Naim (also spelled Na'im, Naeem, Naeim, Naím, Nahim, Naïm, Noaim or Nuaim) (Arabic: نعیم‎‎, Hebrew: נעים‎‎) is a male given name and surname, it may refer to:

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  1. M

    For Sale Naim Supernait 3 Integrated Amp - RRP £4299 FOR SALE £2600 ONO

    For Sale - Boxed Naim Supernait 3 Integrated Amp, a real punchy beast of an integrated amp for sale from my late father's setup, hence the great price of £2600 ono. Has driven a Rega Planar 3 and a Naim ND5 XS2 through Neat Acoustics Motive SX1 speakers for around 200 hrs drive time, it's in...
  2. M

    For Sale Naim ND5 XS2 Music Streamer - RRP £2499 SALE PRICE £1550 ONO

    For Sale - an excellent condition NaimND5 XS2 Music Streamer from my late father's HiFi setup. The functionality on this device and multi-channel adaptability made it one of the highest rated music streamers on the market. It was already great value when purchased in 2021 new at £2499 in early...
  3. A

    For Sale Naim Uniti Atom - Late 2020 HDMI

    Lovely condition. Full demo given on collection. You are welcome to arrange a courier at your own expense /risk. Just to save questions, have made it be the cheapest so it won't be cheaper, I can't give a warranty and I don't wish to swap for a hoover. Cheers
  4. highlanders

    For Sale Naim Atom (HDMI Version)

    Hi all I've owned from new 5th March 2019 one careful owner the remote has a few scuffs it has been used less than I would like. It had been sat on a shelf, and only ever used the remote and the Naim App. It comes with the speaker cables bought at the same time Chord clearway 3M pair. Any...
  5. TalosL

    Sub Decision - Focal vs REL

    Hi all, This is my first post in the forums! I would be glad for your help in a dilemma that I face. I have a stereo hifi system which includes the Naim Unit Atom and a pair of Focals Aria 926 K2 speakers along with Naim cables. I am very pleased with my setup but I always wanted to...
  6. A

    For Sale Naim Uniti Nova 2020

    Lovely condition. do not have the box. Full demo available. If you want postage you would need to sort out yourself and take the relevant insurance and responsibility. Not looking for offers
  7. K

    For Sale McIntosh MA12000 & Naim ND555/555PS

    No longer required, have been running my 801D4s (for sale in other forum) since arriving. All is in good working order, no issues at all, functional or cosmetic. I have the original boxes for the Naim units, but not the McIntosh... to keep the amp safe to storage I put something together, but...
  8. killie77

    Sound Suppression for Naim Muso

    Have a Naim Muso sitting on a TV Cabinet. The cabinet is a bit light weight. I’m looking for something to go under the Muso to help with Sound/Vibration Any ideas would be most welcome.
  9. W

    Naim SN3, Atoll IN300 or Hegel H190 - Where's Your Money

    Interested if anyone's compared any of the Naim Supernait 3, Atoll IN300 or Hegel H190 and if so what their thoughts and comparisons were. A British Audiophile does a review of the Atoll and speaks very highly of it but says he still prefers the Hegel as it's more detailed, I'm not convinced...
  10. Ian Collen

    NEWS: Naim unveils a new CI Series audio line-up & comments

    The Custom Integration range will launch with the CI-Uniti 102 streamer/amplifier, 8-channel CI-NAP 108 power amplifier, and the CI-NAP 101 mono power amp in time for the summer. Read the news.
  11. Ian Collen

    NEWS: Naim set to launch Uniti Nova PE all-in-one streaming solution & comments

    The upgraded one-box music-streaming system justifies the ‘Power Edition’ title with nearly twice the output per channel of the original Nova. Read the news.
  12. A

    Audiolab 8000a to 8200a ?

    Hi I recently added a Naim nd5 xs2 steamer to my setup and it's very good. Its connected to Audiolab 8000a as per amp and 8200P and monitor audio GS20 gold speakers. I tested the pre amp inside the Naim but wasn't as good as my 30 year old 8000a. As it wont cost much, is there much difference in...
  13. DainiusB

    Answered Aegir and Naim 5i with one speaker set - how to setup so that I could easier switch between them

    I have one speaker set and want to easily switch between Shiit Aegir and Naim 5i to source them. I want that just for fun. These are very different amps. Speakers are Klipsch RP-8000F MKII. Source is WiiM Pro. There is also Shiit Modi+ DAC in between WiiM and Naim. That's not possible, isn't...
  14. Soundwave

    Naim Mu-So advice

    Hi all, So I've seen the black Friday deals are in full swing & I can now grab either a Mu-So QB or the Mu-So for what I consider very reasonable prices (£700 for the QB & £900 for Mu-So) but I'm just after peoples opinions before I try to make a decision lol Does anyone have either? How do...
  15. magicmayhem

    Suggestions for dac to partner Naim and PMC's

    Hi all, My system involved: Naim Nait XS3 Bluesound Node (2020) PMC Twenty5.2i Technics SL-1200M7L I recently upgraded to the PMC's, and I am thrilled with what I have heard so far, a big improvement on my Fyne Audio F501, especially with their tonality, which I adore. I am aware that the...
  16. brmgoons

    Connecting Rega Aria to Naim xs3 amplifer

    Hello all, I want to use my Rega aria phono stage as opposed to the internal one of the amplifier, which is the best way of connecting these units. I'll be using RCA cables but not sure where they go! Thanks in advance
  17. Ian Collen

    NEWS: New Focal Powered by Naim store opens in Newcastle & comments

    The audio and electronic partners find a new UK home in the Peter Tyson branch, with the in-house demonstration room marking their 51st global outlet. Read the news.
  18. Ed Selley

    Naim NSC 222 and NAP 250 Review & Comments

    The ‘New Classic’ range from Naim is nothing less than a complete rework of the core ranges of the company and brings a whole new aesthetic with it. It certainly looks smart but is it any good? Read the review. Write your own review for Naim NSC 222
  19. M

    Downsizing Stereo - What integrated AMP

    I am looking to change my equipment. To downsize a little and also i find the Naim a little fatiguing to listen too. I currently have a NAP200 and NAC272 but want to go tio an integrated single box. Sources are a Technics 1200GR and Wiim Pro out to a pair of SCM11. From previous experience i...
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