1. S

    Freeview recorder recommendation please.

    Hi all - Can anyone give me some advice re a freeview recorderbox please? I just bought a new Smart TV with Freeview Play integrated , but I'd like to be able to record the Freeview channels. Can I buy a decent regular Freeview recorder, and then use the Play function on the TV to watch...
  2. P

    Native netflix brightness issues...

    Hi, If I play "The Christmas Chronicles" it is usually very dim, then occasionally I will play it and it looks "more normal" - no idea why. When it is dim, as it is now as I write this, if you fast forward, the small pictures along the timeline look bright and colourful and "normal". When...
  3. RobTi

    Question Anything on Netflix or prime that really shows rainbows

    Hi my brother has a Benq w1700 I think around 6 years old and I want to double check I am not susceptible to rainbows. I have watched it before and didn’t seem to be affected but want to make sure before I buy a w2700. Thanks
  4. G

    Question New sky router, Netflix issue

    Hi. Apologies if this isn’t in the correct forum but wasn’t sure where best to put it. I’ve just recently changed to a new sky broadband package as my old one was very old and costly. They’ve given me a new hub and it’s all set up. I use a nvidea shield tv for most of my tv viewing but since...
  5. N

    LG OLED C8 Netflix, no center channel?

    I'm pretty sure this is a bug with the recent update to the Netflix app on my LG OLED C8 TV. I noticed recently that I'm not getting any audio out of the center channel on my Denon receiver. It is connected to the TV via HDMI ARC. This has worked great for months. I believe it stopped...
  6. JabbaNut

    USA : Netflix Will Release at Least One New Movie Per Week in 2021
  7. C

    Question TV: Handsfree control; play/pause, rewind/ forward on Prime Netflix YouTube Disney Spotify? when cook, fitness, declutter, DIY, Docu/ Edu/Note taking?

    TV: Handsfree control; play/pause, rewind/ forward on Prime Netflix YouTube Disney Spotify? when cook, fitness, declutter, DIY, Docu/ Edu/Note taking? Via Far Field Mics present on: * In built on some TVs * Linked Fire TV Box / Alexa/ Google Asst Speakers? I find a lot of times I am watching...
  8. raigraphixs

    Malcolm & Marie (Netflix) - Sam Levinson

    5 Feb
  9. M

    Is Netflix throttling bitrate again?

    Mid December the quality of Netflix HDR seemed fine, as of the last week or so I've noticed it seems not so good. Sky HDR is looking much better at the moment which is not normally what I find. Has the throttling started again?
  10. Mr_Rick

    Help Needed with Netflix 5.1 via Roku Express

    Firstly apologies if this thread is in the wrong place but this issue is driving me mad. As per the title I cannot get Netflix to play in 5.1 surround. My Roku express is connected to a Pioneer AVR 930 which supports DD+. It happily plays iPlayer content in 5.1 surround but all Netflix movies...
  11. M

    Question Question about Netflix, Kodi etc

    I've built a HTPC to use madvr for tone mapping I like Nvidia shield TV pro as it has a nice home screen layout with tiles. Is there any way to have a similar layout on my HTPC? Rather than having webpages open with Netflix , Amazon prime etc I like Kodi, but not sure If I can add these to...
  12. raigraphixs

    Matilda (Netflix) TBC

    Bond 25's Lashana Lynch has been cast as Miss Honey in Netflix’s ‘MALTILDA’ remake. Lashana Lynch Joins 'Matilda' Movie Musical at Netflix (Exclusive)
  13. E

    Can't Find Netflix

    I have a Viera TC-P50 ST30 Plasma and I cannot see a link to open Netflix. Any help will be appreciated as my wife really wants to watch movies. I also don't see Hulu or other streaming apps. Alan
  14. G

    Question Xbox series X Apple TV and Netflix apps showing 5.1 sound and HD Only

    Xbox series X Apple TV and Netflix apps showing 5.1 sound and HD Only ? My seperate Apple TV 4K has both apps with 4k and Dolby Atmos where programmes have that available is this correct? Dolby Atmos working fine from Blu Ray and UHD Discs
  15. W

    Question HDR Dark on Netflix and SKY Q!

    Hi I have a KD-43XE8004. Every time I want to watch a sky movie in UHD or Netflix the picture is so dark, I have to turn HDR off! Does anyone have any answers, as at the moment simply put HDR is pointless on my TV!! Cheers
  16. C

    Question 50-55" for Netflix + Games

    Hi, I’m looking for an LCD TV to hang on a wall in my living room, which will be used for streaming movies/shows from Netflix/Amazon and games from my PC via a Steam Link (which makes me want to avoid OLED). My living room is 3.7m wide, with an L shaped sofa and an armchair against the wall...
  17. V

    Question Netflix downloaded movies to TV

    Merry Christmas Folks. I use iOS iDevices to play/cast downloaded Netflix movies to a TV or projector when away in my motorhome. I need to go the cable route as casting a downloaded movie to say a chromecast isn’t supported by Netflix. I use a Apple Lightning to HDMI connector to output from an...
  18. gavinhanly

    History of Swear Words with Nicolas Cage (Netflix)

    Well this looks like a must watch! View: “An education in expletives: the history lesson you didn’t know you needed. History of Swear Words, hosted by Nicolas Cage, is a loud and proudly profane series that explores the origins, pop culture-usage, science and...
  19. DevonMike

    Netflix Audio Sync Puzzle

    I have just re subscribed to Netflix,i have my Sony Bravia 7073 connected to my Panasonic soundbar but i am encountering audio sync issues but only when i watch the tv shows on Netflix with the sound out of the soundbar,Movies are fine,this is baffling me,is there any reason why audio issues...
  20. raigraphixs

    Unititled Noah Baumbach movie (Netflix) TBC

    Greta Gerwig and Adam Driver are attached to the third movie from Noah & Netflix as the two leading roles. The untitled movie plot is being kept under wraps for now with filming still set to begin in February 2021.
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