1. L

    65 inch-LG Nano 90 vs Hisense U7QF vs Panasonic X820B upgrade thoughts ?

    Hi. Apologies if there is a similar post to this. Anyway I today received a refurbish Sony XH90 which unfortunately is dead out of the box and being returned. Was gutted. Was also out of stock to be replaced even no new ones available. anyway I was considering before I ordered this the Nano 90...
  2. T

    Nano86 55inch, dark corners and edges

    LG nano86 55inch, dark corners and edges, hi there new to all after only really having a 1080p screen prior but after recently purchasing this tele been noticing darker edges and corners, had a play around with settings and can’t seem to make it not noticeable to me, am I too picky as I know...
  3. Kylekodi

    Nano 90 stuck pixels after using menus

    Every time I use menus or change inputs, blocks of pixels in different colors show up all over the screen like the one shown in attached picture. Anyone know what causes this?
  4. A

    Is there any way to install android APK on U8Q? Im think of buying NANO 90 instead :(

    Hi, I saw that U8Q is an excellent TV with amazing peak brightness. I also know that LG software is the best in my country because it supports my country apps which is very easy and convient. I don't like the idea of connecting a streamer to the hisense because that's makes switching content...
  5. C

    Anyone used a non standard Satellite receiver on a LG Nano?

    As above ive got a 75" LG Nano 9 series (bought a couple of months ago) going through the setup it only enables you to use the usual suspects of sat receivers, Sky, Virgin etc etc. Ive got a VU+ which id like to use/integrate into the remote but theres no option to....anyone else done that...?
  6. L

    LG 49” Nano Cell 85 - defect?

    I attached a picture below of my issue. Basically I’ve had this tv for 7 days now and noticed this issue almost immediately after receiving it. There is a horizontal line down the center of my screen that makes things tinted or grayish on the right side of the line. This line does not show up...
  7. L

    LG 49” Nano Cell 85 - display issue

    I just bought this tv literally 7 days ago and noticed a horizontal line down the center of the screen. The color seems to be tinted on the right side of this line. The line does not show up in picture test, but shows up on everything else (apps, channels, input). I’ve messed around with...
  8. Nappe

    Nano 91 settings

    I just bought the Nanocell 91 55" and I'm quite happy with it so far but I wonder if someone has good settings for this tv that especially will fit sports like football and hockey? I actually had the Samsung Q80T at home to test it but I didn't think it was really pleasant to look at. It's a...
  9. Potato101010

    LG 49 inch NANO 86

    Hi I have had this tv for a couple weeks now and have spent hours trying to calibrate my picture, I’ve never been picky on TVs before and I’ve never spent over 500$ this is the first time I’ve done so, and it’s the first time I’ve encountered so many weird pictures and lighting effects, some...
  10. C

    Anyone with a 75" nano 90 set answer a question for me please?

    Hi - as above...ive just ordered one (taking a gamble with just one aspect of it) my TV Stand is definately not big enough for the tv as its got the wide feet each side but, ive got a small wallarea which i can put a mount, strange question could someone give me the distance from the...
  11. B

    Audiolab Nano question

    Hi I have been reading up on the Audio Lab Nano which apparently will improve my listening of FLAC and streaming services from my iphone to headphone. My issue is, I own AKG50BT headphones which are Bluetooth already (not sure if these have a DAC already built in but they sound pretty good)...
  12. C

    LG Nano settings

    Hi everyone I have an LG Nano 65M8050PLC. Struggling a bit with pic settings especially motion. Watching built in freeview using expert bright or dark with all pic processing off, tje image is film type motion - blurry. This is in stuff like BBC news, studio stuff I’d expect to look video like...
  13. J

    Question Qled Nano or Oled

    I have the 55” Samsung QE55Q60TAUXXU TV (£899) which is a Qled and has been a disappointment. Would a LG NanoCell screen be going backwards or would it have to be Oled if i were to change it? Thanks in advance
  14. S

    LG 86 Nano question

    Hi - I have a question relating the LG Nano 86 screen. Does anyone with this display know if G-Sync works on this TV please? I know it's not officially listed in the supported specs, but it seems sometimes screens that have Freesync also support G-Sync. Thanks :)
  15. code1905

    Nano 86 vs Nano 90 vs Nano 91

    Hi All, Just been doing a comparison between these models on the LG site, but I can't see any major differences in the specifications as to what sets these models apart. If you look at the 55" for each model, could anybody tell me what are the major take away differences are, and do you have...
  16. HD Elvis

    LG Nano 86/Xbox Series X

    Hi I'm thinking of purchasing this TV to go with the new Xbox Series X I've pre ordered. I'm limited in that 49inch is as big as I can go given my room layout and as such, if I want DV, HDMI 2.1 4k 120hz my options are limited. This seems to tick a lot of boxes. Anyone else got this display...
  17. Al Geordie

    LG NANO - What am I doing wrong?

    Please help, my head is about to explode. I have a NANO816NA TV. I have that connected to my yamaha AVR via the HDMI ARC port. I have a virgin cable box connected to the AVR. Everything seems to work fine whilst watching anything on the virgin box. The audio on the TV is set to HDMI ARC and I...
  18. D

    Nvidia Jetson Nano 2GB Emulation Test, Is it worth $59?

  19. Kjfnst

    LG NANO85 03.11.20 update

    Can’t seem to find what’s new to this update. Any information on this?
  20. D

    $59 Jetson Nano 2GB is NVIDIA’s cheapest AI dev kit to date

    How much was that Shield tv.?
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