NEET, an acronym for "Not in Education, Employment, or Training", refers to a person who is unemployed and not receiving an education or vocational training. The classification originated in the United Kingdom in the late 1990s, and its use has spread, in varying degrees, to other countries, including Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Canada, and the United States. The NEET category includes the unemployed (individuals without a job and seeking one), as well as individuals outside the labour force (without a job and not seeking one). It is usually age-bounded to exclude people in old-age retirement.
In the United Kingdom, the classification comprises people aged between 16 and 24 (some 16 and 17 year-olds are still of compulsory school age); the subgroup of NEETs aged 16–18 is frequently of particular focus. In Japan, the classification comprises people aged between 15 and 34 who are not employed, not engaged in housework, not enrolled in school or work-related training, and not seeking work.
A 2008 report by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) said the unemployment and NEET rates for people aged 16–24 in the majority of OECD countries fell in the past decade, attributed to increased participation in education.NEET is to be distinguished from the newly coined NLFET rate ("Neither in the Labour Force nor in Education or Training") used in the 2013 report on Global Employment Trends for Youth by the International Labour Organization. NLFET is similar to NEET but excludes unemployed youth (who are part of the labour force).

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  1. M

    PS4 no longer working with Neet HDMI splitter

    I used to have several inputs hooked up to my TV via a Neet 5-way HDMI splitter: an old Xbox 360, a Nintendo Switch, a Freesat receiver, a spare cable for a laptop and a PS4. It all worked fine until, a couple of months ago, we moved house. Since moving, everything works except the PS4. Worse...
  2. P

    Question Neet hdmi splitter stopped working?

    Hi, my Neet HDMI splitter has been working well for months, but now has suddenly stopped working. I have it connected to my sky q box, then one to the main tv and then another tv upstairs. The red light by the power lead is flashing constantly, but I can’t find the instructions to find out what...
  3. C

    Onkyo SR608 Neet HDMI splitter not working

    Hi all, I was hoping someone might be able to help me with a frustrating issue that I cannot get my head around. To keep it short I have an HDMI cable running from My Sky HD box to a Neet 4 way HDMI splitter box. coming out of the box I have a Neet HDMI cable running to the Onkyo SR 608, and...
  4. hander

    Using HDMI splitter (NEET) from PC to monitor and projector: Fuzzy text on monitor

    I'm outputting from a PC graphics card (R9 280X, fwiw), to a NEET HDMI Splitter Neet® - 2 Way HDMI SPLITTER BOX 1x2 Port - Active: Electronics and then to: an old AE900 Panasonic an (almost as) old DELL 2405FPW monitor I get a fuzzy, jittery screen on the monitor. The projector is...
  5. A

    Neet Airstream - Loss of internet connection

    I have a Neet Airstream which connects to the internet via my BT wifi hub. The Airstream seems to regularly 'lose' the wifi password resulting in a loss of connection and re entry of the password to the Airstream. Any suggestions to avoid this? Cheers A
  6. Paulie A

    Splitting IR successfully? NEET setup

    hi guys. My current set up has 2 TVs, with the signal from a Sky box split between the 2. From a NEET hdmi splitter, it then goes direct to a TV and the other to a NEET HDMI Cat6 extender with IR. It works perfectly. Now I want to know, can I split that IR signal and connect it to 2 HDMI Cat6...
  7. D

    NEET HDMI splitter problem

    Hi everyone I have a problem with a Neet HDMI splitter that I've had for two years. Comes out of the sky HD box but when I plug any of the HDMI cables in any of the outputs, the power LED flashes and the output goes off. Seems to flash constantly until I unplug the output cable, then the power...
  8. K

    Question Neet HDMI Extender Power From USB?

    Evening all, Does anyone know if it would be possible to power this Neet® HDMI Extender over Single Cat 6 with IR Control +: Electronics from the USB port of a TV?
  9. B

    Onkyo HT-R693 through Neet HD base T extender not working.

