1. B

    No OLED. Qled vs nanocell

    Hello everyone! By Christmas, if I find a good offer, I should change the TV in the living room. I currently have a Samsung UE50NU7400 with which I am happy, but due to the premature demise of their TV I will pass it on to my in-laws. I am very undecided on three models, in particular on...
  2. P

    43 inch LG NanoCell VA or IPS code?

    I'm trying to buy 43 inch direct led TV from LG in my country with IPS panel. While checking displayspec on 43NANO753PA, there is lottery on this model (756PA ondisplayspec - marked depended) MVA or IPS. Today I checked 43NANO753PA in a store where I worked before and it has VA panel with very...
  3. D

    86NANO916PA LG Nano 91 4k Nanocell - Any good? Trying to find a cheap but competent 85" Anybody have any thoughts? Primary use TV series and films Evening use
  4. S

    LG NANO75 settings

    Guys I recently bought a LG 75NANO756PA and I’m currently struggling to find the best settings. Could you help me out? Thanks
  5. jalaneme

    LG nanocell, transferring display settings from one tv to another

    is there anyway to do this? this is 2021 and it's surprising that any modern tech can't do this, my current lg tv has a cracked screen and have to get all the settings from the old tv to the new lg tv i'm buying! i wish there was a better option instead of manually doing this from both tvs...
  6. E

    Upgrade for PS5 in bedroom

    Currently have: 40” Samsung 6290 Top 2 “musts” 1. Under $800 2. 50” or less I want 120hz with HDMI 2.1. Sadly, as I don’t have $1400 for an LG CX, that dream is dying. There’s the Nanocell 85 49” which does it for a decent price, but picture quality reviews are mixed. Then there is the...
  7. A

    LG nanocell update.

    yesterday 28 /) 01/2021 or received an update on my nano91 I state that either a 60 mega connection and it took some time to download the update. then I checked what had changed but the only thing I noticed is that the higher contrast screen and the lights are strong or looked at the settings...
  8. N

    LG Nano86 - Local Dimming

    I have had a search but haven't found an owners thread for the nano86 model. I have seen some things online (YouTube video) about about poor local dimming which a large potion of the screen staying bright even for the cursor. Has anyone here with the TV got any pics of the local dimming? I had...
  9. K

    LG Nanocell or OLED

    I was about to pull the trigger on an OLED but then came across this offer. I am not too bothered about the 8K but with my slight concerns about burn in with OLED, is this TV comparable to OLED for HDR? I will mainly be using for HDR gaming via PS5 and bits of streaming via Netflix and Amazon...
  10. A

    nanocell yes .nanocell no

    hello everyone .o bought a sm8200pla last year and I was happy apart from the local dimming. the sm8200pla I gave it to my son ando bought a Philips 58pus8555 and there started the problems not of software but of images so much that just found someone who wanted it sold it losing about 100...
  11. sanocoffie

    Question LG nano91 grey lines

    Hi, sorry for my english, I bought a new TV and while watching I found out that there are gray spots in the picture. It seems to me like a shadow from the light, because it is always in the shape of such an arrow. Otherwise, the picture is quite good, decent black and bleeding, or uniformity, so...
  12. T

    Question LG NANOCELL 866 (65) Dolby Vision

    Overall been happy with the performance of this TV sticking to ISF bright room setting. The 4 of us in the house agree HDR 10 on Amazon prime / BBC uhd (HisDarkMaterials) is outstanding. However we are really struggling with dolby vision on Netflix and Disney plus. Everything is dull and drab...
  13. G

    LG Nanocell vs LG OLED Comparison

    The comparison video that I have been waiting for all year has finally arrived. It basically shows what we already knew. Both technologies are good and have positives and negatives. It comes down to price and whether you can put up with some of the down sides found on both sides. I was always...
  14. S

    Question Which Tv would be better LG 55NANO866NA 55 VS PHILIPS 58PUS9005/12

    HI, I am looking for a new tv around 55 - 60 inch, I will mostly use the TV for PS5 and watching football and movies. I have found 2 tv's that I can't decide between; LG 55NANO866NA 55 PHILIPS 58PUS9005/12 PHILIPS 58PUS9005/12 - £510 I was looking at this mainly because of the Ambiilight led...
  15. J

    Question Qled Nano or Oled

    I have the 55” Samsung QE55Q60TAUXXU TV (£899) which is a Qled and has been a disappointment. Would a LG NanoCell screen be going backwards or would it have to be Oled if i were to change it? Thanks in advance
  16. T

    Sony - 85" - X900H or LG - 86" Class NanoCell 90 Series

    Both the Sony - 85" - X900H and the LG - 86" Class NanoCell 90 Series are on sale and the same price at Best Buy. I have watched reviews of both of these models but not the 85" or 86" version. Between these 2 tv's what would be the best? I mostly watch sports, tv and movies with little to no...
  17. W

    Anyone own a NanoCell 8k 2020 version

    Just trying to get some more info on if anyone has any info on the NanoCell 8k tv because I have been considering a purchase. I have a c9 but I’m having a hard time not worrying about burn in I watch a lot of espn and play a lot of games. also I have several windows in my living room and it’s...
  18. W

    Anyone have experience with the NanoCell 8k looking at possible purchase

    Hey guys wondering if anyone has any experience with an 8k NanoCell tv I can’t seem to find any reviews on the 2020 version but it has all the bells and whistles as far as hdmi 2.1 vrr and the previous models had great upscaling. I know there’s no 8k content. I just bought a c9 77” and my living...
  19. J

    Question Can 4k BLU RAYS & NANOCELL

    Can 4k Blu Rays be enjoyed on a Nanocell TV
  20. L

    Best 48-50" TV for everything except movies?

    Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone had any recommendations on a 48-50" 4K TV? I've got a projector setup for movies, with 105" screen and 5.1 surround etc, so I'm just looking for a TV for basically everything else. I'll probably be using it for an even mix of TV shows, documentary series...
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