1. P

    Linn Nexus speakers purchased off ebay Help please

    Hi everyone, I love my Linn Kolektor, Linn Lk85, Monitor Audio Silvers set up, anyway reading everywhere how Linn sound best with Linn speakers i purchased a pair of Linn Nexus speakers on Ebay. I wired them up with Linn k20 speaker cable powered up and all I could hear was very low tinny...
  2. S

    Linn Nexus fronts, repair or replace?

    One of the tweeters in my Nexus front speakers has died and a replacement pair is £300. The speakers were bought new in 1991 so they don't owe me anything but I've always liked the sound they make. They are now mostly used for movie watching partnered with a set of Linn Komponent surrounds so...
  3. P

    Nexus 7

    I bought a SH Nexus 7 and when I received it, it still had the precious owner's details on it so I did a factory restore. Now trying to set it up and when I try to connect to my LAN, it seems to connect okay but is unable to verify the connection. It has been suggested that it could be an IP...
  4. A

    Replacement tablet for Google Nexus 10

    Suggestions welcome for a replacement tablet to replace an ancient Google Nexus 10. Use is mainly as a media muncher (streaming, Web browsing, e-mail). Not wanting to spend several hundred. Ideally something with a similar sized screen (or bigger). Physical controls need to be clearly indexed...
  5. Bert Coules

    Replacement for deceased Nexus 7 tablet

    I'd be grateful for recommendations for a replacement for a faithful but now dead Google Nexus 7. This is a 7" Android tablet which I used 95% of the time as an e-reader: its other capabilities were very handy when needed though, and I don't really want to replace it with a straightforward...
  6. sparkymark75

    Gamers Nexus not too impressed with the PS5 cooling design

  7. zt1903

    Scarlet Nexus (PS4/PS5)

    In a far distant future, humanity’s last hope falls into the hands of an elite group of psionic soldiers, who battle an invincible threat known as, Others. Unravel the mysteries of a Brain Punk future caught between technology and psychic abilities in, SCARLET NEXUS. Appears to be a launch...
  8. P

    Atacama Nexus cable hole

    I have an old pair of Atacama Nexus speaker stands and am considering cutting a cable guide hole as is in the current design. Has anyone else attempted to do this?
  9. stone

    Question RIP 6P Need Recommendations

    Google have refunded me for me Nexus 6P which i loved!!! After the battery started to die suddenly again almost a year after the first replacement. I've now 14 days to find a new phone any recommendations? I liked the size of the 6p and stock android,its the longest i've kept a phone. I...
  10. chezybezy

    Nexus 4 to k8 2017 worth it?

    Hello, it's been a while since I've been active but am hoping someone can advise me. Currently have an google Nexus 4 phone and am very happy with it but lately been having problems with it turning off or signal dropping (related to when the battery is low a,restart usually fixes it, unsure why...
  11. T

    Superline Nexus MSDCC Mind Computer

    Add me if you're interested in building a mind computer called Superline Nexus MSDCC (it will be described intricately). The mind computer in action is like having a cognitive and imaginary impulse, sending it (as if you were in contact with a entity) to framework, and receiving an impulse from...
  12. Tom Tom

    Question What upgrade should I be looking for from a Nexus 6P?

    I have had a Nexus 5 (battery is now terrible) and a Nexus 6P as my last two phones. I have loved the stock Android feel and when I upgraded from the Nexus 5 I did a brief spell with the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium. The two things were the battery got stupidly hot and I hated it didn't restore my...
  13. W

    Nexus 6P replaced like for like via Google

    For those that are interested or have similar issues My N6P wasn't charging fully and was shutting down completely at around 30% Would come to it most mornings with it completely dead. Spoke to Google tech support via their callback facility that's on Oreo and they agreed to replace it with a...
  14. W

    Question Nexus 6P to Galaxy S8 Plus - anyone done this move?!

    Just in the midst of selling some unused Hifi equipment due to it gathering dust in my loft rather than it being used as it should be, all down to having active/wireless speakers now etc... Fancy treating myself to a new phone and wondered if anyone's moved from an N6P to the S8 Plus and what...
  15. Alps

    Nexus 5X cable query

    Guys, my wife has a Nexus 5X which she wants to connect to her PC which does not have the USB C connection. What connector or cable would she need to connect the phone to her PC?
  16. stevos

    Nexus 7 2013 - What to replace with?

    Is there anything that comes close to the build quality and general quality of feel to the 2013 Nexus 7, but including a bit more powerful specs?
  17. K

    Question Google Nexus 5 screen problem

    Hello, Sorry if this is the wrong section, but my Google LG Nexus 5 has been out of action for quite a number of weeks. At the start the screen started jumping around, a bit like this Then when you put it on sleep then back on this would sometimes appear Now anytime I turn it on...
  18. drinkturps

    Should I get the Pixel C to Replace aging Nexus 10?

    Hi there, the title says it all. The wife has had a Nexus 10 for years and but now the battery is flaky and the charge connector is a little intermittent too. Used mainly for reading and website browsing with mandatory Candy Crush games. Pixel C looks pretty decent and at £400 it's in my price...
  19. Riksta73

    Question Help Nexus 5x or Moto G4

    Nexus 16gb new at £179 or new Moto G4 at £159, which is better at these prices?
  20. TylerDurden

    Question I'm looking for a cyanagenmod installer for nexus tablets.

    I have both a nexus 7 (1st gen) and a nexus 10 that are getting laggy. I'd like to install cyanagenmod on the nexus 7 first and if that goes well, ill do the same on the nexus 10. Neither device is rooted and I'd prefer a tool / one click installer if possible. Any suggestions ?
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