1. Harkon321

    Moving network cab. Placing Patch Panel in tight location

    During our recent building work I ran network cable to many rooms in the house and ran everything back to the garage. I’ve a 6u cab in there with a patch panel, switch, CCTV NVR and a coupe of hubs. I thought I was so cleverthinking aheadand running everything to a single point. We are now...
  2. T

    Samsung Q700T Slow Network Connection

    I bought a Q700T back in September and for a month or so it worked great. Since then I've had recurring problems that numerous factory resets and support chats with Samsung resolve for a couple of hours and then reoccur. I'm pretty convinced it's something to do with the network card in the TV...
  3. Sarah7

    Bargain Network Flash Sale 40% Off (25/02/2021)

    Network are having a "Flash Sale" tomorrow with 40% off "almost everything" (exceptions apply). It runs from 6pm to 10pm. Use code: FLASH40 If past sales are any indication of what to expect, the site might run very slowly...
  4. T

    Denon AVR-X3700H lost all network ability

    Right after a quick power blip where my AVR cycle on/off, i've lost all network ability. I verified that it's not the LAN cable or router/switch. I don't use HEOS, but have followed the instructions regarding that issue, to include resetting the Microprocessor... which didn't give me any...
  5. Glenzo

    For Sale Yamaha RN-402D Network Stereo Receiver/Amplifier - SILVER *NEW*

    Hi, this is brand new/boxed and needs home. Currently SILVER stocks are sold out. Great review below. Parcelforce 48 Tracked to UK £14.99 (ROI little more expensive). Check out the review. Collection is welcome.
  6. mpturner2001

    Question The Network Cable is Connected message?

    Hi guys, I recently bought a HISENSE 55A7300FTUK, and I have an Ethernet cable plugged directly into the tv from a plug socket wi-fi extender. The internet is good, but every 5-10 minutes, I get a message appear at the top of the screen saying “The network cable is connected”...I know, I put it...
  7. C

    Installer network / AV panels - Shropshire

    Morning all, have a long standing installation that needs the engine room end professionally wiring and configuring. At the moment (and for the last 15+ years) it has been a pile of cables waiting to be neatly patch panelled and made a thing of beauty. It's far from that right now, it's a...
  8. L

    Question Popcorn Hour A-400 Not Connecting On My Network

    My Popcorn Hour A-400 has decided to not allow me to connect to it on my Network, it's still visible but I get the error " Connection Failed" on my iMac and when I try with FileZilla I get the message Connection attempt failed with "ECONNREFUSED - Connection refused by server". I also have a...
  9. Oneeasygeezer

    PCs can't access / share folders across my network

    I’m having real problems with my home network which has been in use for the last 20+ years with few problems but since October last year the PCs refuse to allow access to each other and nothing I’ve tried has remedied the problem, access to the internet is unaffected. I am of course set up as...
  10. raigraphixs

    The Antisocial Network (Netflix) Will Chronicle Recent Wall Street-GameStop Chaos TBC

    ‘THE ANTISOCIAL NETWORK’ is in the works at MGM. The film follows the Wall Street chaos after GameStop’s stock skyrocketed due to Reddit.
  11. S

    Home network

    Hi I,ve got a network in my study running my pc's via a network switch. I,ve got sky with mini boxes and smart tv's in various rooms which at the moment run on wi-fi i wanted to set up a more elaborate network using a patch panel and keystone sockets. I was thinking of putting the panel in my my...
  12. sharper

    Trying to connect TWO TP-Link RE300 AC1200 on my Asus 1900 based network

    Trying to connect TWO TP-Link RE300 AC1200 on my Asus 1900 based network. I want to use my main router SSiD on both. They are in different parts of the house. One to extend for Amazon Echo plus and the second for Ring doorbell, both are connected but not should the two specific clients...
  13. Getinthehole!

    Wifi network in home and two outbuildings? Mesh / Wifi 6 confused?

    Hoping you can help out an old timer here. We have built a new garden office alongside another outbuilding which is currently on a TP link powerline which loses half the data along the way. We have just installed two Cat6a Ethernet cable to both out buildings and have a BT hub router in the...
  14. M

    For Sale Yamaha R-N301 Network HiFI Receiver

    Full details here: R-N301 - Overview - Yamaha - UK and Ireland Unit is in good working order with original box and remote. Silver in colour. Have noticed a few scratches on the top that I've pictured. Very little use as part of a 2nd room system that I no longer use so thought I'd sell...
  15. jouster

    Question Trying to better manage my home network with close to 200 devices

    So, as above, my home network is quite busy already, with 19 Sonos units, Two mesh systems, 10+ Echo devices, multiple phones, IP cameras, Wi-Fi lights etc etc, you name it, the collection keeps on growing. I’d like to add some Shelly L1 switches/relays to give some smart lighting control but...
  16. Inked

    Question Anyone recommend a good quality but inexpensive basic network switch?

    I’m currently utilising a 10 year old AirPort Extreme as a network switch attached to one of my Netgear Orbi satellites, but it’s old and I think it’s time to replace it. Can anyone recommend an inexpensive basic switch to replace it? Will want to plug a combination of PS5, Series X, AppleTV...
  17. J

    Song order SONY strdn1080 network server

    I've recently setup the SONY STRDN1080 and connected to my PC through the network. However, when playing songs from my music folders, it lists and plays the songs in alphabetical order, not album order. Any idea how I can get it to play in album order? Thanks
  18. T

    Recommendations for mesh SKY Q network?

    Hi, is anyone able to recommend a good mesh wi-fi setup that works with Sky Q? I am able to get good download speeds 90mb+ but wi-fi keeps dropping out. We don't have a huge number of devices connected (possibly 25 or so). Not sure if the dropouts are interference or just poor performance from...
  19. Philw101

    Costing for Cat 6a network around home.

    Hello all, I hope you are well. We recently moved into our first home and we are looking to do things properly with cable management, networking and future proofing. I understand most things do use Wifi now and while I understand that for laptops, phones etc this is fine, however for 4K video...
  20. 3

    Advice on home network equipment

    Hi, thanks in advance for your advice and guidance! I am in the process of setting up IT equipment in my home and having researched the subject, find myself going around in circles and in need of some advice of what networking equipment I actually need. Hopefully someone here will be able to...
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