    Hopefully someone can help me (or send me in the right direction). I have the amp set up in a cupboard at the back of the house and the signal sent to my tv at the front of the house via a neet HD BaseT extender. If I plug my bt box or blu ray player directly into the neet extender then the...
  10. eiw1219

    HDMI optical Neet Tv Soundbar Kitchen Build

    Hi. Need a bit of advice on the new kitchen system. Currently running optical off the sky box to my lounge AV system. I will need to switch sound to hdmi and run cat 6 network to the kitchen So I can have the Tv linked to my AV receiver. I'm guessing it will have picture and audio over the...
  11. richie h

    Alternatives to neet hdmi splitters

    I currently use a neet splitter 2 to 1 hdmi splitter and find it works great. Are there any equally good splitters available for less money? I'm going to need 2 more to get my setup beaming youview and ps3 downstairs over hdmi. Thanks
  12. K

    Neet vs HDAnywhere

    Hi all, I can't decide between two different HDMI extenders. Firstly the Neet HDBaseT Neet® HDBaseT Extender 4Kx2K Ultra HD Over Single Cat5e: Electronics Secondly the HDAnywhere EX50 Extend HDMI 1080p/4K/UHD up to 100m using HDanywhere extenders Is the HDAnywhere EX50 worth...
  13. fatwelshbuddha

    Streaming from video on Win 10 to Neet

    Hi and Happy 2016 I'm probably being a bit thick here, but how do I stream the audio stream of a MP4 file on Windows 10 laptop to a Neet Airstream using wifi?? I have the Neet connected to a miniamp and some old Mission speakers, which works well with audio streams from my iOS devices, but I...
  14. AlanSussex

    Neet splitter help needed!

    I have Sky HD running into a Neet splitter to 2 Samsung TVs (one 5m cable one 1m) and as soon as I change channel on sky or enter the EPG, output 2 from the splitter appears to drop out (as in which ever TV I connect to output 2 suddenly goes blank) and I then have to reselect the HDMI port its...
  15. Baron Von Doom

    Splitting HDMI to tv and projector problems

    Im using a Denon AVRX2200W amp with two hdmi outputs. Output 1 goes straight to the plasma. Output 2 goes to a Neet hdmi to cat adapter then to the projector. If the tv and projector are both switched on there is no problem and everything works as it should. If im just using the tv i get no...
  16. paul cliff

    No 3D from Neet splitter

    Hello, Need some help. I have a Denon AVRx500 which is connected to a Neet 1x2 HDMI Splitter, purchased about a year ago. The splitter runs into a Tosh 3D TV and a BenQ w1070+, the HDMI cable to the projector is 20m. Problem is I can't get 3D to work through the splitter. If I remove the...
  17. N

    Neet HDMI extender

    When installing my ceiling speakers for Atmos, i encountered a problem. I have a plastic tube that runs through a the wall, with a 7m HDMI cable inside, that connects to my projector. The only way i have to pass the speaker cable for the 6 ceiling speaker, is running the cables along the HDMI...
  18. R

    Question New to Virgin TiVo. NEET splitter 5.1 in the lounge no sound on the kitchen TV

    Hi All, This is my first post, sorry if this has been asked numerous times before I bought a NEET HDMI 2 way splitter, originally set up with sky+ box 2 TVs one in lounge with a 5.1 surround sound and the other Samsung LCD in the kitchen with no surround sound. Everything worked fine. As in...
  19. mkohman

    Question Neet 2 Way HDMI Splitter help?

    Hey All, I purchased a 2 way sliptter: Basically this is what I have done. HTPC to the Neet 2 way splitter. From the Neet first output goes straight to my Sony TV (HDMI with ARC) and the second to the...
  20. R

    Zeppelin Gen 1 + Neet Airstream

    Hi all, New poster here. And I need some help. I have a B&W Zeppelin (first generation - pre-Air). I want to make the most of it's sound reproduction with wireless streaming and was bought a Neet Airstream NTS1 for my birthday. The cables that the Neet box came with don't appear to offer any...
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