1. RBZ5416

    Nextbase 322 - Over-sensitive G-Force Detection

    Anyone else find this or similar models in the range over-sensitive? I have the crash detection set to minimum but it seems to activate whenever I brake. Not when braking sharply but every time. Result of this is the card filling up with protected clips, vastly reducing the available space for...
  2. D

    Nextbase 522gw magnetic mount

    Anyone have any proven techniques to get the 522gw off its magnetic mount? Had to remove my daughters dash cam this morning to do a firmware update and ended up with the adhesive mount coming off the windscreen rather than the camera coming off the mount itself. I know it needs to be secure...
  3. M

    Nextbase 522

    For some reason my dashcam has started to do this 3 tone low to high, and high to low sound. It does not happen all the time, but in a 1 hour drive it might do it 4-5 times, sometime all within 15 mins, sometimes spread over the hour ride. Is this something warning me about something ? or what...
  4. Franco50

    Nextbase 412GW timestamp one hour out

    I have just upgraded from a Nextbase 312GW to a 412GW. One annoying problem I had with the 312 was it wouldn't retain the correct time, losing 1 hour despite the fact it was set to GMT. I assumed it was a one-off fault with that particular camera and didn't expect the same problem when I bought...
  5. aVdub

    Bargain Expired Nextbase Special Weekend Offers

    Just bagged a 522GW
  6. S

    Nextbase 522 Dashcam

    8 minutes ago Hi All users ! I hope you are well. Please excuse me as I am a forum new visitor and new to the Nextbase 522 dashcam. I am googling the hell out of the internet to find feedback on the better rear dash-cam camera add on option. I see reviews stating the rear window camera is...
  7. P

    Question Nextbase 522GW problem?

    Hi all, 1) When the dash cam is fully charged and taken from the mount but left on, it only lasts for approx 20 mins before warning message to recharge appears is this normal? 2) I had it hard wired by Halfords and since it’s been fitted I get a message on my car dashboard to “check car...
  8. M

    Nextbase 522GW issues

    Hi all, For Christmas I was given a Nextbase 522GW dashcam but I've run into some issues with it. 1. I've set the Screen Saver to ON,and the Auto Power Off to ON it doesn't turn off at all. 2. Having charged as required for the initial first charge of 2 hours it still holds the charging...
  9. Paul Iddon

    Review: 4K Nextbase 612GW Elite Dashcam.

    I was lucky enough to be the first person (outside of the manufacturers) in the UK to own the latest Nextbase dashcam – the 612GW and here is my review. This is a step up from my previous model (412GW) and an improvement over the 512GW – both of which offer 1440p recording (2K resolution)...
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