1. mikebh41

    SVS Sub connection to Naim Nova

    Hi as the sub only has 2 inputs and one of those will be used for the AV amp is it OK to use a lead of 2 rca plugs for the pre outs that goes into a single rca to plug into the sub don't want to harm the Nova. Thanks Mike
  2. scrufftyguy

    Naim Uniti Star display

    Just a quick one. I’m considering getting the Uniti Star and was wondering if it’s possible to switch off the display during playback? Also can the lights on the buttons be switched off or dimmed? Thanks.
  3. L

    Naim atom no bass with sub

    Just wondering if anyone knows how to get any better bass from the naim unit atom. Currently setup with planet L speakers and Dali 12 inch Sub. It's like it has no grunt.
  4. F

    Naim Uniti Nova stopped working and made my Focal Kanta Nº2 Catch Fire

    After a recommendation, i will wait until Naim and focal to contact me and then depending on it i will update this post.
  5. Spiritwalker27

    Naim nait 5i headphone amp connection

    All, I can find a good few guides via Google but none that quite seem to answer the question in a non-mind bending way ! If my naim's tape out is rca, not din, am I correct in thinking I can connect a headphone amp using normal rca cables from tape out on the naim to source in on the headphone...
  6. xyeovillian

    Problem with home theater setup with new LG Oled with Yamaha RX 840 and Naim 200/202

    It was working fine with my old 9 year old LG TV if turned Yamaha on would automatically go to Dolby digital with Naim doing front 2 channel and Yamaha doing centre,sub and rears. I bought the RX 840 to replace Yamaha DSP-E800 which was basically surround sound! My problem now is I would like...
  7. B

    Naim Unity Atom without smart phone?

    I did try asking Naim about this, but they didn't bother to reply. Basically I need a DAC/streamer/amp to listen to flacs on a USB hard drive which contains all my ripped CDs. I'm not interested in streaming services. I also no longer own a smart phone (they annoy the hell out of me), so I need...
  8. D

    Naim Unitiqute

    I’ve got the chance to buy an old Naim Unitiqute. It seems to be in good order with the screen having no problems. I know it’s an old system but is it still a relevant player in todays market or an outdated premium product?
  9. F

    How to access Planet Rock radio using Arcam AVR550 or Naim QB now Bauer are removing internet tuners?

    I listen to Planet Rock Radio on a Arcam AVR550 and Naim QB using internet radio and there is now a pre-recorded message when i switch on saying they are removing this service. They have built a dedicated app for Sonus but appear to have abandoned everyone else. anyone worked out how to...
  10. T

    Naim Powerline - Any Alternative?

    Recently upgraded my Naim Uniti Atom to a Nova. I was a sceptic, but the difference really made it a change for the better. It comes with the Poweline Lite cable. To me, the whole thing sounds amazing as is, but I have been reading about the upgrade to the main Powerline cable. At £600, it's...
  11. Jakubek3d

    Naim Uniti Nova or Hegel H190+Node?

    Hey Forum! I was reading trough this forum for months, and learned to respect the support given here. Just recently I bought Buchardt s400 Mk2 will use them with Sub, and am still in a search for an Amp... and its not really easy. I have rather smallish room to fill, around 27m2, with around...
  12. londonguy1973

    Floorstanders for Naim Atom

    I ordered some Fyne Audio F501 which arrived this week, unfortunately they were damaged in transit so are going back. It seems they are going out of stock most places or are available but have gone up by £500 so im looking at replacements. Id like them in white and to be a noticeable upgrade in...
  13. ChrisGTL

    Naim Supernait 3 Speakers - budget 2.5k

    Just bought a Supernait 3 and next to be upgraded are my Q Acoustics 3030i bookshelf speakers. Speakers are approx 10 inches from wall. I can't bring them out any further than that and ideally I'd like to push them back slightly if the speaker allows. Budget is 2.5k, I'm open to the second...
  14. D

    Kef LS50 Meta and Naim?

    I have Kef LS50 Meta speakers, currently driven by a Harman Kardon HK6500 (1990, high current, 70 wpc). There is the opportunity to purchase a Naim NAC 102 and NAP 180 combination with Teddy Pardo TeddyCapPlus. How well will these play together? I will not have the opportunity to try them...
  15. T

    Naim Uniti Atom Or Nova?

    I dived headlong back into streaming at the start of this year, and purchased a Naim Uniti Atom. Having previously streamed via tablet/Bluetooth, etc., this machine has been a revelation. It's paired with a pair of B&W 603's, and a Rel T9i sub. Recent events have got me a bit more curious...
  16. S

    Can i do this? x3600 into Naim

    I want to use my Naim power amp (not an integrated) for music. No preamp so I want to use the x3600 as a pre. - However I don't want to have the naim on all the time as i am 90% av, 10 % music, so only on when I listen to music - thus i don't want to integrate the Naim fully driving my L & R for...
  17. T

    Naim Muso 2 vs Separate speaker or other alternatives

    First of all, i have to say that im relatively new to hi-fi audio, so i will really appreciate any kind of help, After getting my hands on a Jbl Charge 5 last month i completely fell in love with how easy it was to send music from my phone or computer without really needing anything other than...
  18. srwmusic

    Atmos additions for PMC / Naim / Denon based system in difficult room

    Good afternoon folks, Long time reader, first time posting. Thanks in advance for any help you guys can give. Existing Setup: Denon AVR X4500H (This runs the Centre and Rear Surround speakers) Naim Uniti Nova (This runs the Front Left and Right speakers using the AV passthrough function) PMC...
  19. Wez68

    Naim Uniti Atom

    So I,m looking at buying a Naim Uniti Atom as an upgrade , I have been offered one for £1899 with full 5 years warranty ,its classed as open box, but having spoken to the retailer ,i,ve been told that its a customer return and has never been used . Do you guys think this is a decent price ...
  20. Rupert123

    Chord qutest vs Naim uniti atom , a matter of poorer SQ from qutest!

    Hi, I have a dilemma which I am trying to resolve! I have a Naim uniti Atom which is hooked up to a gryphon Diablo 300 which feeds B&W 802 d3. I use hi res steaming via quboz and tidal. I have been wanting to upgrade my SQ and as the atom is a all in one box, I decided to go the separates way...
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