Network-attached storage (NAS)
  1. BlueMacer

    Question 4K Ripped to NAS help

    Hello, All the while I don’t have a PC or laptop I’m very intrigued into installing a NAS or equivalent and thinking incorporating into my DIY home cinema. I own a fair amount off 4K UHD discs and was wondering how on earth to have all my films in one place on demand. Is there such a service who...
  2. L

    How to setup my old HP Z800 as a NAS?

    I was looking at the price of QNap and Synology but the price is still steep for for me. I'm thinking of using my HP Z800 as a NAS. What are some of the options or process in turning my HP Z800 into a NAS? At this point, three things I like to have. 1. I still want to be able to use the Z800...
  3. superswaz

    Wanted 4TB or 5TB Hard Drive

    As per title after a 4TB or 5TB hard drive 3.5in internal Not bothered about warranty, but must have 0 issues with it i.e. no bad sectors etc. Let me know what you have
  4. devbias

    Question Which new Qnap NAS

    5yrs has passed quickly since my last Qnap purchase. I nearly bought the TS-253d given the excellent reviews. However I don’t feel that’s it would be my best option in my circumstance. I have my NAS not internet facing and access it remotely via OpenVPN. My CCTV is on a dedicated NVR and also...
  5. W

    q90t connection to NAS via ethernet

    Hi everyone, First off, it's my first post so a big Hi to you all! I am pretty sure this has been asked before, but I could not find anything with a quick search. I have recently bought a q90t and have connected it to my NAS (WD MyBookLive) via ethernet, meaning the TV connects to my...
  6. I

    Haunted NAS Drives keep "disappearing" after a while of being visible?!

    I've been doing IT, mostly hardware, on Windows, Android (Chrome) OS and Mac OS S/MB and "elaborate" Home networks for 39 years and this issue is blowing my mind. I've never seen anything like this before. At my home network, which is moderately elaborate with a lot of Media (audio and video) to...
  7. M

    Question RAID NAS - Do you keep a spare drive in case of failure?

    I have recently been persuaded here that once you have a NAS arrangement that includes RAID resilience to disk failure (with backup) that it makes sense to run disks to the point where they do fail, rather than swap them out routinely after four years run time? Do people here have a spare disk...
  8. J

    NAS and Gaming Server

    Right, just been spending the last few weeks deciding what parts to get to make a gaming server for my kids (Keep getting distracted!) Decided on building a AMD based system with parts I already have from an existing server that is Intel based... The server will house a Windows Server 2016 AD...
  9. Bman

    Looking to buy a NAS based on two scenarios

    Hi :) I'm looking to get into the NAS business for my Music & movie library. In my current setup, I have 4 external HDDs (varying from 8 to 12TB each) connected to a windows pc. My main concern is with backing up my music HDD, so I'm guessing that a 2 bay NAS will suffice, but I'm also open to...
  10. NaTT

    For Sale NAS Unraid Pro Pre-built to 18TB

    For sale, my trusty Unraid NAS, configured with 18TB of "protected" disc space. Plus a 2TB Parity disc and Cache disc. Protected, in that if one disc dies, you just plug a new one in and the thing rebuilds the data that resided on the old HDD, to the new one. Even if the new one is bigger than...
  11. T

    Wanted WD Red or Seagate Ironwolf NAS HDD

    I have just built my first NAS from an old computer but need a second disk to get started If anyone has a 4/6/8 TB WD Red (CMR version) or Seagate Ironwolf NAS HDD that they want to get rid of then please let me know. Should not be very old or having any bad sectors please. Many thanks
  12. topgazza

    Storing and Accessing Music on my NAS

    I am getting rid of my many CDs and want to store them on the NAS. At the moment I have them in iTunes on my Mac but want an easier way for the family to access them. Sharing on Apple is hit and miss I think. If I put them all on my Synology I read that I just need to supply a link o familiy and...
  13. NaTT

    Sell UnRaid NAS as a system or as parts?

    This isn't an add, this is seeking advice on how to sell my NAS when I do. I've a full tower NAS with 15 bays and various SATA controller cards to drive everything. I'm downsizing. Would it be best to sell it as a system, 18TB protected, with parity and Cache, or to break it down and sell it as...
  14. R

    LG OLED compatibility with Asustor NAS?

    Hi, apologies in advance if this instead belongs in the networking category. I have an LG OLED55E7P. I'm looking at the ASUSTOR AS6302T that has HDMI 2.0 for 4k playback, which is EXACTLY what I need it for. My question is: would the LG be able to read media files stored on the NAS?
  15. Hainesy

    For Sale Apple Mac Mini 2018 (i7/16GB/512GB SSD) & Synology DS115j 1 Bay NAS (Bare)

    Selling my Apple Mac Mini 2018 (A1992) Intel i7 CPU, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, space grey, in mint condition. Boxed as new and in warranty till May 2021, reset and running a fresh install of latest Big Sur OS. Looking for £950 inc shipping...
  16. nilz

    Question New to Nas

    Hi, I am new to Nas system and wanted some advice. I want something to back up my photos and videos. I have cloud storage but also wanted a hard copy at home. I currently have a WD my book which I use, but it tiresome to take it out and plug it, then back it up and put it away. I just want...
  17. D

    Yamaha np-s303 not recognising music on NAS over WiFi

    Hi, This is my first post here, but I don't know what to do anymore... I have a Yamaha np-s303 and a WD MyCloudEx2Ultra 2x4TB connected over WiFi and for over a year they really got along together, but after a firmware update of the Yamaha when I want to connect to my NAS the display (and also...
  18. D

    NAS Help/Advice

    Hi all, My knowledge is very basic so please so please be kind! So I currently have a WD My Cloud (about 6 yrs old) which I traditionally copy and paste pics/vids from mine and my wife's phones. Usually just plug our Samsung phones into my old laptop and drag and drop across. Always used to...
  19. S

    Wanted 8 Bay Qnap NAS

    Hi guys , Against my better judgement , I purchased a 6 bay Qnap NAS about 6 months ago when I really?should have gone for an 8 bay unit. Now fast forward a few months and I've maxed out my storage so need to expand . Therefore I'm on a look out for an 8 bay Qnap NAS. Anyone got one their...
  20. petermorlion

    Question Synology NAS video to Yamaha Musiccast

    Hello, Does anyone know if it's possible to send video that is stored on a Synology NAS to a Yamaha receiver? In the Musiccast app, I can browse my NAS but I can only play music, not video. My Synology NAS supports Airplay and also DLNA, which are both supported by the Yamaha receiver. But I...
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