1. T

    For Sale REL HT1003 Subwoofer

    As new. Original box. If you wanted postage you will need to arrange and take responsibility
  2. LEET2010

    For Sale Naim Nait 5i-2 Amplifier

    Naim Nait 5i-2 amplifier In excellent condition & functioning beautifully.
  3. C

    Can I just replace my naim nap 180 with a 250?

    Hi, I have a naim nap180/nac102 combo. Can I just replace the 180 with a nap250 (Assuming I find a pre-owned one for sale). Cheers! Richard
  4. Spiritwalker27

    Naim nait 5i matching speakers in difficult room

    Apologies for another thread on this but I can't see the wood for the trees. My room is quite awkward meaning I have to have speakers close to the wall, spacing them is no issue, its the proximity to the wall and this seems to limit my choice as rear ported is likely to be out (i guess?) I...
  5. S

    Naim Uniti Atom & CD Player/Transport

    Hi I have a Naim Uniti Atom played through KEF LS50 speakers. I mainly stream from Qobuz and listen to Internet Radio. I have recently been looking at my smallish CD collection in light of my partner saying she liked and missed playing CD's and so have just started looking at CD...
  6. Spiritwalker27

    Phono stage for Naim Nait 5i ?

    I may be buying this Naim but need a phono stage , any suggestions ? I have seen project phono boxes which look within budget. Will be using a rega planar 2 turntable.
  7. R

    Mark Levinson vs Naim sound ?

    Hi there, I'm currently using a Naim 250.2DR to run my Linn 242 front speakers. I've seen a Mark Levinson 431 power amp come up for sale and was curious to know what it would be like compared to my Naim amp ? I've been happy with the 250 for a while now and do know it's pretty well regarded...
  8. Pauel

    Naim Atom Headphone Edition

    One more Unity Atom - Headphone Edition. A streamer, a DAC, and preamp.
  9. interbear

    Advice please - Naim MuSo 2, B&W Wedge or Kef LSX

    Hi all, Looking for advice or experiences from anyone who’s used any of the following: Naim MuSo 2 - currently £1,299 at John Lewis (with £100 gift card) or £1,290 at Richer Sounds. Kef LSX - currently £999 at Richer Sounds Bowers and Wilkins Wedge - currently £799 at both (a promo, it’s...
  10. pfaz

    Demo Feedback - Naim Uniti Atom/Lyngdorf TDAI 1120/Hegel H120

    Apologies for the length here, the TLDR version is "what's wrong with the lyngdorf!" Longer version... So I ventured out to my first hi-fi demo in decades yesterday in search a streaming solution (single box or separates + speakers) after years of good hifi being confined to headphones due to...
  11. benogden83

    Naim to Icon Audio

    Hi All Has anyone gone from Naim application to Icon Audio. My set up is. Rega P8 Rega Ania Pro MC Rega Aria Naim Nait 5si Spendor A2 I was finding with the naim amplifier that I was finding it hard to relax while listening to it I could pick stuff when it was playing that I loved but also...
  12. Markee

    Naim Mu-so Gen 2 hifi / soundbar

    Hi all, I was looking to buy an Apple HomePod but after comparing with a Naim Muso Qb I concluded the Naim was head and shoulders above the HomePod (both in sound quality and cost!). Anyway, so I got to thinking that maybe the Muso Gen 2 is a better bet as it also has a HDMI ARC connection...
  13. J

    To Naim or not to Naim - that is the question....

    I'm currently in the process of upgrading my whole system and have started, as ever, with source with an NDX 2 streamer The rest of my current system is Naim (apart from speakers) with NAP 200, NAC 202, HiCap DR and Napsc as my amplification unit. I'm about to pull the trigger on a full...
  14. Flipper71

    Home Streaming Solutions - Help please

    Hi all, hope your all well, I've got a bit of a (first world) streaming problem and was hoping the collective knowledge of these boards would be able to help me. I'll try to keep it brief*, but I'll list my set-up first so you can understand what I'm trying to do. Are you sitting comfortably...
  15. E

    Advice on NAIM entry level amps

    Hi, im looking at investing in some old Naim kit, can anyone tell me the main differences between these NACs and NAPs, second hand prices seem to swing between £300 and £500 for each unit NAC 150 NAC 155 NAC 155XS NAP 112 NAP 112x NAP 152XS also any other NAIM suggestions around the same...
  16. R

    Devialet phantom gold vs Naim mu-so 2

    Hello I owned a devialet phantom gold, yesterday I sold it. I loved the speaker and how loud it could get and the bass was on another level however the lack of tuning (turning the bass down late at night), the fact it was a 1 speaker set up and the lack of extendable warranty and the point that...
  17. G

    Subwoofer for LS50 metas and Naim atom

    Hi all, Relatively new here so go easy. I've recently purchased a naim uniti atom and some Kef ls50 meta (royal blue) as a in-between solution to having an music setup which I'm currently using. Then at some point in the future I'll be adding a t.v and sub to compete a 2.1 setup. At this...
  18. karlsushi

    Question NAD Preamp to Naim Power Amp Technical Issue

    Hi folks. Some technical assistance required to get me out of a hole! After hearing the benefits of Dirac Live on my system, I have convinced a friend of mine to purchase a NAD C658 Preamp in exchange for his existing NAC202. The idea was to simply connect it to his existing Naim Nap 200...
  19. RAINS

    Question Naim Muso 1 with Tidal and Ipad mini

    Hi, i have just replaced my daughters ipad mini with a full size for schooling at home etc. I was not thinking of using the mini with the Naim/Tidal app for bespoke use with the muso? Was going to try and find a docking station for the ipad and power it of the muso usb? Any suggestions? also...
  20. A

    Which streamer for Naim XS2 and PMC GB1

    Hi everyone It's been a while since I've posted on here, so forgive me if I'm a bit out of touch :) Having recently completed an extensive amount of building work at home, I sold the majority of my hifi which consisted of an Arcam/PMC setup. Part of the build at home, consisted of converting a...
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