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  1. Wa1ker22

    Multiplayer via 2 consoles only 1 PsPlus account

    Multiplayer help. We recently bought a second copy of borderlands 3 to play together. The game is only 2 players split screen but 4 network and we have 2 consoles. We wanted to be able to join as a team to play together, but when we try to join on the second console it won’t allow it as one...
  2. B

    CD Player...... With extras?

    Hi All, So yes, i'm on the look out for a CD player, however...... Current setup: Marantz PM6005 AMP Cambridge Audio Aero 6 speakers + BK Electronics sub Looking a CD player to compliment the above, however i also have a large digital music library (which i own, not streamed) which i have...
  3. C

    Intel nuc running volumio to a Topping d10s dac is a great network player.

    $100 used intel nuc running volumio to a Topping d10s dac is a great network player. Plugged into my Marantz integrated amp to Infinity Overture 2 speakers. It is amazing. The new dac technology is great.
  4. P

    Pairing active speakers with a CD network player

    So I'm thinking of buying a Marantz M-CR612 to go with a pair of Adam T7V's but would like to know if they would be a good match and would I be able to control the speaker volume through the Marantz remote or would I have to adjust it on the speakers? The reason I'm going for this combo is that...
  5. I

    Question Oppo ud203 as a network player

    I'm trying to play my shared files I have stored on a synology nas but I'm having difficulty. Looking into it it seems I can only use ROON. Is this correct or can I use other services like DLNA and if so how?
  6. J

    Which network player is best

    I have a Marantz PM7001 and a marantz cd5001 with a pair of mission sx2's I am planning to buy a budget network streamer and I am stuck between the Marantz NA6006 and the denon DNP-800NE, I am hoping to have aptx bluetooth for my headphones and alexa control I like the display on the denon but...
  7. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Primare unveils NP5 Prisma network player

    Primare unveils its NP5 network player and claims that it can provide their Prisma platform to virtually any system with a digital input. Read the news.
  8. B

    Question Dune Pro 4K Plus connection help

    Hi I have just taken delivery of this player. Dune Pro 4K Plus I have set up the network connections via CAT 5 , and the player will find my PC and the Plex Media Centre. However , I want to find the PC directly but I cannot see the PC in the search area - IE uPnP I cannot work out how to do...
  9. C

    Question NA6006 or NR1609 (NAP or Av Rx), opinions please!

    Hello folks! I am currently running a Marantz NA7004 NAP, PM-KI Pearl Lite amp and Dali Zensor 7s. This system is absolutely awesome, though the NA7004 is missing some cool new features i would like to embrace. This has led me to investigate swapping out the NA7004 for either an NA6006 or...
  10. clocksmith

    Network controllable Freesat box

    Hi All, We're looking for a Freesat box that we can control over a network at work. We distribute TV all over the building and the existing boxes but they output an encoded network stream. we need a box that outputs video via SDI or HDMI and and can be controller via a web browser based...
  11. M

    Question Amplifier with network player >200W <$5000

    Here's a puzzle for you, Hi-Fi gear experts. I would like an integrated amplifier or a power amplifier + network player combo that.. has the following: - is a 2-channel Class AB amplifier - delivers at least 100W into 8 ohms at THD+N < 0.05% - preferably delivers at least 200W into 8...
  12. groovalicious

    Answered What moderate priced receiver should I buy for use w/CXN Network Player & Aeromax Tower speakers?

    What modest/moderate priced receiver should I buy for use w/CXN Network Player & Aeromax Tower speakers? i have a 1980's Harmon Kardon receiver that has seen better days. Right now, it's not giving me enough inputs (thanks to avforums members helping me get my CXN up and running <3 ), so I'm...
  13. groovalicious


    WHAT TO USE TO CONNECT CAMBRIDGE CXN TO OLD SCHOOL HK395i RECEIVER? I can't get to my manual or my box that my Cambridge CXN came in right now. I bought it a long time ago, but never set it up. I have spent the afternoon staring at it, working my way through a few preliminaries with...
  14. Basquelle

    Answered HEOS update problems with Marantz network player

    This morning HEOS forced an update. The update wipes connection information and requires a new set-up. It seems that it needs a wired handshake between player hardware and control point hardware, in my case, between streamer ND8006 and Android Galaxy S7. It offers only a jack connection, so...
  15. R

    What network player

    Hi all could I have your help to deside what network play to get. I have seen a Teac cdp-800nt Network / CD player or a Yamaha CD-N500 Network / cd player. Regards Ian

    Question CD player / network player reccomendations pls.

    Hi all, I'm looking to get a CD player &/or a network player for my Marantz PM7004. Unfortunately I don't have full width to play with. Max width is 390mm. Any decent models out there that would fit the width I have to work with? Cheers Mark
  17. R

    Problem with network player

    Hi all I have two network players one in living room and one in bedroom. The one on my living room is Denon dnp 720 the one in the bedroom is a pioneer n30. The problem I'm having is. I can listen to planet rock in the living room using internet radio on the Denon player but when I try to get it...
  18. H

    Question Network player advice

    Hi all, I am pondering transferring my cd collection to my NAS and hence I'm looking for a device able to play the NAS-stored music on my system (quite old, a Primare A20 amp with Triangle speakers and a Primare D20 cd player). I was initially pondering a Pioneeer N50-A, then stumbled on the...
  19. chrisr1718

    Question Mitchell and Johnson wld+211t network player

    Just wondering if anyone has had any eexperience with the Mitchell and Johnson wld+211t network player. It looks good and ticks all the boxes but what does it sound like. Currently using Denon DNP720.
  20. J

    Question Network Player better than Sonos Connect?

    Hi all, I'm dipping a toe back into hifi world and was hoping to canvas some opinions and get some expertise as my knowledge is lacking. Essentially I got a cheap separates system 15 years ago (Denon PMA255 amp, Eltax Monitor 3 speakers, Pro-Ject Debut turntable & Phono pre, some random...
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