1. F

    For Sale Upto 5 months of Apple music, news & arcade £5

    3 digital links for up to 5 months of Apple Music, Apple Arcade (iOS only) and Apple News+ (iOS only) Please note you need to be a new subscriber to get 5 months. If you're a returning Apple Music customer you will receive 2 months free. If you're a returning Arcade customer you will receive...
  2. IGC

    Criterion USA Buying: Good and Bad News

    I've been ignoring my Criterion USA buying as the prices as we all know are just crazy. I spent a bit of time last night figuring out what I'm missing (that's the first draft): I've still been buying lots of Criterions (including the UK edtions and I think there's a few on that list too) but...
  3. Ilovewaffles

    TV News

    Did BBC and Sky News have to dominate this morning with hours of coverage of Azeem Rafiq talking to MPs re racism? Important though it is, it seemed to be the only topic covered , when there are other important things going on too. Obviously it should be the main item on the news, but the bulk...
  4. camcroft

    RHA News

    Sonos headphones news: Sonos has taken over UK headphones maker RHA Audio
  5. shed53

    Freesat pixelated BBC News and ITV HD

    Sometime in the past couple of months or so, the BBC News Channel on Freesat became badly pixelated. It's unwatchable and my Freesat recorder can't record programmes. The same has been the case for ITV HD for several years. I haven't checked every channel, but several other HD services work...
  6. WarHog

    Adventures of Tintin 2 - any news?

    Anyone heard any news of a sequel? Theres been talk over the last 10 years of a sequel to The Adventures of Tintin, but still nothing. Surprising, as the first one was a good film.
  7. Lezman

    The positive/funny news thread

    There is an awful lot of bad news about at the moment, not to draw attention away from such important topics but who doesn't have a soft spot for fluff news pieces? These could be current or historical, I just enjoy odd but funny things that make the news. I'll start with this, man got drunk...
  8. BorkenArrow

    General political news

    Didn't know where to put this, so I thought a general politics thread might be a good idea. This is about the US/UK/AUS security cooperation deal, seems to have angered the French.
  9. Braun Audio

    The Braun Audio Thread - for all things design, inspiration, product news and exclusive offers

    Dear AVForums Community, Celebrating 100 years of Braun, we are happy to join AV Forums and be able to bring you design inspiration, first-hand insights into all things Braun Audio, product news and exclusive offers through this thread. Since 1921, Braun has earned a formidable reputation...
  10. Pure Ltd

    Pure - Keep on discovering News, Offers and Radio Recommendations

    Hi, dear AVForums Community! We are Pure - a UK brand, building radios for the modern day to connect you with your favourite broadcasts and podcasts. Welcome to this thread! We are super excited to create a space for you within this forum to discover news, offers and recommendations for all...
  11. Boostrail

    GB News

    Has anyone also noticed that studio presentation has big lipsync problems but regional reports do not? Also sound levels vary drastically between items? This is identical on both Freeview and Cable. To receive on Freeview of course one has to rescan but have not seen any New Channels...
  12. GaryAnderson

    [News] - Colonial Pipeline was hacked using SINGLE password to access systems I don’t even know what to say. I don’t expect perfectionism in every profession but such gross oversight should have legal implications for the IT department running this place. They...
  13. Kronenguy1664

    A bit of good news

    I finally got to the bottom of the health problem I mentioned on the face punching thread. Turns out it's not my heart but the pains I had felt that way). It's something to do with my digestive system. Spent the night in hospital after being admitted with the pains I mentioned but the...
  14. Stephan90

    List with 470 new and upcoming purely battery electric vehicles with links to news articles

    Hi, I created a list with almost all upcoming pure battery electric model launches from 2021 onwards. The list contains 470 model entries with links to news articles for each model. Maybe you are interested in this information. Best regards...
  15. I

    Tornado filmed in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear and was shown on local bbc news

    Ive just found this link about a Tornado that was seen on local news in North East England and a short film from Gateshead in Tyne and Wear of a Tornado seen in Gateshead of which is the town in which I live and shown on BBC TV local news. It is amazing. I know from time to time Tornado’s do...
  16. Madakaii

    Tropic Thunder 4K Disc News

    Hi everyone, I was looking if Tropic Thunder had been released in 4K and unfortunately is has not ! It is one of my favorite modern satires on action movies and just an overall brilliant comedy. I would love to see this released in 4K HDR10+ (with Dolby Vision for those with something other...
  17. A1944

    BBC local news sites and elections

    I have often wondered why, just before elections, BBC county news web pages stop having the usual six local newspaper selections. A legal requirement perhaps, or maybe the BBC thinking it is the right thing to do?
  18. Colin London

    Right Wing News Channels

    Placeholders for the new Andrew Neil led GB News Channel have now appeared on digital TV platforms. The channel may be Free to View but it seems that they are already working out ways to extract money from their supporters to prop them up. All very Trumpian / Fox News: GB News plan to turn...
  19. TaurusDevil

    BBC News

    Has the BBC got a leftist agenda? Where do they lean? Left or Right?
  20. Loopthrough

    Is this the beginning of the end?

    Reported today in Business news: They say it's just going to be 'some' of them (and can't impact the 2021 models), but you know how it went for Toshiba, JVC and...
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