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  1. C

    Looking for a new tv suggestions

    I currently have a Panasonic cx680 55“. My set up is Apple TV, Sonos beam v1 and PS4. Possibly ps5. I am mainly using it for Apple TV stuff, Netflix, prime, iPlayer etc. I am looking at possibly ps5. I am hoping to get a smart tv that has all the apps so I can potentially ditch the Apple TV...
  2. Burakiosaurus

    New TV Needed, 50-55", Budget of £550-£600 from John Lewis Only - Recommendation Template Questions Answered within

    Hi Everyone, My Mum's Panasonic TX 42AS600B is dead and I want to get her a new TV for the details described below: 50-55" Budget: £550-£600 John Lewis Only (for the fitting service and taking away of the old TV) I have been researching the models they have online and have narrowed it down...
  3. Ashrack

    New tv advice after my daughter killed my old one!

    Hi all and thanks for looking at this to give me some advice? I've always been a Samsung TV owner since I started buying my own tvs and have always spend around the 1000 - 1500 mark on 48 - 55" screens. My most recent TV was a 55" Q95T that I had wall mounted to the kids couldn't touch or...
  4. GeorgeL78

    New TV for loft conversion

    Hi all, we are in the final stages of our loft conversion which is a large bedroom space. At the garden end of the room we have a large space we will be using as a lounge area. The plan is to mount a TV to one wall and have a sofa near to the opposite wall. I have already wired speaker cables...
  5. J

    Samsung q90r died, need help for a new tv.

    Hello I am new and am looking for some help. I am looking for a new 55 inch TV and need some advise. I used a Samsung q90r but sadly it died and Samsung can not repair it anymore. Samsung can give me a new q95t as a replacement. If I dont want it I can get 70% of my money back, that I payed...
  6. S

    Help With New TV Purchase

    Hi all, I currently have a Panasonic Plasma TV that's now a little long in the tooth (around 10yrs old) & is suffering from some burn in & white noise during bright pictures on occasion. I've had a look through the various threads that Dodgexander has put together, which has been an enormous...
  7. rogercr

    Bargain NEW TV? - NO NEED - TIP

    It's not generally recommended but I've found that increasing the 'sharpness', under settings, has drastically improved the clarity of my two oldish televisions to the extent that I'm no longer looking to purchase a 4k TV. My main TV is a SONY KDL55W807 which is the same as the W805 except for...
  8. The Eggman72

    Looking for a new tv

    As per title. .looking to replace my aging XBR-55X850C Sony 4k set ..was looking at the Hisense u8g but the UK version is vastly inferior to its USA counterpart. Anyone got any recommendations ? None oled ..thanks
  9. Boostrail

    Using HP Pavilion Laptop with new TV

    Hi I have already posted this on the TV Forums but have not had any other suggestions other than "works OK on mine" type responses. The problem with a new Sony XH9505 is as follows:- If I connect our laptop PC to the new TV by HDMI then the image from the laptop displays for about 1 second and...
  10. Tri101

    Bargain I love this cool new TV!

    I recently was looking for this new TV when I found this. The JVC Fire edition tv. It is really great as it is compatible with amazon and fire tv. It is pretty cheap at £250 and I have had it for a month and I am really loving it. I know many people are looking for a new tv and wanted to give...
  11. Andy Braund

    New house, new TV?

    So I hope to be moving house in about 4 weeks and I want a new TV, room is quite large 6m x 5m, so I'm thinking 75" or bigger. I currently have an LG OLED55B8PLA which I'm still very impressed with and it will be going into my new bedroom. Don't really want to spend more than £2k but could...
  12. A

    Almost Set on New TV but One Problem

    Hello I was almost set on Panosonic's HZ980 TV set but the one problem I have is that my house has Freesat so that means no EPG. I'd feel like I'm stepping back in time. But I like the built in Freeview Play and now we're an Alexa household, that would be useful too! I have normal cables up...
  13. MrMrH

    Is anyone else holding off on buying a new TV because you don't want to Wall Mount it yourself?

    I am looking at new TVs and like the look of the wall mounted GX/G1 and would love to have it a bit higher to keep it away from my kids, but I'm a bit concerned about wall mounting something that expensive and am wondering if others feel the same? or if they worked out how to get past their...
  14. S

    Home cinema upgrade

    Hi! I’m not sure if this has already been discussed, but here goes. For quite a few years I’ve been owning and enjoying very much my Panasonic VT50 plasma TV (for me image still looks great) and a HK AV receiver. Speakerwise I have KEF speakers but am considering changing my BW 607 speakers for...
  15. mechanic

    New tv advice

    I am looking to replace my Toshiba Regza Tv 32rv753. Smart Tv would be good. I only need a 32" and maybe a Toshiba again. Any advice on a Make/model would be great. Not a problem with price.
  16. T

    Question what kind of TV is better ?!

    Hello guys i wanted to know which one of these two new Tv is better for playing games if you can help thanks in advance links of the performances SAMSUNG 50-inch Class QLED Q80T Series LG - 55" Class CX Series OLED 4K UHD Smart webOS TV
  17. H

    Question Feels like a bad time to buy a new TV!

    Hi there, I've consumed myself in all sorts of reading on here over the last few days. Thanks to everyone who is so friendly and helpful. I've learned a lot. It is a confusing area that's for sure, if you're not particularly technical or haven't bought a TV in a while. My Sony 50 inch LCD from...
  18. R

    Replacing fairly new tv

    Just wondering. I guess there are people on here who tend to update their TV , more often than the average household. What do you do with your old TV? By old, I'm talking about stuff that's only a few months , or a year or two old. I guess there's the usual options like FB or whatever. But...
  19. P

    New TV + Soundbar advice

    Morning! Been in the market to update my old Plasma and Yamaha speakers (they're Velcro'd on the side of the TV with a Subwoofer behind it!) Can't see any better TV than the LG CX 55 for my needs.... anyone? but... a Soundbar to partner it is more difficult. Watching habits are all the normal...
  20. B

    Panasonic plasma on the blink - new TV advice needed please

    Our Panasonic TX-P42S20B is on the blink... just in time for Christmas! 🎄 Yay!! 😒 So, having read and digested as much highly useful info on here regarding all the permutations... I'm feeling a little overwhelmed! Found the helpful requirement template written by @Dodgexander so my criteria...
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