1. NihilisticPoet

    Is automatic PWM (Pulse Wide Modulation) a thing with the NEO QLEDs?

    For reference, I have the Samsung NEO QLED 50QN92a. I've seen various YouTube videos where the auto-dimming feature is hidden in the SM, is this still a thing for the QN models? Did anyone dare to adjust these settings for Game Mode, as I am losing subtitles/UI elements into the blacks...
  2. B

    Samsung Neo QLED?

    Hi Over 20 years ago I treated myself to a couple of rather expensive B&O Tv’s. All state of the art at the time but CRT is a tad dated now! I can no longer afford B&O so I am now looking to buy the latest Samsung QE43QN90A NEO QLED tv for £949 as my main TV (I only have room for a 43” ) but I...
  3. B

    Lytmi Neo HDMI 2.0

    Hi all, Saw this and thought of you all... 😍 Lytmi Neo HDMI 2.0 4K 60hz I have been following this product with interest. It's first iteration was a superb alternative to the crazy money Philips expected you to spend on their Hue products but only afforded 30hz passthrough... This one, as...
  4. superswaz

    For Sale Fortnite Neo Versa Bundle Skin Neo Phrenzy Back Bling + 2000 V-Bucks UK

    Voucher code that provides the following: Neo Versa Outfit (Battle Royale & Creative Only) Neo Phrenzy Back Bling (Battle Royale & Creative Only) 2,000 V-Bucks £21 and code will be pm'd
  5. E


    Any views on the above TV? I'm mainly looking for a TV which has an anti reflective screen, can upscale to at least 4K through a Sky Q box, a 5 or 6 year warranty and a TV from a shop where I can actually see one in operation. If there are better 65" TVs than the one mentioned in the title...
  6. mtenga

    Zappiti Neo, Signature, Reference - Owners Thread

    Arriving in November apparently. A thread to anticipate and discuss all things new Zappiti. Looks like the Mini and One SE from the previous range will still be available so these three new models will sit above them. DV included. New display included on front of unit. Zappiti apparently...
  7. Gunbuster

    For Sale Arcade1Up SF2 cab + lots of retro gaming stuff - Supaboy, Retron, NGP games etc

    I'm selling a bunch of my retro gaming stuff to make a bit of space. I'll be adding more as I dig it out and test it. Arcade1Up I have an original Street Fighter II Arcade1Up cabinet for sale. It's 6 months old, and in decent condition, has had a reasonable amount of use but no obvious signs...
  8. G

    MINIX NEO U9H VS nVidia Shield TV is the upgrade worth it?

    Hi I'm thinking of upgrading the MINIX NEO U9H to nVidia Shield TV Pro 4K or similar and hopping for some advise Background: Until recently I've been more than happy with my MINIX Neo U9H Running Kodi 19.1 matrix Installed on a SD card as I ran out of memory on the main device Streaming...
  9. Phil Hinton

    Podcast: Best Screens for a Home Cinema, Samsung NEO G9 Gaming Monitor Review and more… (25th August 2021)

    This week the team discuss building a home cinema and the types of screens best suited to such a set-up, including the best aspect ratios and screen materials. We get an update on the reviews being worked on as well as a quick review of the Samsung NEO G9 Gaming Monitor from Greg. Plus, we have...
  10. I

    Which Neo QLED TV to buy?

    Hi, Apologies if this question has been ask before. I'm looking to replace my existing Samsung TV, I've opted for the new 65" Neo QLED edition. My question is which version, I'm only going to use for Sky Q no GAMING, I do have a 4K Blu Ray Player but never use it. Would the QN90A model be...
  11. z5461313

    Samsung QN800A Neo QLED 8k TV Discussion Thread

    Start new thread for affordable Samsung 8k QN800A Neo QLED TV
  12. C

    Neo: 4 HDMi Matroix with LG OlED C8 remote

    Hi Guys, My SKY q box is connected to Ne0 4x4 matrix and output is on LG OLED C8. for some reason I am unable to change channels via LG magic remote. Panasonic TV remote works perfectly fine. Any ideas? Thanks
  13. C

    Neo Professional with Panasonic Oled

    Hi All, Recently I bought a neo pro matrix 4x4 on ebay. within house I was able to switch between skyq and CCTV live cam. I have a summer house/office at the back of garden. I am able to watch SKY Q here , but unable to see CCTV live cam. for testing purposes, I got 1 of the in house TV and...
  14. C

    please what is the settings( Calibrations) for movie mode and standard for the neo qled 90a

    please what is the settings for movie mode in for the neo qled 90a should local dimming be standard and contract enhancer off
  15. naz1911

    Samsung QN94A Neo QLED Owners and Discussion Thread

    All things QN94A Samsung link to the TV YouTube Review 1 YouTube Review 2 PC World and Richer Sounds currently have an offer on the 65" with £400 off the marked price (Offer ends 06/07/2021) and a £300 rebate (Offer ends 07/09/2021) bringing the TV down in price to £1,799. Not bad for a...
  16. C

    questiion on dynamic contrast neo qnled 90a

    have samsung qnled 90a . if I put dynamic contrast on high i have to lower other settings. if i put it on on low or off I have to raise other settings. so is it best not to use dynamic contrast on high or just use on low or off. please help me when i watch a amazon movie with hdr tag next...
  17. S

    Samsung QN95A Neo QLED Owners and Discussion Thread

    Hi All, Thought I would create this seeing as there are quite a lot of comments about this particular TV in a variety of different threads. Reviews are starting to pour in for this particular model: Video reviews Articles Samsung QN95A review: "Believe the hype; this is a worthy...
  18. I

    Am I better going for a Neo QLED rather than an QLED?

    Okay, I know as much about TVs as I do hangliding! If I am looking for a new Samsung TV am I better off with a Neo QLED? I will only buy a new TV every 5 years or so - but would rather buy well etc. Problem is I am not sure which is the better option for Samsungs! Probably only going for a 50...
  19. Atmos

    Pico Neo 3 - Launching May 10th in China

    Pico are about to release details on their latest standalone headset the Pico Neo 3. With Quest 2 banned in China this headset would get market domination before moving to the West. I'll update the thread as details are released.
  20. S

    Neo QLED or OLED Evo

    Hi all I'm very torn between two TVs that I have my eye on Samsung QN95A 65" LG G1 65" They're both £3000 TVs and I currently have the Samsung Neo QLED on Preorder. The reason I went for the QLED is due to a NHS discount plus the cashback that Samsung is offering on their preorders so the...
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