Network-attached storage (NAS)
  1. WestSussexKev

    Question Playing FLAC files from a NAS

    Hi everyone, Not sure if this is the correct section to post this so, apologies in advance. I have a Denon AVR-X3600H and a Netgear readyNas Duo NAS device. I am able to play the mp3 files from the NAS without any problem but seem to be having difficulty playing FLAC files. I can load a USB...
  2. D

    Question Getting NAS ready?

    I currently have a 24TB WD MyBook Duo. I believe there are 2 x 12TB WD Red Hard Drives in it. I currently use 13TB of space and I am operating RAID0. Obviously this is not ideal as if one of the hard drives fail, I'm in big trouble. So I've been searching NAS enclosures with the ability for...
  3. K

    For Sale Synology DS216J Nas & BT Whole Home WiFi Triple Pack

    I have for sale the following: Synology DS216J 2 Bay NAS - It's the bare unit with no drives. It is in very good condition and it's boxed with all the original items. It was in use for less than 12 months before I upgraded to a larger NAS - SOLD. BT Whole Home Wifi Triple Pack - These are...
  4. JohnWB

    Very Slow to connect from PC or Apple TV 4K to my Synolgy NAS boxes

    Recently when I try to access files on my Synology 214Play NAS or 218 NAS via NFS, from my Windows 10 PCit usually takes more than 10 seconds to connect, it used to be ok. I have the same problem trying to access my NAS boxes from my Apple TV 4K Sometimes it connects straight away. Eveything...
  5. peter312

    NAS or MAC

    I currently have my music files (FLAC) saved on an older Synology NAS. When I play my music files, I use the Heos app on my iPad and play the files through my Marantz PM7000N amp. Unless I am playing records, most music I stream plays from Amazon Music But I do have a number of FLAC files not...
  6. S

    Question Quickest way to transfer 60TB of data from external HDD to NAS

    Hi Folks, I hope everyone is well and keeping safe. I am thinking of going down the NAS route. I currently have 68TB worth of external hard drives: 1 x 28TB WD My Book Duo, 2 x 20TB WD My Book Duo. My plan is to purchase a QNAP TS-653D NAS and populate it with some 14TB drives. Now I know...
  7. NeverEden

    Question Encryption on NAS

    This is the first time I plan to purchase a NAS drive but wanted to know if they can be encrypted in case of theft? Cloud storage is an option less preferred.
  8. jamesking

    For Sale QNAP TS-212 NAS for sale

    I have a QNAP NAS for sale, TS-212. £40 delivered (Hermes or some other suitably cheap service). I will be digging out some 2TB drives soon too, so if you are interested in those I can install them and include them in the NAS so that you're ready to go with it. This is great for network...
  9. NeverEden

    Wanted Cheap NAS - no drives needed - 2 Bay

    First time owning a NAS - so would like something intuitive for basic documents/image/video storage
  10. albriscoe

    Wanted NAS

    Hi i've already got a Synology 1511 5 bay NAS drive and want to replace it with something larger (this one will be for sale soon as well) its for my movie collection only btw Can you guys recommend something larger, maybe up to 8 bay and even rack mountable Also what drives are recommended...
  11. Autopilot

    NAS CCTV servers

    Anyone running a CCTV server on a NAS? I have heard of blue iris, but not used it. But I’m thinking of running a NAS and wondering if it would be a good solution for CCTV (I have 4 POE cameras). Any experience here with Blue iris or something else? Thoughts?
  12. I

    Sony KD-55AG8 with QNAP NAS - VLC vs Plex Query

    Equipment set-up is as follows : Sony KD-55AG8 TV, connected to home network via wi-fi. (It would be easy for me to run a LAN cable from router to TV if necessary). Vodafone 500Mbps Gigafast broadband with Vodafone router. QNAP TS-453A NAS 2x3TB RAID 1 connected to router. The Sony TV accesses...
  13. M

    Wanted 3TB / 4TB / 6TB NAS Drive

    As per the title I'm after an in warranty nas drive either wd red or seagate ironwolf Please state a price shipped Thanks
  14. Harkon321

    Basic questions about getting a NAS

    New territory for me, but considering a move to a NAS for film storage. Got a few questions and any pointers appreciated. Done properly, is it as reliable as a disk? I can't be doing with blocky blacks due to bit rate, buffering or audio sync issues. Can I buy something like a 4 bay NAS...
  15. avgeek52

    Best budget NAS for CCTV system

    I am in the process of setting up a CCTV system in my office. I’ve bought 4 x Reolink cameras and have been planning on using a spare HP rack server that we have available as the nvr. However, I’m concerned that should someone break in to our office and wheel out our server rack, they would...
  16. martimu

    Any media boxes compatible with WD red Nas drives

    Hi, If I can't get my QNAP working (or it's too expensive to fix) I might replace with a media box like a Zidoo or similar Given that I've got a couple of WD red 4tb drives are they compatible with media boxes? I need something that I can watch my MKV Bluray backups from and stream my flacs...
  17. witters

    Question Upgrading form a 4tb to 8tb in a Synology DS118 NAS. How without losing the contents of the current drive please?

    I have the 118 and love it. Problem is the 4TB I installed when I bought it is now running out of space! Is there a guide anywhere to walk me through the process of swapping out the 4TB for an 8TB or larger please? Obviously I don't want to lose the 3.5FB of data I already have. Any help would...
  18. M

    Why are NAS so Expensive?

    I usually frequent the satellite TV forum on this site and this is my first post in this forum. There do seem to be a lot of knowledgeable people here giving sound advice and information which is good to see because I'm a bit of a novice with networking. I have had, for many years, a Zyxel...
  19. mambo1888

    Question NAS for Plex advice

    Hey folks looking for a bit of advice, I just ordered a 8TB Seagate IronWolf drive and was going to stick it in my gaming PC to store movies and music etc for Plex. What are the key benefits to using a NAS compared to storing the HDD in my PC? I have an Nvidia Sheild TV coming to be used as the...
  20. Tricky-Ricky

    NAS and RAID1 questions.

    After buying a new NAS and first having problems with corrupted HDDs i then thought all was good until i had an HDD configured as a single disk show as "in risk" so on restarting the NAS just to see if it was a bogus report the HDD was not visible so proceeded to hunt for recovery software and...
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