1. 1

    Fire fighter charity London marathon run for NHS

    This Sunday 26th April, Me along with my blue watch at Barking fire station have organised to run the 26 mile marathon on running machines on what would have been the London marathon day. The watch have at some point all needed our amazing NHS network to care and support our loved ones in their...
  2. A

    Nissan Free Car Loan For NHS Staff

    Just a heads up for anybody that currently works for NHS or knows someone that does I spotted this on Hotukdeals https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/nissan-offering-free-car-vehicle-loan-for-nhs-3447004 https://www.nissan.co.uk/covid-19/nhs-car-loans.html
  3. Trollslayer

    NHS status checker

    Just watch the update on BBC1 the NHS Corona virus status checker was mention. This is important because it will provide useful information so it would be good if people used it. Thanks. Tell the NHS about your current experience of coronavirus The status of those who have not been physically...
  4. JabbaNut

    Coronavirus: The NHS workers wearing bin bags as protection

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-52145140 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-52165515/coronavirus-we-re-on-our-knees-says-nurse
  5. paulyoung666

    Anyone signed upto help the NHS ?

    I’ve done it but not got the clearance email yet , just wondering if anyone else is / has 😀
  6. Garrett

    Supermarket Opening Times For NHS, Staff, Elderly & Vulnerable And The Rest.?

    Anyone working at the major stores can they name and post the opening times for the different categories. Been doing a search and I get conflicting info. Parents want to go to Tesco tomorrow and I seen both they open at 6am but elsewhere they only opening to the elderly at 9pm which means 3...
  7. GadgetObsessed

    What do people believe is so special about the NHS?

    What I am trying to understand with this thread is why so many people have a strong attachment to the current structure of the healthcare in this country - publicly funded and publicly provided. Especially when this system is unusual when compared with other developed countries. (The USA is...
  8. Trollslayer

    Telford A&E closing at night

    Telford A&E to temporarily close overnight The staff have finally had enough. Of course, the MPs complaining aren't on their salaries.
  9. encaser

    NHS to pay for treatment for children addicted to gaming.

    Should the NHS really be expected to pay for addiction treatment for children who's parents have let them game to the extent of addiction or, should parents or game makers foot the bill? Telegraph article here
  10. Pacifico

    NHS not fit for the 21st century

    Funny thing is that some of us have been saying this for years. The whole edifice is just too resistant to change and coupled with the religious ferver of its supporters means we are stuck with a second class system. NHS not fit for the 21st century, says chief inspector of hospitals
  11. ghrh

    Should NHS workers get a pay rise?

    Should NHS workers get the 3.9% pay rise they are asking for?
  12. tapzilla2k

    "We will have blood on our hands" as there are no suitable beds for a mentally ill teenager.

    This is a damning indictment on the state of the mental health system in the UK - Family judge 'ashamed' by support for suicidal girl - BBC News A Top Judge Just Warned That Mental Health Failings Could Leave The State With "Blood On Our Hands" The buzzfeed article has a link to the judges...
  13. J

    NHS hack.

    Reading between the lines today, it seems that the NHS were not using the latest MS s/w, thus not getting regular security updates - maybe. Also, it seems they maybe had no offsite up-to-date data backups which they could use to reboot their systems ? We learned to do this decades ago where I...
  14. wiz

    If they can hit the NHS whats the point of all these AV/Malware progs

    Might as well give up. If yer gonna get it yer gonna get it!
  15. danmc_82

    NHS Dental Refund Advice Please

    long story short... I've overpaid my nhs dentist bill as I was going to have some tier 3 work done. Im no longer having this work so its dropped to tier 2. The money im owed can only be claimed by filling a form out and sending it off. Well, the form they gave me must have been old as the...
  16. wiz

    NHS staff trigger Google cyber-defences

    Does this mean they don't know what there doing? Imagine your on the table and someone thinks I'm not sure what I'm doing I'll Google it! :D:D;) NHS staff trigger Google cyber-defences - BBC News
  17. H

    NHS funding but you can see me private

    I have been suffering for nearly the past 18 months with shoulder and kneck pain, i managed to get some injections early on in the year, which have helped me to continue to work as i am self employed. i have restricted myself on what i take on and limit myself to the amount of hours i do. Today...
  18. J

    To Fellow NHS Deaf Aid wearers

    I currently own a Yamaha YAS-103 which listen too through NHS Deaf Aids is rather bright for my liking. Can some body recommend a more warmer sounding bar please.
  19. Rasczak

    Is the NHS in "financial crisis"?

    An interesting question I think - not least as an organisation headed by Michael Gove, Justice Secretary says it is. The rest of the Government presumably says it isn't.
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