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  1. S

    Looking To Purchase New Laptop - Video/Photo Editing

    What is your budget? From what I've found available, absolute maximum of £1,200 but hoping less. What size laptop do you want? Around the 16" size. Currently have 17.3" but prices are ridiculous or the specs are too low. Do you have resolution requirements? Minimum of 1080, anything else is a...
  2. M

    What do you love or hate about your laptop? Would you recommend it?

    Trying to decide on a new laptop and I'll appreciate recommendations from actual users. Budget is under $2k. I'll prefer a brand new Windows PC with great speakers, excellent display (15" to 16" with minimum 1080 resolution), 16GB RAM (or more), 500GB SDD (or more). Would be nice if it has a...
  3. martin 39

    New laptop but no idea

    As title and absolutely no idea about computers. Looking for a laptop for daughter and wife to do college work on. They need Microsoft Office and under £500.hope someone can point me in the right direction.
  4. V

    DAC no sound after new laptop

    Not sure if this is the right place to post .. but … I got a new laptop yesterday and decided to play some music today via usb to my DAC (Cambridge audio). Now the Cambridge is showing as playback device but when I select it the sound just carried on playing through the laptop speakers. Tried...
  5. zt1903

    New Laptop: I like the HP Spectre, what else should I be considering?

    Budget £1,500 give or take a couple of hundred. Don't want to spend £2k if I don’t have to, but could if it’s worthwhile doing so. Laptop will be primarily for business usage, Office and Web Apps, etc Will be extensively used for presentations, video conferencing. Occasional gaming and...
  6. C

    Question New Laptop required, help appreciated

    Hi, my wife needs a new laptop for university and I was just after a bit of help. Ideally she doesn't want to pay more than £500 but that already seems tricky to what she needs. She will be specifically running a CAD software program called Rhino which says you need to be able to have - 8 GB...
  7. stone

    Question Time to buy a new laptop advice

    Hi after some advice my dad's finally decided to buy a new laptop hes currently using a MEDION AKOYA P7618 17.3" Laptop MD977 His budget is around £650 he just wants a better gpu so hes able to play some of the more...
  8. Damo121

    Laptop for ripping Blu-ray: Where to start?

    Hi guys, I want to start to rip my Blu-ray collection to an external hard drive. I have around £300 for the laptop itself but in terms of the spec and processor I should be looking for is where I am stuck. Thanks guys!
  9. MaxxDAV

    Question [UK] Struggling to find a new laptop that ticks ALL the boxes. Help please!

    What is your budget? Hovering around the £600-800 mark, can go higher for an amazing deal. What size laptop do you want? 17'' minimum! Do you have resolution requirements? Full HD Do you prefer a matte or glossy (reflective) screen? Would prefer matte if possible. What will you be using the...
  10. Egg White

    new laptop

    hi guys, I'm after a new laptop, well, last autumn I bought a second hand Dell XPS 15 4k touch screen 9530, 512gb ssd... and all was well except it wouldn't always come out of hibernation and suffered from the flea power issue... I could handle the issues - except the other week it wouldn't...
  11. J

    Question New Laptop Suggestions/Advice

    Hi All, I need a new laptop to be my main work/development machine. Im a web developer and will have various database servers installed, untold web apps, IIS and other things running and including resource heavy stuff like Photoshop, Visual Studio etc. 256GB min SSD and 1TB HDD, i7 processor...
  12. J

    Question New laptop - Hard drive problem

    I received a new Asus ZenBook UX430 laptop as a gift at Christmas. It was bought from John Lewis and it came in a sealed box. The hard drive is a 256GB SSD and there was only 184GB of space left on it when I got it. There is a windows.old folder which is taking up nearly 25GB of space, can this...
  13. holla21

    Upgrade or buy new laptop?

    Hi guys, just looking for a bit of advice. I've got a sony vaio 17.3" ( Its very much like the one linked above however mine only has 320gb hard drive and a bluray drive instead. It is starting to show its age, the main...
  14. giggsy1950

    Question New laptop for Minecraft

    Hello all. I'm pretty pc savvy but having never played Minecraft I'm not sure what sort of laptop one would need to be able to play it smoothly. I'm asking for a friend who is looking for a laptop for her daughter to play Minecraft on (as well as school work) and she has a budget of £250.00...
  15. PsyVision

    New Laptop...

    Hello, I'm after a new laptop to replace my current one. Any ideas based on the following: Screen size: 15+ RAM: 16GB (8GB is no good for me!) CPU: i5 or above (pref i7) GFX: Not fussed as I don't game on it. Storage: SSD or HDD, not fussed. Budget - £1k tops
  16. T

    Question Can somebody recommend me a new laptop please?

    As above, looking for a new Laptop. What is your budget? £600 What size laptop do you want? 13-16inch Do you have resolution requirements? 1080p Do you prefer a matte or glossy (reflective) screen? Either What will you be using the laptop for? Streaming, browsing, shopping, video editing...
  17. bash

    Question New laptop for the Mrs

    Hi guys I've been looking for the last couple of weeks to find a reasonably priced laptop for my wife. She is coming from an absolute ancient Dell celeron POS so almost anything would be a step up. Nevertheless we want something decent for now so that it'll last a few years at least. Budget is...
  18. Hixs

    Question wifi issues with new laptop

    Evening, I recently got myself a new laptop and I'm having a real ball ache with the wifi/internet dropping out and throwing network config errors at me. I'm currently running it over Ethernet as the wifi drops out every 5-10 mins. Funny thing is, when I was doing a windows update my speeds...
  19. skk3

    New Laptop or Notebook Needed For Work

    As above, I am starting a new sales job shortly and have been asked to source a new laptop. I am open to suggestions and would require the following attributes: Light Not necessarily full size HDMI Ethernet USBs Windows 10 for PowerPoint, Word, Excel & Outlook etc. Fast as possible Good...
  20. Egg White

    Question new laptop..

    gents, I'm after a new laptop and I'm a bit out of touch with what's what these days... I've got around 700 notes to spend and I want something powerful and fast, I'm thinking of spec wise, something like - screen size - 15.6 - this is a must Screen Resolution - 1920 x 1080 - this is a must...
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