Nano may refer to:
Nano-, a prefix in the SI and other systems of units denoting a factor of 10−9 (one billionth)
Nano, an Arduino model (single-board microcontroller)
Microsoft Nano Server, an installation option for Windows Server 2016 which is similar to Windows Server in Server Core mode, but is significantly smaller, has no local logon capability, and only supports 64-bit applications, tools, and agents. It takes up far less disk space, sets up significantly faster, and requires far fewer updates and restarts than Windows Server.
Nano (comics)
Nano (The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy)
Nano (Star Trek)
nano, a text editor for Unix-like systems
NANO (journal)
Nanotechnology, a field of study dealing with nano-scale objects
Beretta Nano, a micro compact pistol
FlyNano Nano, a Finnish ultralight aircraft
iPod Nano, a digital media player
Radeon R9 Nano, a graphics card
Silver Nano, an antibacterial technology
Tata Nano, a car
VIA Nano, a central processing unit (CPU)
Nano receiver, a type of wireless mouse technology
Nano, an element of the game Cartoon Network Universe: FusionFall
Nano Shinonome, a Nichijou character
Nano mini-exhibition, created by the Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network
NaNo, National Novel, related to the National Novel Writing Month

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  1. Zippy77777

    Question Black line LG Nano

    Hi guys I have noticed a vertical black line about 3 inches in front the left side of my 49 inch panel. It only seems to show on versions of green. Not on red or blues. What could it be?
  2. A

    How to connect Soundbar/AV to LG Nanocell Nano91 86” 2021 TV

    How to connect Soundbar/AV to LG Nanocell Nano91 86” 2021 TV Hello everyone. I have the above TV. I am looking at getting a Soundbar or AV for better sound. I will be looking to use it for gaming and watching movies as-well as lots of TV shows. My budget may not allow me to get an AV or...
  3. M

    Setting Audio Passthrough on new 43" NANO TV

    New TV LG 43NANO75UQA. A/V receiver is an ONKYO TX-NR676 All HDMI cables are 8k rated. Cable box (U-verse) and 4k player (LG) connected through HDMI 2 on TV My issue: Trying to get the ATMOS audio feed to the A/V receiver. What I have done so far: HDMI cable connected from HDMI ! (ARC) on TV...
  4. A

    LG Nano screen issue

    Hi I have the following issue with a LG 65NANO906NA (2020) LED HDR NanoCell 4K Ultra HD Smart TV, 65 inch with Freeview HD/Freesat HD & Dolby Atmos, Dark Silver Any ideas Thanks
  5. youngsyp

    Nano SIM to eSIM number porting of same provider

    Hi, My current SIM only contract with Vodafone is about to end and I'm looking to buy another plan from them, just not direct as they don't offer value. My phone has an eSIM that's currently not used and the current number is provisioned to a nano SIM, that's in use. My question is, as the nano...
  6. F

    LG Nano8 2022 or Samsung QE6570 - for movies and ps5

    Please, what is better tv I play 50% and watch 4k movies 50% times. LG Nanocell / qled from 2022 - 70-75 inch or 65 - 70 inch Samsung Q70 model 2022 Thank you
  7. Tech127

    Auto game / movie settings on 2021 Nano 90?

    Is there a way I can have a config for movies and a config for games on the same HDMI TV input that switches automatically each time? Depending on which input the receiver is set to would be a plus... I am using a '21 LG Nano90, Denon S960H, XBox Series X, Playstation 4 Pro, FireTV Stick 4K...
  8. latchford09

    LG 75" Nano91 Wall bracket?

    Just bought this but the manual is useless, trying to work out how and what bracket I need to fix it to the wall. There appear to be anchor screw holes in the top left and right corners but they don't correspond to the brackets listed when I do a search on bracket websites. Would have expected...
  9. bigjimmi

    Budget TV for Xbox series X - Hisense or LG nano?

    Hi all! First post here but hoping someone can help me. I've just got an Xbox series X and am looking for a budget 4k TV to go with it (playing on a very old PC monitor at present). I don't have a huge budget and don't have the room for anything over 50". I've been looking at either the HISENSE...
  10. marcd5123

    Holy Smoke!!! Another New LG May 2022 Firmware Update 2019 Nano & OLED Models

    Gosh. I'm actually having to keep up with the firmware updates LG are dishing out. In all the years iv owned LG Nano TVs iv never known just how proactive LG are with dishing out brand new firmware uodates. It was only last month April their was one.. This definitely has to be a record for LG...
  11. Ian Collen

    NEWS: LG announces European pricing for 2022 QNED and NANO series TVs

    It’s still to be confirmed, as have any specific launch windows, but these European price tags paint an interesting picture. Read the news.
  12. M

    Lg Nano Screen Problem

    I have a 75" inch nanocell coming up to 12 months it's developed an intermittent problem where the screen goes dark horizontally across the centre. When I turnoff the TV and put back on the problem dissapears. Anyone else had this problem or know what it could be? Thanks
  13. H

    Omnibus f4 nano v6 FC

    I recently bought a omnibus f4 nano v6 FC. I however have 4 separate esc and the FC only has input for 4in1 esc. I am using a dji f450 frame which has a pdb and pads for the 4 escs. Is there a way I could connect the esc to my fc through the frame so I don't have to buy another esc. I would...
  14. B

    TV speakers plus blue tooth on Nano 9

    We have a Nano 9 and I'd like to add bluetooth headphones with separate volume control so I can listen to the TV at a different (louder) volume than rest of the family. I'm wondering if someone could recommend the best way to do this? My wife worries that me having headphone on every night...
  15. M

    LG 55" Nano 916PA - fingers crossed!

    Hi All, I was reading the comments from a 2020 thread on here about the Nano 90 as I have ordered a 55Nano916PA. Anyone got one? Seems the comments and other reviews are all similar ish. Which? give this a 68% overall rating (the 55" sony X89J gets 61% which was the similar priced model at...
  16. G

    LG 43 Nano 75

    I have just purchased a LG Nanocell 43"Nano 75 television, but finding it difficult to get the settings right, when set on any of picture settings the side view looks very light compaired to a straight on view. I have attached two photos to show what I mean. All help would be appreciated for the...
  17. LG Nano 866PA

    Good evening folks I bought a new LG 50Nano866PA and have noticed a white light coming from both sides of the bottom of the screen (bottom left and right) I initially thought this was a faulty unit and had it replaced however the new unit also has the exact same issue in the same place. Is...
  18. JoshSimp

    LG Nano65756pr unable to tune hardly any tv channels

    Recently purchased a LG Nano65756pr. Had a 42" JVC before and had no issues with the antenna or cables before. Since I set this TV up I have only been able to find 30 programmes. Carried on trying again and now down to only 22 programmes found. Dont have the first 22 channels ie BBC, ITV. Is...
  19. S

    Dolby Vision brightness fluctuations on a Nano Cell TV

    I'm experiencing a problem with Dolby Vision content and brightness fluctuations. Most of the Dolby Vision content will jump between brightness level which makes it very distracting to the point where the rest of the family complained about it. 1. Happens on HDMI content and in the Netflix built...
  20. D

    86NANO916PA LG Nano 91 4k Nanocell - Any good? Trying to find a cheap but competent 85" Anybody have any thoughts? Primary use TV series and films Evening use
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