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  1. B

    New Samsung QE65QN95AATXXU not working with Sky Q UHD

    Hi , I'm trying to watch my Sky Q UHD on a QE65Q900TSTXXU Samsung t.v and I can't. My previous t.v was a Samsung QE65Q900TSTXXU which was faulty and Samsung replaced with the model above . I have my Sky Q and an Amazon fire stick running through an amp ( Pioneer sc-lx901 ) direct to the t.v ...
  2. antsims

    Samsung HW-Q950A Thread 11.1.4!

    Hi everyone, As this new soundbar has been announced at CES 21, I thought I’d start a discussion thread for it. I have the HW-Q950T, but this new bar sounds really interesting with 11.1.4 set up. Hopefully it will be released soon so we can get some reviews/first impressions on it. I for one...
  3. R

    Question Why poor speed test results on new Samsung phone ?

    I've just bought a Samsung S20 FE 5G although no 5G in my area. Speed test this morning. BT Wholesale download 3.63 Mbps Upload 0 Mbps Honor 10 phone Download 53.71 Mbps Upload 14.39 Mbps. Acer laptop Download 56.68 Mbps Upload 14.33 Mbps I got similar results using
  4. Mikeyboyj

    Question Buying new Samsung tv and not sure whether my old soundbar would be better or worse in sound quality

    Hi guys Buying a new tv and not clued up on this kind of thing at all. I was given a second hand Maxell MXSB 252 soundbar a few years ago and have been using it on my old Samsung but I’m wondering if when I get the new tv - the sound could be better anyway than an older soundbar with...
  5. G

    New Samsung TV no teletext

    Just bought a new Samsing TV. When I select the text button on the remote it says not available. Any ideas?
  6. stmichael

    Brand new Samsung 55" Q90T dead out of the box

    My brand new QE55Q90TATXXU bought direct from Samsung was delivered today by Panther logistics but to my absolute dismay after setting it up was faulty straight out of the box. After powering on the TV the screen just flashes intermittently (along with the red light under the Samsung logo) and...
  7. D

    Denon 4400 problem with new Samsung Q7 TV

    Apologies for cross-posting, I have put a similar question in the TV forum as I am unsure whether it is my TV or AVR at fault. I recently swapped my Samsung KS7000 for a Q7F and it has introduced some problems into my system. System consists of a lot of sources going into a Denon X4400 AVR and...
  8. D

    Question New Samsung Q7 causes HDMI handshake problems

    Strange one this! I recently swapped my Samsung KS7000 for a Q7F and it has introduced some problems into my system. System consists of a lot of sources going into a Denon X4400 AVR and then into the Q7F. Most sources work fine, but I can't get my PS4 Pro or Xbox One X to show up. When I try...
  9. 2 short planks

    Question Cracking Noise from New Samsung TV

    Hi All, Firstly at 75 years old I am not very used to posting on forums so apologies if this is in the wrong place. I bought a new TV in January of this year from Hughes via Amazon, this model, Samsung MU 6400 40" Smart Ultra HD TV,to replace my 32" Samsung which I had for 6 or 7...
  10. G

    My brand new Samsung Q7 has Audio Fault?

    Hello all, My first post. I just bought a Samsung Q7 65" TV in Feb. Its connected to my digital antenna and is used for FTA only. The issue is; the audio intermittently cuts in and out, like the person has the hiccups? It seems to only happen on HD channels. These channels show the audio as...
  11. CallMeDragon

    The headache with my new Samsung 4k TV - it sounds terrible doesn't it.

    Ok so I purchased a samsung ue50mu6120 and have had nothing but headaches setting it up with my AV receiver Sony DH-800 (yes I know it's ancient). Basically I moved from an LG 1080p smart TV and am really regretting it. The Samsung TV refuses to passthrough audio over optical. Every time the...
  12. domjam

    Help decide. Buy now or wait?

    wondering if its worth waiting for the Sony XF90 which is pretty much around the corner to being released.. hold on till samsungs new 2018 model as it from what i understand will support VRR or just go straight for a Sony xe9305? it would be for a pc gaming display.
  13. N

    Question New Samsung UE40MU6120 Pink Screen problem

    I recently purchased a Samsung UE40MU6120 and very occasionally, whilst connected to a Sky HD box, the screen will turn pink and I'll lose the sound. I have to then put the Sky box into standby and switch it on again to get it back to normal. I've tried different HDMI inputs and happens on all...
  14. D

    Question bought a new samsung MU 6500 curved ultra hd 4k tv on black friday deal...

    bought anew samsung curved ultra hd tv mu6550 on black friday deal..but seeing a similar tv with number 6250mu for almost 120 pounds lesser price... only difference that i could make in specs is that motion rate is 1600 in former but 1300 in the practically worth it is.. is the...
  15. Robpercival

    New Samsung 49KU6500 screen issue

    just purchased my first 4k HDR curved tv and absolutely love it however I have spotted an issue and am unsure what it is.. can anybody help? Info: I got this TV in a sale for £390 and they no longer carry stock...
  16. M

    Question New Samsung UE55KS8000 - Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC) and ARC not working

    On Sunday, I bought a Samsung UE55KS8000 to replace my 2009 Philips 42PFL7704D. I connected the TV like this: HDMI1: PS4 Pro HDMI2: PC with Kodi (using Pulse Eight adapter for HDMI-CEC) HDMI3: Wii U HDMI4 (ARC): Sony BDV-N7200W (Home Theatre system) At first, everything seemed to be working...
  17. M

    Question Standard definition TV on new Samsung 4k?

    Hi All, I'm thinking of upgrading to a Samsung QE49Q7F. I currently have a 2011 Samsung, the UE40D7000. I've had a look at Q7F in a shop, and indeed it looks very nice. But of course, the D7000 also looked very good when I first saw that! I won't have much access to 4k content yet - main...
  18. L

    Question Issues with FreeView signal on new Samsung TV

    Hi, First time poster here, looking for some advice on an issue I've ran into with a new Samsung TV. I bought a Samsung UE55KU6670 yesterday (SAMSUNG UE55KU6670 Smart 4k Ultra HD HDR 55" Curved LED TV) and have found that it won't pick up more that 4 of the channels I should be able to get...
  19. J

    Question Brand New Samsung UE55KS9000 - Disappointing Light Bleed?

    Just got a new UEKS9000 - and I'm really disappointed in that for the dark scenes or movies with black bars, there is a small circular patch of light bleed on the bottom left and right corners as well as the top right and middle, I didn't expect this from a high end TV! It actually had more...
  20. mstar

    New Samsung tv need speakers help!!

    Hello All I have a samsung 55KS7000 tv, i have to admit its the first tv i had which i need speakers to get some decent sound. I want to get some advice on what would be a good solution would be. I went to RS and i liked the easy sound connect feature of samsung tvs so i like to keep the same...
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