1. F

    Netgear Switch Dropping Internet Connection

    Hi, Has anyone seen an issue with a the cheaper Netgear switches (mine is a 8 port GS308) Its started to intermittently drop all the connections at once for a short time - like 30 seconds to a minute. During this time all the lights from the sockets go out (I have 7 connected) and its like...
  2. DpM

    FTTP PPPoE Issue

    Hoping someone has some suggestions. I had Hey!Braodband install fibre yesterday and as I wanted to use my Obri mesh system they gave me what they call the bridge router rather than the standard WiFi offering. I was told all I needed was to setup PPPoE as the internet connection using the...
  3. C

    For Sale Something for everyone! NEOS cameras, Echo Dot V2 and V3, Nest Protect V2 battery, Shure Reference Studio headphones, Netgear USB Wi-Fi dongle, Module

    Hi all, Following on from a house move I'm having a bit of a clear out. 1. 2x NEOS SmartCam WiFi security Cameras. Used for a little over a year and work perfectly. They come boxed with all accessories from what I can see. £45 for the pair. 2. Echo Dot v2. Used but in perfect condition. It's...
  4. xflare20

    I need A New Router to Replace Netgear DG834G

    Does anyone have any recommendations to replace my ancient Netgear DG834G which is 17 years old now !! Connected via phoneline and plusnet . I just need a budget device really as its just for browsing the internet on laptop. What about this??:
  5. moneybanks77

    For Sale Netgear nighthawk mk62 WiFi 6 mesh router

    Hi, Selling this Netgear nighthawk mk62 WiFi 6 mesh router setup. I bought from Amazon France last year along with 2 other routers and only plugged it in to test against the others. One of the devices still has some film around it. Excellent condition complete with 2 plugs and an ethernet...
  6. D

    Netgear discount codes

    Hi all. Has anyone got a discount code for Netgear please
  7. swall101

    Netgear Orbi Issue

    Hi All So I've had a Netgear Orbi RBK50 and 2 satellites for about 3 years now, always worked perfectly. They are connected to my Sky Q home hub (wireless turned off) and provide wifi for my house. I have had it set to AP mode to avoid double NAT (understand this is preferred set up especially...
  8. G

    Network switch upgrade options

    Hi I have a cat6 network cable running from router (BT Hub 6) through the loft to the back of TV I play backups of DVD's Blu-rays and 4K from both NAS and PC to kodi and PLEX At either end of this 25m - 30m cable I have a Netgear GS608 V3 8-port Gigabit Ethernet Switch These are unmanaged...
  9. Ayrton

    Netgear D6300 Vs Vodafone Thg3000

    I've been pretty satisfied with my Vodafone router but having converted the garage into an office, the WiFi, whilst present, is a bit flaky due to the distance and number of walls. This is where I get an old router to run dd-wrt and set it up as a wireless bridge. However when purchasing off...
  10. J

    Why does my Netgear port keep disabling?

    Hi All, Got a Netgear GS716T switch for my home network, where the ethernet port which is connected to the virgin router keeps disabling itself every few weeks. No other port has ever caused an issue. Read on a different forum someone questioned whether DoS is enabled or not (mine is). Is the...
  11. C

    Netgear WAC104 with Asus RT-AX88u

    Hi, I have ethernet connections in a number of my rooms. Is there any reason why I shouldn’t add a Netgear WAC104 as a WAP to extend/improve my wi-fi coverage. I use an Asus RT-AX88u router connected to a Virgin hub3. Thanks in advance for any advice. Richard
  12. R

    VM Hub 3 / Eero WiFi Mesh / Netgear switch - set up

    My dilemma is poor WiFi speed and a lack of Ethernet ports on the VM Hub3. To hopefully resolve the issue I have bought 2 Eero wifi mesh Router/extenders and a Netgear 8 port ethernet network switch but just need some help with how to set it up. Here are my first thoughts so please correct me...
  13. sykotik

    Netgear readynas (RN102) Plex "sever not powerful enough"

    I have this NAS Netgear RN102 and while using Plex , ( through my tv, Roku or PS4 pro ) and i keep getting the following message "Server not powerful enough" or it will just buffer all the time , im trying to play my rips of blurays ( MKV H.264) files I have tried changing the local quality...
  14. bl0ckev

    Question NETGEAR X6120 Extender

    I don't think I am getting the most from this, and if I am it still sucks ! I am trying to follow these instructions but for the life of me cannot get passed point 5. It seems to connect to the "wifi" extender...
  15. mcspongy

    Question Unable to get Netgear ReadyNas Duo v2 to recognise over 2TB

    Ive got the later version which runs Radiator 5.3.8 which is compatible with over 2TB HDDs. It has had two WD Red 2TBs in for a couple of years in my ownership (bought 2nd-hand), one of the drives had Smart errors so i replaced the failing dirve with an existing 3TB WD Red. The NAS was...
  16. pumbaa

    Question Netgear Nighthawk Router spec

    Does anybody know the specification for the PSU in the Netgear Nighthawk Ac1900 R7000 router please? Think mine has failed and looking to replace PSU rather than whole router
  17. Tarnished88

    Netgear R7400 QOS Question

    Hey everyone. I’m pretty new at this networking stuff, but hoping someone can help me out. I have been using an ISP provided modem/router for a couple years with a DSL connection. I am supposed to be getting 30mbps, but all my recent tests are showing 10-15mbps. Here’s my issue: The devices...
  18. Tarnished88

    Netgear R7400 QOS

    Hey everyone. I’m pretty new at this networking stuff, but hoping someone can help me out. I have been using an ISP provided modem/router for a couple years with a DSL connection. I am supposed to be getting 30mbps, but all my recent tests are showing 10-15mbps. Here’s my issue: The devices...
  19. Greg Hook

    Netgear XR700 Gaming Router Review & Comments

    We take a look at Netgear's very top end £449 XR700 Gaming Router, featuring their fully customisable DumaOS gaming dashboard and more features than you can shake a stick at. Read the review. Write your own review for Netgear XR700
  20. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Netgear XR300 gaming router announced

    Netgear announces a new member of their Nighthawk Pro Gaming router family, the XR300. Read the news.
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