversion

    Hello all, I had taken 3D images and videos using a Nintendo 3DS over the years that I am trying to convert into SBS images and videos for viewing on the Rift or any other 3D capable device. I have found myself quite frustrated with the MPO and 3D-AVI files. MPO: The Nintendo MPO files stores...
  7. Noahs Dad

    Are Nintendo done with the Amiibo's?

    Just wondering if anyone knows, are Nintendo are done with amiibo's? Unless I am mistaken, there has been no Switch game related amiibo tie in's has there? And nothing as far as I am aware has been announced. Amiibo's seem to have slowly winded down and the last one was probably the large...
  8. Soundwave

    Question New 3DS Ambassador Edition value

    Hi all, Just a quick question I'm thinking about selling my New 3DS Ambassador edition as I just never use it, but have no idea on a rough value these days It's boxed, screens are both in very good to mint condition Original fitted backplates show a few marks from being in bags etc. but I...
  9. D

    Selling a 3DS Special Edition with original bundled games?

    I'm considering buying a switch for my daughter and will potentially be looking to sell the 3DS that she currently has. It's one of the original 3DS XL models, with Mario Kart 8 included - and it also has Mario 3D World installed. From doing a bit of research I think I'm right in saying that...
  10. cmdrmarc

    Bargain Hey Pikmin 3DS £15.95 Coolshop

    Hey! PIKMIN (UK, SE, DK, FI)
  11. Swyer87

    Question Nintendo 3DS Games

    Hi I am hoping to get some advice, i have bought my soon to be 5 year old daughter a 3ds and was wondering if people could offer advice on what games to get? She is very intelligent for her age but i don't want to buy anything that will be too difficult for her? I have bought her Mario Kart 7...
  12. Shanew1705

    3DS Future

    Does anyone think with the Switch being out now that the 3DS may die off and not as many games will be produced for it? Or has there been any word from nintendo or leaks about this?
  13. BluWarfareHD09

    Question Orange 3DS XL

    Does anybody know if the orange 3DS XL(New 3DS XL) was limited edition, as I cannot find it anywhere without the price being over inflated? Thanks in advance
  14. pbb76

    Question Transfer between 2ds and new 3ds using BT

    Just got a new 3ds and trying to do the wireless transfer between systems. I'm on BT here and have the new Smart Hub. A lot of the time I can barely get both devices connected at the same time to even start the transfer, but if they do, it always bombs out. Just before anyone says, the...
  15. cmdrmarc

    Bargain Professor Layton Miracle Mask 3DS £2.99 @ Argos

    Buy Professor Layton: The Miracle Mask Nintendo 3DS Game at - Your Online Shop for Nintendo 3DS, 2DS and DS games, Nintendo 3DS, 2DS and DS, Video games and consoles, Technology.
  16. F

    Bargain Anyone seen Nintendo 3DS deals?

    Looking for a 3ds for my son (for xmas), anyone seen any good Black Friday deals?
  17. cmdrmarc

    Bargain Expired Super Mario Maker 3DS £26 (Amazon Prime members)

    Saw the preorder had dropped to £28 but then noticed a £2 discount for Prime members :) Super Mario Maker 3DS (Nintendo 3DS) & Video Games
  18. PFMC84

    Pokémon Sun / Moon - 3DS

    Demo for this is out today with the full game out in a month. Anyone else going to be downloading the demo today?
  19. raigraphixs

    Pikmin 3DS

  20. paulmcp2403

    3D is not is awesome !!! Well according to the AV Forums

    NO....not my views !!!:laugh: Hmmm....he's a major contributor to the AV Forums but he couldn't tell the difference in a poor set up???? Now he's suddenly a 3D convert.... interesting.....I'd say it is empty rhetoric all too late from one of the major naysayer sources who helped go out of their...
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