Lego Ninjago is a line of sets produced by Lego. It uses elements from the previous Ninja series, but with many changes, including a brand new plot, characters, a TV show, and a movie. Also, the inclusion of advanced vehicles and technology is notable, as it implies a more modern setting than the feudal Japan setting of the previous incarnation.
Dragons have always been a significant part of Ninjago. A Dragon was introduced for all four original ninja (Kai, Jay, Cole, Zane). Later, the dragons migrated to the Spirit Coves and combined into one four-headed Ultra Dragon. This dragon was soon used by the Green Ninja, Lloyd Garmadon. Ninjago later introduced into the sets the Golden Dragon, an ancient fighting animal given to Lloyd passed down by the First Spinjitzu Master after he found his true potential, The Ultimite Spinjitzu Master; the MechDragon, a cybernetic creature built by the Digital Overlord to capture the Golden Ninja, Lloyd; the Titanium Dragon, an elemental dragon belonging to the Titanium Ninja, Zane; the Morro Dragon, a dragon belonging to Morro, Master of Wind; Jay's Elemental Dragon, a model of the dragon belonging to Jay, Master of Lightning; and the Green Ninja Mech Dragon, Lloyd's mechanical dragon from The Lego Ninjago Movie. Every Dragon's head (except for the MechDragon, the Titanium Dragon, the Master Wu Dragon, the Morro Dragon and the Green Ninja Mech Dragon) launches a sphere shaped projectile. (All of the dragons listed in the paragraph above have corresponding Lego sets).
Ninjago was introduced in late 2010/early 2011 with a wave of Lego sets and two season one episodes (later split into four). The plot of the season one episodes centered on four ninjas: Kai, Master of Fire; Jay, Master of Lightning; Cole, Master of Earth; and Zane, Master of Ice. They are brought together by Sensei Wu to form a team, in an attempt to stop the evil Lord Garmadon from collecting all four Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu.
After the pilot episodes' success, a sequel season to the TV series was ordered in 2012 continuing with the first official season titled "Rise of the Snakes", introducing a prophecy foreseeing that a ninja would rise, more powerful than the others: the Green Ninja. The Green Ninja was destined to defeat the Dark Lord who was Lord Garmadon. Lloyd Garmadon, Lord Garmadon's son was the green ninja. The new series also introduced another wave of sets and a more modern twist; featuring cities, mechs, and vehicles. Season 2: "Rise of the Spinjitzu Master" was released and more sets were made featuring the final battle between Lloyd and the Overlord. Although season 2 was intended to be the final season and the end of the product line, it continued in 2014 with a third season titled "Rebooted" as well as new sets featuring a futuristic plot with advanced technology and centering on the Ninjas' battle with the Digital Overlord and his robotic Nindroid Army. Season 4:"Tournament of Elements" aired in early 2015 and featured Master Chen who invited the ninja and all the other "Elemental Masters" to compete in his "Tournament of Elements". Later, a new season titled "Possession" was released, focusing on an escaped spirit from the Cursed Realm, Morro. Morro took over Lloyd's body, and, with his army of ghosts, tried to curse all the realms and unlock the Preeminent using the Realm Crystal, hidden away with the body of the First Spinjitzu Master. It also featured Nya becoming the master of Water. Then, a season called "Skybound" was released, featuring a Djinn called Nadakhan who escaped from the Teapot of Tyran and tried to restore his realm of Djinnjago using Ninjago. He trapped all the ninjas except Jay and Nya in his Djinn blade by making them wish themselves away, leaving Jay to free them and save the world.A TV special called Day of the departed featured six resurrected villains and Sensei Yang,as well as Cole's ghostly struggle. Season 7, Hands of Time features the Time Twins, Krux and Acronix seeking the Time Blades. The Time Blades are blades that have the ability to stop time, slow down time, reverse time, and jump forward in time. Kai and Nya find more about their parents. In 2013, Ninjago was announced to have a movie in 2016. However, The Lego Ninjago Movie was delayed until September 22, 2017.

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