1. Rasczak

    Munich - Edge of War (Netflix)

    Watched this last night and thought it was quite good - Jeremy Irons did a superb job as Chamberlain.
  2. systemsdead

    Gadji beri bimba----- I zimbra

  3. k pad

    How well did this (18-year-old) article age?
  4. raigraphixs

    Against The Ice (Netflix) 2022

    Based on a true story Nikolaj Coster-Waldau stars
  5. M

    Humax Aura and Netflix

    I'd like to be able to record more than one channel at a time, so have been thinking about getting the Humax Aura. I see that it doesn't include Netfilx, although I can get Netflix via my smart TV. Would an aerial splitter booster, enable me to turn off the Humax Aura box, or have it in...
  6. raigraphixs

    Roald Dahl's The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar (Netflix) Wes Anderson

    Benedict Cumberbatch to star
  7. GavMck

    Netflix won't install

    Hi, I have a 65" LG nano LED Tv - until recently all was great, but on the 29th Dec there was a Netflix update but it didn't let me update it unless I freed up some space. I did all the usual - removed any unwanted apps, turned off the TV to free the cache. still no joy - TV says there is now...

    Why is Netflix doing this?

    Seinfeld, season 03, episode 01. My TV is a 1080p display. On the Roku Streaming Stick+: 1080p / 0.43 mbps On the LG TV app: 720p / 3.40 mbps On the Fire TV 4k: 1080p/ 0.43 mbps On a different, newer LG 1080p TV: 1080p / 5.34 mbps On the Roku express: 1080p / 4.50 mbps On a rather old Samsung...
  9. DarkDogZA

    Inspector Koo [Korean] (Netflix)

    "A reclusive ex-cop reenters the game as an insurance investigator searching for clues in crime scenes perfectly staged by a serial killer." The Mrs and I finished this off last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. It is on par with some of the more...
  10. MahaRaja

    Disgruntled Netflix staff cancelled my account!

    Hi Folks, Last week I chatted online to Neflix about how to change subtitle sizes and the chat wasn't going well as I had questioned her technical skills and ended the chat. To my shock, I realized she immediately cancelled my account saying that I had reported a fraudulent activity to her...
  11. Eijin

    No Dolby atmos on Netflix

    I’m having small problem with getting Dolby atmos on Netflix through Apple TV 4K last year model. Some movies/series that are labelled with Dolby atmos play sound In such but others(majority) are reduced to “multi in” and I can’t see a pattern to what is happening. Here are couple examples...
  12. n00se

    Loewe Bild 3.55 missing Netflix App - It has disappeared

    Hi all I have a bit of a weird problem. I have a Loewe Bild 3.55. When I bought it there was a Netflix app on it that was working fine. I used Netflix on the TV almost every day. I've been out of the country for a few months. Now that I'm back, I've used the TV again, and the Netflix app has...
  13. Darrenj69

    Lost sound through virgin on parents TV after installing Netflix

    Hi, my parents have Virgin media and a Panasonic TV. I thought I'd be a hero and update their Netflix app and log in for Xmas. Netflix works fine and sound plays fine however when I go back to virgin via av hdmi 2 there is no sound. I need help please. Tried a different hdmi port but no...
  14. A

    Panasonic Atmos Netflix issues

    I recently posted a thread I was having problems getting Atmos on Netflix and Disney plus through the tv app on my Panasonic hz1000 I've now fixed this issue by doing a factory reset everything now works fine thanks to Panasonic support for there help
  15. R

    LG C1 65" and Netflix HD content

    Just had an LG 65C1 and started to watch a couple of things, on Netflix and Prime video. 4k content seems very impressive however im really struggling with HD content as seems to be quite a lot of artefacts and signs of image compression especially around faces etc, breaking bad seemed quite...
  16. A

    Panasonic hz1000 Netflix Atmos error

    Hi I have a Panasonic hz1000 Dolby Atmos tv but when watching Netflix on the tv app can't get Atmos but can get Atmos through my Xbox series x I'm confused any suggestions please
  17. systemsdead

    The House (Netflix) January 14th

  18. raigraphixs

    Fall of the House of Usher (Netflix 2020) Mike Flanagan

    Mary McDonnell, Mark Hamill and Carl Lumbly added to Mike’s fifth Netflix series Image source. Not Netflix promotional material
  19. apassemard

    Netflix Atmos not working with Yamaha Avantage RXA4A

    Hello, I just received my brand new Yamaha and I'm thrilled with the upgrade. Love it. But I still have one problem with Netflix. Some shows play Atmos but if I choose that option I'm getting no sound at all. When the show plays, if I go in the information screen of the Yamaha, I see that it...
  20. adkozak

    Living room pair of speakers - turntable, Netflix, Spotify

    Hi, I have what appears to be a quite unusual living room audio setup requirements. What I am trying to find: a pair of speakers for stereo sound the two speakers are connected wirelessly (don't want a cable across the whole room), one of them has access to ethernet socket I want to be able...
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