Network-attached storage (NAS)
Network-attached storage (NAS) is a file-level computer data storage server connected to a computer network providing data access to a heterogeneous group of clients. NAS is specialized for serving files either by its hardware, software, or configuration. It is often manufactured as a computer appliance – a purpose-built specialized computer. NAS systems are networked appliances which contain one or more hard disk drives, often arranged into logical, redundant storage containers or RAID.
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  1. Stanman

    Second hand router

    Saw this, which is ridiculously cheap on fleabay and thinking of buying. It's low price concerns me, they can't put any dodgy software on it...
  2. J

    Proposed NAS setup, advice please

    Hi all, Looking to set up a NAS for media storage only. My current setup is external USB HDDs into a Dune 8k media player which feeds a LG C3 which works fine but I would prefer to switch out the USB HDDs. The NAS will really only be 'fired up' a few times a week for movies etc & won't be...
  3. E

    Barix with Dante system

    Good morning, I have a small setup which has a Barix Annuncicom MPI400 device that is routed with an Avio Dante input device (the latter in turn has a microphone connected). The Annuncicom is connected to a SIP server that is constantly sending announcements. My final objective is to achieve...
  4. Michael

    How much should I spend on a switch to achieve this spec?

    I'm looking for something with: 16+ ports No fans Ability to hit 900+ mbits over pppoe PoE support Gigabit (plus SFPs if it's not expensive, ditto 2.5gbit) Rack mountable if possible (shallow!) No internet connection/Account required to configure/admin Are any of these specs combined going to...
  5. topgazza

    Transcoding - do I need it ?

    Here’s my scenario I’ve always bought a NAS with a cpu that has built in graphics. Previously a Synology and currently a Terramaster 423. I only play my movie files direct via my internal newtwork to an Apple TV 4K then onto my Sony 4k OLED. I don’t think at any stage I am transcoding. My...
  6. S

    Slow Download on 1 Machine, but Not the Other

    Problem - Slow Download on 1 Machine, but Not the Other: I have 2 computers - a 2yr old high spec large desktop and a 5 yr old laptop. Both are wired to a TP-Link switch and are on the same network. The switch is wired to my home router. Yesterday, I downloaded a large file using the desktop...
  7. Stuart Wright

    Apparently it's not neighbourly to stop your neighbour from stealing your wifi

    He's omitted the third thing they can do and that's for the thieving neighbour to get his own damn wifi! And I thought it was just young people who are incredibly entitled.
  8. P

    Question 10G Backbone for House and Detached Garage

    I am looking to strip out my 12 year Cat5 network in my house, which is a 4 bed, 2 storey with loft and detached garage. What I am thinking is to run a 10 G backbone from my ground floor, through my loft, out through the wall and across to my garage with a mix on buried and conduit. The network...
  9. Tafflad

    What NAS ?

    I have a connection issue with my current NAS, (DLINK DNS-323) and separate to that issue .... it's now old, and no longer really supported under W10 Need to find an alternate NAS in 'Bare box' offer, that will accept standard 3.5" SATA HDDs so I can swap over my 2 x 1TB drives. Some names I...
  10. Tafflad

    DNS-323 and Drive Mapping

    I have a DLink DNS-323 used as a storage device for my W10 PC - ethernet connected to my BT Home Hub I went to use it and the 2 mapped drives were missing. (not uncommon) Previously I would MAP using D-Link 'Easy Search' utility, however, while it finds the 323, along with IP data but when I...
  11. sykotik

    Adding drives ( more storage) to a pool in truenas

    Just starting truenas, and slowly getting my head around things , but one thing I'd like to know , is it possible to add more drives to an existing pool ?. I yes will I lose any data in the process?
  12. Knitman

    Question Have QNAP 451 4 bay,Want Change

    Hi-I have just bought a Mac Studio and display. Have taken everything off iMac onto ext SSD thunderbolt 4tb drive, including all copied onto Qnap. So everything that was my my Qnap is now on this SSD. I am considering just getting another 4tb ext SSD or another NAS. All my music is saved onto...
  13. G

    Question Mini UPS for Network infrastructure

    I live in an area where I get lots of micro power cuts enough for the lights to flicker and reset cooker clock etc. On my main PC and NAS I have separate UPS's these should have enough battery power to shut down both in the event of a power cut At some point in the night the router went off...
  14. luke666

    new build network setup?

    Hi All, We are building a new house and was wondering if anyone had any ideas for a good network build? I am running 2 cat6 cable to all bedrooms, office, living space, lounge and 4 going to the attic room where we will have playstations and cinema/projector but was wondering the best way to get...
  15. J

    Synology DS 224+ / 423+ / 723+ Vs QNAP TS-264?

    I noticed Synology have brought out new models this year. I really only need 2-bay but like the added flexibility of 4 (or an extension). The 723+ would be ideal except the lack of GPU for hardware transcoding, and since the 224+ doesn't allow extensions the 423+ with 2 drives initially seemed a...
  16. PhantomICEMAN

    Question 13600K / 14600k CPU

    Hi im in the process of planning on building a NAS build. intially i was going to opt for synology nas but now looking at the money saving as well as the performance increases you can get through a DIY solution ive decided to go down that route. Im planning on building a 8 disk nas intially...
  17. Tempest

    HP Microserver N54L - Can I do anything with it now?

    I have one of these old Microservers and the Windows Home Server (if I remember correctly that Msoft killed) is still on it. I've not fired it up for a couple of years, but it's all still connected and I have no reason to think it would not fire up. Both PC's on the same network have never seen...
  18. T

    Question Condensing network equipment

    Looking for suggestions on how to condense my network equipment. I currently have a small server rack that is located under the stairs with the following gripes: Taking up a lot of space Generating a lot of heat Using a lot of power I have about 30 network sockets all around the house that...
  19. Pooon

    Question Synology DS223j with 2x4tb drives

    Please help a NAS virgin I'm sure someone will know the answer to this: I have the equipment as per the title and i would like to set it up so that i have the maximum amount of storage space for the drives i have eg 8tb (i appreciate i wont get 8tb, but 7.xxtb) I ran all the various setup...
  20. D

    Using VPN on TV for foreign channels?

    Hello. I use a free VPN on my PC (10GB per month) and sometimes on my smartphone (1GB per month) to watch content on BBC in the UK and French TV. I have a smart TV and would like to know how I can watch this content on it. Can I just connect my TV to my PC via (bluetooth?) with VPN activated...
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